Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Sujatha said...

Goodmorning sir and everybody :)

Shriram – Dosa with Pizza possible with the same SL. Who posted yesterday about nifty’s “life time achievement award”??? can get the award. Possibility is opened. Chart showing .. but “during live hrs it may differ” possibility to touch my SL and grinding upmove or it may move up from here hurdle is my “mayan” crossover will give good “domino’s” . Will turn my dosa to idli any hourly close below my SL. Atlast Shhhh,, carefully “not mentioned any nos” :D

Bye – will give noon attendance


Market playing in a range 5030-5130 , Break to any side leads a rally, if not crossing these levels then play the range or stay away & save your capital.

Playig the range - ( Strictly very small stoploss , 5 points to 15 points )

1. Short Clse to Higher level ( 5130 )

2. Buy Close to lower level (5060-5030)

Supports & Resistances for today:-

5130 - Resistances( Fresh Longs above this)

5060-5030 - Support area ( Fresh shorts below this.)

Current Trend: - UP , Playing in a range.

Possible Movements:-
1. 5104 < = > 5130 < = >5170 < = > 5195< = >5217
2. 5104 < = >5130 < = > 5060 < = >5030< = >4965

Two best rules for successful trading:-

1. Initiate position in the direction of trend near support & resistances.

2. Max stop loss - 30 points.

Happy disciplined trading to all.

Have a nice day!

sandeep said...

jr juliius where r u not heard pl post

Prithvi said...


Kal dosa or idli khane me aise dande pade k aaj to pani pina bhi haram ho gaya hai

shabsaif said...

Good Morning................

sandeep said...

prithvi wel said

Dinesh Rishi said...

Good Morning Master and copy to All



Prithvi said...

DR sir,

AAj to Terminal ki buy/sell ki key enter karne ki himmat nahi ho rahi hai,

Is liye to master ko pu6 raha hu k sell karu ya buy??

Manish said...

Dear master

Please guide to study EW which is the best time frame on Google chart.

Shradha Saburi said...

@ Nitin Kadam
yes definatly.
day J10 SAR crossed Day JNSAR!!
Be rich slowly and quietly in this range.

Kumar Technicals said...

Good Morning ILango sir & everyone!

Sometimes a temporary escape from reality is healthy, although there is a risk of addiction (i.e. drugs) or destruction (i.e. suicide) to the method of escape from reality. Addiction and death provoke a cycle of painful reality to those around the person wanting to escape reality. If you want to enjoy swimming, you have to enter in water. If you learnt swimming properly then it doesnt matter, its swimming-pool or deep river:)

Pankaj said...

Hello Friends,
While I am able to see the volume profile chart at the link :, is there any way for me to track plain volume at each price bar? I tried google charts but there is no option there in. Thanks!

Prithvi said...

Nitin Kadam,

Aap ki study list pe dhyan rakhna ,

Kadam Kadam pe khatra hai,
Pav sambhalke rakhna,verna ganna leke log samne khade hai,use khha bhi sakte ho aur khha bhi sakte ho,dhyan rakhna keise khana hai

parminder said...

Shradha ji,
Day JNSAR is above J10SAR.
Kindly clarify

Pankaj said...

I think 1 hour line chart is best for EW. Thats what is described in Prethcer's book.

parminder said...

DR. Kumar and Dinesh ji,
Good morning Sir

Kumar Technicals said...

Dear PAM!

Good Morning....Tussi cha gaye ho Maharaaj:)

parminder said...

Dr kumar ,
Chaa te tussi gaye ho maalik asi te kitchen de hi Maharaaj reh gaye haan

Shradha Saburi said...

todays JNSAR is 5080
J10 sar is 5072


@ Prithvi,

Thats just my view on how to trade such range bound markets.
I generally prefer to go with the trend.
Holding the position and staying away from initiating fresh ones till 5130 break firmly is what i prefer.

J.R.Julius said...

@Sister Sujatha,
Good Morning.
Why don't you publish a Glossary
of your tech terms DOSA, IDLI, BIRIYANI,
VADA, Pizza etc.

I really don't get the meanings of
your Hotel Menu Tech Discussion. But wish to
get the real meaning. :)


noorie said...

orb broken on upside

Jigar said...

@ parminder ji,

Shradha is referring to bullish crossover of J10SAR over JNSAR [ J10SAR > JNSAR ]

J.R.Julius said...

My new business place having firewall.
Blogs not permitted to access. When the
Levels come nearby, I'll post the Scenario
through my REL Connect. Soon I will arrange
a permanent solution & post actively as usual.

parminder said...

Shradha ji,
U r right bt u said.
Shradha Saburi said...
@ Nitin Kadam
yes definatly.
day J10 SAR crossed Day JNSAR!!
Be rich slowly and quietly in this range.
June 20, 2012 10:27 AM

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

Dinoo's tubelight candle like a wall :) :)

Prithvi said...


Prithvi said...


Just jokink,don't mind
I also follow trend, profit and loss is a part of trade.
But motto is protect our capital with low risk entry

Dinesh Rishi said...

parminder ji


kitchen de Maharaaj

Aj Kukkad shukkad fry kar lo
dili ch barish ho rahi hai ki nahi

sandeep said...

jr julius sir ur levels

STOCK4SURE said...

nifty may make a bearish WW pattern if it moves abv 5138ns levels

guess longs can be exited in 5138-46 range and nifty may fall from there

trgts near 5100-5090 till 1.30pm

parminder said...

