Monday, June 11, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-III



pcsmitpra said...

Hello Ilango Sir.
Hello Sujata, DR, PT, mynac and All other warriors

Hope all are doing good.

Hemant Harke said...

Ilango Sir,

"Red label" of 2nd wave correction
will it be 38% (near 5000) of 4770 to 5124 ??

mynac said...

Hello Dear pcsmitpra..:) After long back you are here...How are you ? I am sure must be fine...:)

pcsmitpra said...

Yea I am alright, since lost of that chunk I remain away for long time , still not much in trade. Just having a perspective of investment. Afterall this is the only place I know to hide my money :-)

shriram said...

back -->

Still not able to initiate trade.

Nifty pls do something either 5145 EOD or 5057 2 hlf hrs :-)

STOCK4SURE said...

immed res in ns near 5117 now,its upper TL of falling channel

Ilango said...

@ Hemant Harke,

If 5124+20 keeps Nifty down, the correction would be expected to move to "minor ivth of 1st"(Red) @ 5060-4995. That is the min. expected.

Correctives can not be pre-expected whereas the "impulsive moves" can be mapped reasonably well.

We would get clues about the correctives as they unfold.

STOCK4SURE said...

ns may not break below 5070 today if trade in chanell as that is lowest point of falling chanell near 3.30pm

mynac said...

Dear Shriram,
Yes very true..These types of half cock correction neither favor intra Bulls nor Bears.So full throttle Jacquar action needed.

Sujatha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SANPOT said...

Ilango Sir, is this a complex correction, Triangular and Flat?

pcsmitpra said...

Hi Sujatha di
I am good yea . my kids also doing well now .. and they are very naughty. How are you and your cooking goingon :-)

shriram said...


again today u put googlies on GANN. How u developed this ability ?

Poor ppl like us shud benefit from the wise words, & not hv our head spinning ;-)

Pls be kind & specify simple menu for hungry poor ppl like us :-)

J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Intraday - Trade3
Nifty Futures - Scenario 2
H4 5122[BUY]
H3 5091[SELL]
with 20pts SL

*High Risk Trade. Low Risk Traders Pls Stay-Away
or Personal Decision Advised.

prahalad said...


I remember you mentioned in pre-market as well as EOD posts often the 5080 level as the infection point before correction. I do not remember what was TA reasoning behind the number. We never closed above this level after correction. Does 5080 still play any significant role and can we consider change of game plan in medium term if we close above this 5080 today? Even mr.kumaraguru predicted in this blog 400-500 points below 5078 and we actually achieved that.So,what is that 5078-5080?

Sujatha said...

current 200 DAY EMA please anybody??? tks n advance

GaneshaSays said...

J.R. Julius, ur 3rd SL triggered? What is the use of such CAM system when it takes out all the profits made last week in 1 single day? Why not positionally hold JNSAR only, JNSAR sitting on 200 pts profit and only 1 trade since last week? Looks cool, isn't it?

J.R.Julius said...

*//To All Camarilla Traders//*

If Stop hit 3rd time its the last trade for
the day. As Per our Risk Management One should
NEVER take more than 3SL in a Row. Camarilla
Manual/Site also suggests the same.

If 3 SL hit in a Row, It means we are totally
misaligned with the Market. QUIT the Day with
the thought of Market will give better chance

Our aim is not to cover today loss, but our plan
should give overall profit for the week/Month.

If we could not cover loss & Make profit in a
week/month its not a good trade plan.

Last month 1 day(11/05/2012) same situation we

cooldent said...


Pls share with us the system without whipsaws

mynac said...

Almost 11 lac Intra addition in 5100 PE..indicates Bulls determination for a close above 5-34 Ema at least for the day..

GaneshaSays said...

Dear Cooldent,

My system is simple, follow JNSAR faithfully. Only refinement to that is when u catch a big trend in JNSAR, avoid next JNSAR trade as 70% of that will be whipsaws. Follow this and tell me if you are not able to earn money.

Renju S said...

whipsaws and occasional loss are all part of trading no matter which system you follow.

cooldent said...


but by following all the jnsar trades also im making money

J.R.Julius said...

Till now 2 trades failed.
Waiting for the entry for 3rd trade.

///Why not positionally hold JNSAR only, JNSAR sitting on 200 pts profit and only 1 trade since last week? Looks cool, isn't it? ///

Its nor wrong trading JNSAR or CAMARILLA.

Even in JNSAR or in any SAR 3 or More SL
may occur - called Whipsaw.

