Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nifty, uptrending, closes above the critical 50sma @ 5086, paving the way for the 3rd wave..


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Sameer Shankar said...

@ Ilango Ji
I think there is some confusion with the counts
my counts
1.5.1 4995 - 5125
1.5.2 5125 - 5015
1.5.3 5015 - running minimum 5150 maximum 5268

Kindly comment

Shradha Saburi said...

good evening all
today even keeping ingredients right ,procedure was right but I could not make clean soup
no excellance plan and result was fear engrossed me and I quit.
monthly JNSAR and J10 SAR are two hurdles for the nifty. Month J10 SAR is above the Month JNSAR
that is making weak combination. If nifty crosses it then also it may be weak breakout,considering the month it will the target 5300+
since we have bulish engulfing candle today
so we have
day up
week up
but large trend, month trend down.
for this we must have big event.
this is just my observation.

Crorepathi said...

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Dinesh Rishi said...

Mr. Sultan said...
Koi muje batav k target kese banaya jata he? I follow julias

Mr. Sultan said...
June 12, 2012 6:40 PM

и вант то хельп ые бут И донт кнов хов то до ит

ulta N is I
B is w
X is y

baki google translate can help you

Dinesh Rishi said...


Dinesh Rishi said...

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J.R.Julius said...

@Mr.Dinesh Rishi,
Я не понимаю, сэр! Просьба уточнить.

J.R.Julius said...

I don't exactly get your meaning. But if its about camarilla profit booking.

This is one approach:
After the entry 20pts SL.

From entry if reached 20pts Profit - Part Booking
& Trailing SL to breakeven. You can move TSL
based on trendline.

*Don't follow anyone/any strategy blindly.
Test approaches by yourself & make sure you
are comfortable with it.

shriram said...

Reflection on day's trade:

Entered @ 11:30 @ 5063, on hlf hr candle close > 34EMA
Had identified tgts as 5090-5100 (30mins RES ZONE)

@ 14:18hrs , booked 1st lot 50% @ 5090 ,

So far so good

Now by 15:00 hrs
1. price close > 5100 (5107)
2. 5DEMA firmly +ve & 5-10DEMA Bull x-over in place

And yet,....
Becoz I was Obsessed with:
1. Day RES Zone @ 5145
2. EW "self-opinion" exapnded C.3 lable

@ 15:05hrs, I booked the 2nd 50% Lot @ 5115

Made money no doubt ..avg 40 NS pts INTRA DAY

But shud have carried the trade, it was a day to MORPH LOngs in Direction of 5DEMA :-(

Anyways, the scope of improvement never ends !

Kumar ji --> Am reaching tomo. See u day after..

Good night all!

Mr. Sultan said...

Thank u julias aapke camrilla levels se muje kafi acha profit hua hey , thank u somuch, haa ek baat samjaye ki jab hl4 breakout hojaye to entry marna chahiye ki nahi? Or tab stoploss kya rakhna chahiye?

J.R.Julius said...

If you dont mind pls post in English.
I am a big zero in Hindi...

Mr. Sultan said...

Julias sir muje line kese marte hey pata hey muje par trend line kese marte hey i really dont know

Mr. Sultan said...

Julias sir if camrila hl4 breakout so we should entry for buy or not? N wht should i keep stop loss?

J.R.Julius said...

H4 is BUY.

Stoploss as per original camarilla website is
in between 2 levels. Example for BUY of H4 you
can use SL anywhere above H3. Means you can
use chart SUP/RES. Or you can use fixed SL like
20pts. Its upto you.

Please search google "Intraday using camarilla and advanced camarilla saurabh gandhi pdf" for
free ebook about camarilla.

Mr. Sultan said...

Dinesh rishi i know u r a great trader but now julias sir will mak me zero se hero, yooooooo i love nifty n all friends.I dont see anything only hl ll only camrilla, it rocks

Mr. Sultan said...

Thanks alot julias sir i understood wht u said , ok how to learn draw trend line on chart do u hav any free website which i can use for draw trend line for practise n learning?

J.R.Julius said...

Search trendline trading in google. You can
draw TL in Amibroker & in most of trade terminals

If you are new to camarilla do your backtests
& research before you start tradings.

Every strategy won't work on few days!
So take your own responsibility for your

This is not a Holy Grail System, but it may
give profits if one followed consistently.

Good Luck.

J.R.Julius said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J.R.Julius said...

I am a simple person.
No one can make someone Hero or Zero in Market.
Its in your hand!

We are getting seeds from Gurus Like
Mr.Illango, Mr.Dinesh Rishi & Great experts.

Our responsibility is to make use of those
seeds. Protect the Seeds. Plant the seeds.
Allow the seeds to become plant & tree.
Yield the fruits. Give the Fruits & Seeds
to others. Remember growth will take time
don't give-up & do not to waste the Seeds.

Mr. Sultan said...

Thank u so much julias hav a good day n my friend dinesh rishi n iilango sir also

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