Monday, June 4, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Just Huge Consistent Profits said...

@ Mr.J.R.Julius Sir,

Thank you so much.

Nilesh Patil said...

@DR sir,
Weekly support is 380

Bala said...

Oops, for all my trading I watch only NSE Data.

I have no choice to watch SGX data as I trade in SGX not in NSE.

I mentioned in the past too, SGX volume is too much manipulated by the deep pocket institutions. For more reliable data, it is sufficient to use NSE data. Definetely, SGX data is not usable to trade, atleast for me :)

numchar said...

Sir ,

For looking for the previous days post , Blog archive all previous listing was better to navigate than drop down . If that can be achieved will be helpful.

gauresh59 said...

Dear friends …………Once again good news to share with you….
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Randhir said...

Dear Sir,

Thanks for changes


Ilango said...

@ numchar,

The earlier one shows a "long" list whereas the dropdown lets you choose a particular week and search.

Besides "Search This Blog", nearby, should also assist in locating a post with "Key words".

"Labels" section is another place to search.

J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Intraday Follow Up:
Scenario 3 - Nifty Spot
L3 4816[BUY]
L4 4790[SELL]
with 20pts Stoploss.

shivanGupta said...

sir i second numchar as new drop down does not show the consider bringing back the old blog archive format.

Anil said...


Thanks for your daily levels, and yes a great initiative by you, really salute you from core of my heart...God bless you...

Sanjay Jaiswal said...


numchar said...

Sir and chart experts

Is it cup and handle getting formed in 2 min chart ?

shriram said...

Morning everyone,

@ 10:00AM
5DLEMA - CMP -> achvd Mean of 70 pts (with 1Std Dev of +,- 20 pts)

67% Possibility that we have formed the day's bottom here...

But since 5DEMA is down, bestum best to wait for all rise to 21, 34EMA @ 4855 , 4879 to go short again

Have a gr8 trading day cheers!

Ilango said...

@ shivanGupta,

Now, you have the year too.Have a look.

Sujatha said...

DR - JI - "420" :) :) wat a metal sir???

Gauresh-ji - that's glad to know..and really happy. bless me too sir i would like to earn on my "own" and wants to help more and more to needy people.

Anil - hold 4804/BN 9182 ..then :D :D upto.......

J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Intraday Follow Up:
waiting for L3/L4...

Prabhat said...

@All: Wonder how long or how high this bounce back will last. But situations turn contradictory anytime these days. Nifty sustaining above 4805 will give minor hourly strength - may be pull back till yesterday's low after which we have to watch as to how the afternoon session plays out.

nifty rider said...

when we named briefs dollar and euro,its natural they take revenge.the true cause of rupee falling.

Yash and Dhan said...

Good Morning Sir and blog-mates.
Guruji I am just back from Banglore.
It is a wonderful city.

Ilango said...

11.00AM TT updated.

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Update at 11:00 AM

Thanks & Regards

Shradha Saburi said...

trailing stop loss for shorts 4820
target 4720

J.R.Julius said...

@Mr.Just Huge Consistent Profits,
Welcome - May God bless as per your
profile name. :)

mynac said...

Dear Prabhat,would like to see 4825,4840 in latter trading Hrs.. :)Nevertheless 4795 would be key here for B & B is observation.. Nevertheless High Volume trade @ 4789.65,is another cushion there for Buyers...Let us see.. Till then Bye for the day...Thanks...

STOCK4SURE said...

next round of fall may start after europe opens

Just Huge Consistent Profits said...

Thank you very much for your blessings Mr.J.R.Julius sir.

J.R.Julius said...

*/re-post for those who missed/*
Camarilla Intraday Follow Up:
Scenario 3 - Nifty Spot
L3 4816[BUY]
L4 4790[SELL]
with 20pts Stoploss.

Anil said...


lets see hope it holds, Ruppee showing some sign of strength, hope for breach of 55 on downside and everything will be taken care of...

STOCK4SURE said...

most of the indices faced res near 200ema in 5min 5 day charts

Hari_Hyderabad said...

Good morning master & seniors

@ J.R. Julius sir

Can we short immediately nifty spot goes below 4790 or wait for 5 mnt. candle to close below it for confirmation ?

Thanks in advance


STOCK4SURE said...

in 5 min charts emas may converge near 12.30-1.00pm
then may see volatility start again

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

"ampatel wanted tick by tick BN data on excel"

Ashwin and Rajib did post an autoupdate excel for
Nifty tick data on JN Google groups in April.

If u request them, they could do the same for BN.


sandeep bhoite said...

@ Master

Considering Open & high same for a day atleast for first hr ,& no strength in Gap area now , kindly suggest re sell area 4833 - 4810 i was looking for

J.R.Julius said...

I personally react to Levels.
Not wait for 5mins candle close.
Also I don't believe in closing based Stoploss/
mental stoploss.

There is one exception if you expect a
retracement which may eat ur SL and again go
in the direction of ur trade. (this will mostly
happen after a big movement, means u enter after
big movement - trapped in consolidation/
multiple stops) in such situations one can reduce
normal trade size. (to understand this you can
concentrate on EW posts by Mr.Illango & others)

In my observation with our changing qty, not giving space for fear in mind, trading
consistently with any bactested strategy will
end up in profit.

J.R.Julius said...

@Mr.Hari_Hyderabad, *SPELLING MISTAKE

In my observation without changing qty, not
giving space for fear in mind, trading
consistently with any bactested strategy will
end up in profit. Not only CAMARILLA, Any
Pivot Points!

channasri said...

Dear all,
Subir Gokarn said today that RBI now has elbow room to cut rates since crude is coming down. However, crude prices will be observed for next 2 weeks. Decision to come in forthcoming qtly review of RBI.

Sir, seniors & friends,

With this ans looking at global scenario and oversold indicators hourly atleast, I feel that one should come out of short positions in Nifty n BN.

I am not sure of longs in Nifty n BN.
Request expert advise of Ilango Sir.

Best regards

shriram said...

Illango ji,

Possible ZZ in play sir ??

a 4770 4808 38
b 4808 4793 -15 -39% DONE

c 4793 4831 38 100% In play ?

Sujatha said...

Anil - I like blue colour but inbetween 805 "0" is the problem :P that also should be "8" :) not at one go let the grinder move slow and steadily inbetween let me finish some work and come

Just Huge Consistent Profits said...

nifty sustaining almost 100 points down in oversold region. If it will give a break for upside or still more downside left ?

Just Huge Consistent Profits said...

today's Nifty spot pre-market low 4608.05.

Vipul Rastogi said...

@LLANGO- Hi, I am new follower of your vry informative blog. I downloaded Just Nifty TA June 4 and followed all instructions till step 7 but Step 8 beats me. I am unable to get feed . Please guide me how to get live feed.

STOCK4SURE said...

all indices near 200ema

shriram said...

aaargh.. a tad too early may be..

still looks like a "b" of ZZ in play via ABC FLAT

if 4790-4792 Holds, shud see a 40 pts UP MOVE to 4820-4830

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