Here everyone take the responsibility to take
particular strategy/ analysis. Me taken CAMARILLA
in my hand. Nothing Wrong if our SL hits. :)

JNSAR is an wonderful strategy - No doubt.
My wishes to you for successful JNSAR tradings.

My personality suits for Intraday. Will consider
your advice too.

mynac said...

Dear Sujatha,
Google showing 5118.26

Sujatha said...

PCS - my cooking improved after Shriram entered :)

Shriram - lolz ,, hv u read tht Nos?? suddenly spark - i deleted

Got it thro i charts is it 5153??? then ha ha ha let us see comparing with 200 DEMA + 89 EMA trading below this for long term/often = bearish??? any observers here???watching for lower top from 200 DEMA and confirmatory signal is good. apart from that all around this 5100 area is tough = like making "naan" at home :(

GaneshaSays said...

The only problem we have in our mindset is to get more, more and more out of system by trying this way that way but at the end of the its only KISS [Keep It Simple, Stupid] which works out, and this I have verified with my own experience of 12 years.

Sujatha said...

mynac - thanks :)

Nilish ji - 89 ema breaking - can check from your side practically

J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Intraday - Trade3 - STATUS
Nifty Futures
H3 5091[SELL]
triggered with 20pts SL.
Low Risk Takers Stay-Away.

sushil said...

To All
S&P may downgrade India's investment rating.

shriram said...

sujata: For now lets keep eyes on 5057 @ 15:00 hrs ..

I will send u fresh idlis from mysore cafe if it breaks today itself :-)

Sujatha said...

ganesha - he is talking about "INTRA CAM" one should hv "enter short" at this level with SL of H3 on closing basis always use any method is good if u fine tune it "with your commensense and experience" last week fully profit from weekly L3 4789 to monthly H3 5059 thing is how fast one is changing their dress code... me too "stucked" inbetween "no mood to trade" took rest and "back"

Kiran said...

Who threw NIFTY ball at PT ?

prahalad said...


J.R.Julius mentioned many times that following one system consistently shall pay. He is consistent with camarilla and it paid him and takes back some. To win some he has to lose some and it doesn’t matter. Even in JNSAR trade whatever profit now it shows is not real profit until we lock it or till we reverse it. So, it depends on how one carries him consistently with any of the system. Criticism is fine if it’s constructive otherwise there is no use.

Sujatha said...

read it = SL of H3 closing basis (weely H3) which is coincidentally 34 week ema nearby i am sorry to interfere..i can't accept anyway that 'CAM IS FAILURE ONE"

anmpatel said...

now what label to follow green/red? pl guide. thanks.

Shradha Saburi said...

volatality week started so booked kept only small part

Sujatha said...

shriram - close below impt 5025 :) all is well for PT

J.R.Julius said...

Part Booking& Trail to Breakeven can be considered.

shriram said...

haha.. sujata, PT always likes idli ;-)

entire day, today spent on sidelines...

Nifty ji, will we get the signal from u today ??

Charu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J.R.Julius said...

Further Targets I expect with My trailing
5059 Previous Close & 5028 H3.

J.R.Julius said...

I don't get your query!

prahalad said...


You have any observation like, if first 2 trades are failed, 3rd trade can give more benefits?

prakashbkc said...

Good afternoon Master,

When to renter Long as I missed opportunity?

cooldent said...


Yes its bad luck that the third trade (long) got triggered in mininifty

Ilango said...

@ GaneshaSays,

J.R.Julius is doing a wonderful job.

He is updating Camrilla pivot based "intraday trading" live during mkt hours.

I have offered certain modifications in it. But the puritans wouldn't accept it.

Overall performance for an "Intraday trading", it has been found to be good.

It is meant for "Intradayers".

But what is more relevant is "When to use a tool"


"How to use that tool".

This is where I disagree with most.

Without an understanding of the market internals, one wouldn't know which too to use and how?.

Hence, majority adopt the manual systems.

Let the sharing continue gloriously.

durga said...

friends any one know may inflation data release date .thank you

Randhir said...

Key Events

12 June 2012 - IIP Data
14 June 2012 - Inflation Data
18 June 2012 - RBI Monetory Policy

Ilango said...

@ prakashbkc ,

Didn't I offer you a re-entry last week. You did.

4995-5060 zone.