Dinesh ji,
kithe ho rahi hai ithe te garmi hai bahar niklan da we dil nahin karda
Tussi aa jao kukkad bana lende haan


Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Update at 11:00 AM

Thanks & Regards

Kumar Technicals said...

Dear PAM!

Kitchen maharaaj ki badi value hai, ek Sanjeev Kapoor aur doosre aap chaaye ho:)




Just cleared my view :)

I never mind :)

This blog is just place to enjoy market in all way.

Yes Well said ,motto is protect our capital with low risk entry . :)

Have a profitable day ahead ! :)

parminder said...

Dr kumar,
Aaap bhi to Bill gates ban kar chaye hue ho har jagah

Ilango said...

@ Prithvi,

On Monday, Nifty opened into the resistance point in the first few minutes and broke down.

Today, Nifty opened firm, spend some time...and moving up into the resistance zone on the back of revered hour TA. Let the prices show some hesitancy here to intiate "Intra sell". 5133 is 61.8% retrace of 5190 to 5042 fall.

OR you could wait for a break of previous hour low of 5110 to do so.

Keep an eye on Tata steel as it tends to show strength & weakness of market often. Presently it is trending up quite well.

mynac said...

GM Everybody,
Good 5 lac plus addition in 5100 PE clearly indicating more upside from here for the day...Lot of discussion about 5130 is going on here,nevertheless,considering momentum and positive TT technicals,Bulls are in commanding position here but just pretending and creating an impression that 5130 is stiff resistance.

On the contrary they deliberately not pushing Nifty beyond 5130,as they want some more shorts below & around the same... because then only it will be more easy for them to push market beyond latter trading Hrs or tomorrow.Momentum clearly favors them only...

J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla -Nifty Futures
Right Now@Scenario 2
H4 5151[BUY]
H3 5131[SELL]

*H3 SELL valid Only on Trendline Break or
Lower High formation in Intraday chart.
*Personal Decision Advised.

CDG said...


Golden ratio done at 5133-34. Lets see if Solastic play into action or 5145 get cleared swiftly..

Shradha Saburi said...

@ Mynac
Thanks a Lot
momentum is definatly positive.

raghava said...

Today Pivot: 5088.52 R1:5128.93 R2:5154 R3:5195

sushil said...

To mynacsir,
sir addition is also seen in 5100 CA
shouldnt we consider that

sushil said...

To mynacsir,
also NF trading in discount
sir please guide

shriram said...

hi CDG,

sorry for the delay, caught up in work today...

yes, market poised to reveal its hand, am on sidelines for now, keep eye on 34EMA pls

Nilesh Patil said...


STOCK4SURE said...

nifty may move towards 5140+levels now

CDG said...

@ Shriram..
No problem. I have meetings too.. from 12.00 till 2.00. so guess i will miss major actions today.. your 34 EMA is coming fast.. Golden ratio done.. and support is about to be breached with the pace NS is sliding now....

Lets See.. Catch up with you later...

mynac said...

Dear Shradha S,
Along with TT File,NF O.I.generally gives first hint,whether market want to go up or down by way of O.I. addition/deletion.Since morning in first 2 Hrs.hardly 5 lac NF O.I.addition is there.Which does not indicate any immediate sustainable immediate down side from here. Intra high volume trade is @ 5125 and many more high volume trades were around 5120 in this probably Bulls forming base around 5120.and "rahi bat 5140,5150 Bulls ko sirf EOD effect se filhal matlab hai,aur kuch nahi….

mynac said...

निलेश जी,नमस्कार... :)

Shradha Saburi said...

definatly todays EOD is important
todays EOD may be near it and tomorrow J(D)ump

Pankaj said...

C wave started....

mynac said...

Dear sushil,
That discount and addition is almost negligible...It would not affect or have not that much power to change the momentum...

sushil said...

To mynacsir,
sir but 5100 CA O.I is around 62 lac

Dinesh Rishi said...

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NOBLE said...

5110 Protected .....

STOCK4SURE said...

most of indices near supp of 55ema in 5 min charts except midcap index
mrkts may wait for some time in short range till midcap index comes near 55ema and then may move up sharply

NOBLE said...

Hr. At mid point crises ....
Nifty resisted at premarket res.
What it sujjest?

mynac said...

Dear sushil,
very true.
Though I donot like to play in these types of situations,one has to respect price only and unless and until there is not any reflection of any rise or fall in NF O.I.,momentum favors Bulls.One should not get carried away with few points Hrly.up & down moves..On the contrary would like to jump around after confirmation of 2.30 PM factor.

sushil said...

To mynacsir,
thnks a lot sir for your valuable advice

Pankaj said...

@Dinesh Rishi,

Ha ha Ha! You are too good. True and funny at the same time.

Hari_Hyderabad said...

@ DR sir,

Grate collection

STOCK4SURE said...

is this a fast rise setup in 50 and 200ema in 5min 5 day charts???

satheesh said...
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