Monday, June 11, 2012

Nifty reacts from the "Golden ratio-5124" after making a "Five".


Jyothienterprises said...

And after we see a STRONG HIGHER BOTTOM SENSEX must cross 17003 in a whisker and NIFTY must close strong above 5133-5217 levels.

Jyothienterprises said...


Jyothienterprises said...

respected sir whts ur view gap up or gap dwn

Charu said...

@ Mr. Julius & Cooldent,
Please tell how u do profit booking in cam trades.. i follow fixed 25 point tgt for all qty & 20 point Sl for all qty.
I had started cam trades frm 2day itself.
Thanks & regards,

mynac said...

Dear Jyothienterprises,
Though it's not rule,
It is general observation that when Dhema comes much closer to Nifty close price,and from next day when Nifty starts to struggle to stay above it,or it's developing DHEMA then is the hint for players for possible correction least 2 to 2.5% from it's top..


Hello Illango Sir, I don't know about EW....BUT one quetion sir,, are you able to trade market with so much of information like ,,,SMA,EMA,MACD,STOCASTICS,,, + +EW++FIBO+ CARMILLA,,,5 day close,5 days High EMA....all information ,,sometimes I feel Julius has a simple method,,,if I combine with trend JNSAR it is a profitable system

sandeep said...

sir ur great please make caramilla charts also more effective and make it more potent n hit

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

Pin pointed trading plan

"Around 5125, we will add fresh short positions with a SL of 5135 and a target of 5050." Written at 7.30 am today morning on my blog

sandeep said...

ITradeForProfit Daily sir please donot boast after suceess or u should have said earlier

ITradeForProfit Daily said...


I am not boasting after success. I am even not boasting. I had written it on my blog at 7.30 am today morning.

For that matter, you may kindly read my friday's blog post and check out that day's trading plan.

I have not even mentioned that, till you coaxed me into doing that.

sandeep said...

ITradeForProfit Daily sir no offence then pl guide if u feel so strongly we look fwd for guidance

shivanGupta said...


1st took 6 days so how much time can 2nd take.

IndianQuant said...

@ITradeForProfit Daily dont think you could claim this trade worked. Nifty future high was at 5124 :).. Just kidding.

IndianQuant said...

@ITradeForProfit Daily dont think you could claim this trade worked. Nifty future high was at 5124 :).. Just kidding.

Aniruddha Deshpande said...

We have seen FALSE breakouts but now that we are looking for 2nd wave pull back can we get a FALSE pullback into Channel boundary only to turn back up for wave 3. Just a thought.

numchar said...

Jiignesh said...
Nifty daily BBTOP 5054
Banknifty daily BBTOP 9937
June 11, 2012 8:54 AM

Whats that infer ...? Is it bollinger band top range ..? Sorry to ask if it is too obvious .

Nilesh Patil said...

@Sujata Sis,
Sorry cann't reply in market time. I am busy with other work. Not connected with market.
I saw it breaks in 5 min chart and zoom. Will watch it from tomorrow. Thanks.

J.R.Julius said...
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J.R.Julius said...

@Charu Ji,
2 Lot Approach:
After reach 20pts-30pts profit. Book Lot1.
Trailing SL to Breakeven. Use trendline to
exit remaining or use chart swing sup/res.

1Lot Approach:
After reach 20pts-30pts profit. Trailing SL
to Breakeven. Use trendline to exit remaining
or use chart swing sup/res.

Example: Today last Short@5091, I booked 50%
@5071 - trailed SL@5087 - Booked remaining@5052
(after bounce from DL).

I just shared my method. You can use some other
better approaches too.

Good Luck.

Charu said...
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Charu said...

@Julius sir,
Is ur backtest report which u posted on google group on weekend is based on 2 lot approach?

Also please tell from how long have u been doing cam based trading? Has it been profitable overall??


J.R.Julius said...

@Charu Ji,
Backtest report is 2lot approach. But P&L shown
for 1lot. you can calculate P&L for 2 lots.

Before 2years I used Camarilla but SL points are
more. With lack of discipline I quit it for
sometime & changed strategies.

Now I modified some old approaches in CAMARILLA
which has been backtested for 1 month. That gave
me more profits than other methods.

Billgates said...

For Options friends on the blog,I had written 4700 ,4800 puts AT "morning star" intimation by Ilango reaping benefits now.
covered 4700 put at channel resistance.but weekly still being up so at the fall sold 4900 puts also today...

Lets see...

Dinesh Rishi said...

mera kashmir

'mera kashmir' praying for peace in kashmir..the song is from the malayalam movie 'keertichakra' sung by kailash kher

Shradha Saburi said...

Good evening all,
A week before weekly trend was comimg down (week TA was down)J10 SAR and Week JNSAR were comimg down
on Friday we have a long bulish engulfing weekly candle.
crossing J10 SAR and week JNSAR. that has made J10 SAR flat but and week JNSAR crossed it that induced for coming week to remain the in a strong uptrend only but
on the very first day of the week traders got confused due to the global cues and domestic results so I think we may have big volatality(doji) or sharp up rise or down fall.
I will trade in small quantity only
this is just my observation.
let us see

Dinesh Rishi said...

Post is in sufi style

for Nifty

Shradha Saburi said...

thanks Sanjay Jaiswal
bulish to neutral

Dinesh Rishi said...

mark a line 5000

on you charts

long above it
n short below it

let it whip 2-3 times with strict
SL of 20 points

mkt at major turning point

KISS (keep it Simple Sir)

Sujatha said...

Nilish - ji - am taking about "positional" day time frame as per icharts 5093 almost.

DR-ji - ha ha ha he he he break deceisvely 4990 bull may search for "grass" above 5070 - bears has to climb on tree and watch from there

salimkabani said...

As per my understanding nifty will touch @4950 and go upto 5300. Then final leg down will be start which may touch 4440.

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

Any guess on who the new Finance Minister will be after
Pranab Mukherjee becomes President of India :)

And also how and which way it will work for the market :)

mynac said...

Dear Sujatha,
In last trading Hr.KST indicator has turned down..

Dear Shradha Saburi,
Appreciate your last hr.comment.. bravo...

anmpatel said...

Hi buddy you said above post correction of 2 to 2.5% means 102-128 point correction from top of 5125. my calculation is right? i simply calculate 5125's 2-2.5% or i need total rise 4470-5125.
2. i need some good EW expert to ask my question as master is too busy so do u know any EW follower who can help me on our blog.

mynac said...

Dear anmpatel,Yes it is just from 5125..

More precisely to say so that even up to 4980...which is Monthly support is my understanding.

shriram said...

I really liked DR bhai's analysis...

2-3 pts to support the apporach

1. 5DEMA is still up (will remain UP as long as we close > 5014 tomo)

2. Hr TA is BEARISH: 5HrEMA is trending DOWN
5-10hrEMA BEAR x-over if we get hr close < 5050 !

3. 34EMA, 30mins is already BEARISH (close < 5057)

So , lower T/f are indicating BEARISHness while Day TA is still UP

Best Soln is to ENTER SHORT trade Intra-day STRICTLY only on Hr TA bear X-over (below 5050) ,
with 20pts SL & watch.

If market regains 5057 level again, we may get a up move along 5DEMA back up to 5145 zone ;

& if nifty closes below 5050 we can play the Bear x-over & see if EOD close < 5010
That wud be a signal to carry SHORTS !


anmpatel said...

Dear mynac
thanks and what about 2nd Q. EW guide like we have JNSAR guide Piyush Sharda ji.

gkm223 said...

what if carrying shorts till 4640-45.????

STOCK4SURE said...

tomm shorters may be trapped
ns will get support near 5029(developing 5ema for tomm) or 5017 todays 5dena

somesh reddy said...

wt wil be a trend for tommrws nifty?

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