Sujatha said...

shriram - food for thought - morning itself "premkt view" i posted tht "mayan calender" aa raha hai ..aagaya abb jaa gaya??? let me see @ closing...UBB - tootega then bakki sab OK??? that's good one i learnt from u "unless ur system show something - be like screen saver"

Kiran said...

Last fall from 5059 was stopped at 4994 (-65 points)
Will it be same case for this fall (5125-5066=59 points)

shriram said...

Ilango ji,

Do u see any alt Bearish IM degree DZZ lable for the move from 6339-4531 & 5630-4770 ...

in line , with Aniruddha's Py Degree Wave IV corrective lable, i.e ??

prakashbkc said...

I missed that one

anmpatel said...

3pm update please
if need label update also. thanks.

anmpatel said...

sorry its updated.

Lalit said...

media making fun of 8 june press release by S$P, also came on website 15 hrs ago...

shivanGupta said...


now negative divergence in hourly has been confirmed by price so what could be the possible target and at what point we know that effect of negative divergence has finished.

Sujatha said...

Kiran - aaaaaaaaaaa no plssssssssssss dil maange moreee

J.R.Julius said...

Thank you sir.
Me too have some modified ideas.

1)Market Open@L2 moving Upto H3/H4
60-80pts a CAMARILLA trader just watching

I use ORB here personally.

2)Market Open Away from L4/H4, you have given
a new rule of H5/L4 reversal trade. Personally
I accept it. BUY@H4 & SELL@H5 is right
nothing wrong in SELL@H5 and Cover it@H4 or Lower!

3)Even H3 SELL can be used as BUY, L3 BUY can be
used as SELL using our simple observation with


I avoid positing such to avoid confusions.

If you give some modified rules.

I am happy to accept it & Obey it.


shriram said...

sujata --> ... :-))))))))))))))))))

GaneshaSays said...

Master, have u done any psychological course/studies. The only wonderful thing which comes out of our discussions is your comments. Now please suggest whether studying psychology or human mind and its reactions help you in taking trading decisions.

Charu said...

Dear mr julius.,
this is our 4th cam trade of day.. i m doing cam trading system order based.. my 5122 3rd buy order got filled..

Dinesh Rishi said...


Hope you claped your hand in morning

now enjoy

Ilango said...

@ anmpatel ,

Breaking the channel, it is the Red label-2nd wave is on.

CDG said...

Inside the DHEMA do you think it will now test W or D 5EMA i.e between 5016 and 5024.

Below that DLEMA 4980 as you have mentioned earlier

anmpatel said...

1 last guidance
where would be 2nd wave end?

shriram said...

DR bhai,

Aaaj idli khaane se koi nahi rok sakta sujata ko ;-)

mynac said...

Dear Shriram,
After that "4866",so many days later it has gone below 30-34

Ilango said...

@ CDG,

We identified 5115-25 as the area to complete the 5. Or completion of 3.i.

Now the depth of correction convinces of larger correction to the 5(and not 3.i)

Retrace for 4770-5124 are:

5040; 4989; 4947.

"4989" is acceptable. If very bullish,5040.

Anil said...

Turnover was good today

F&O - 103200 cr
cash - 8930 cr

Dinesh Rishi said...

Shriram ji

I am bull with horns sharp as roses throns follow bull, Never take the bull by the horns

will hold till JNSAR says to Quit

navtash said...

@ilango sir ,
the red label 2nd wave can go up to which level
pl give the level

anmpatel said...

re posting
1 last guidance
where would be 2nd wave end a/c to red labels?

Charu said...

@ cooldent ji,
even in NIFTY fut high made was 5122.4 as per TradeTiger, & also as per IIFL i saw 5122 tick. Julius ji, plzz dont mind i m not criticising u.. just telling u that we r doing it system based.. & i had done one more trade.


Kranti said...

Dear Ilango.. is 5040 is good enough to go long - partially?

J.R.Julius said...

@M/S Sujatha,

///i can't accept anyway that 'CAM IS FAILURE ONE" ///


shriram said...

aagdi barobar mynac

mhanun tar evdhe prema ahe 30mins TA var :-)

Pls remember not to use LONGER EMAs on this T/f.. max 34, uske baad Stgt line (unreactive hote, for trailing)

Ani 89 plus tyacha hi var gelaat , tar taare varchi kasrat hote :-D

cooldent said...


dont worry. it hapnd to me also. we will see tomorrow

J.R.Julius said...

No problem, me too entered 2 pts earlier.
I welcome all the comments.

If the comment made us to realise our mistakes
& improve, our strategy is really good.

shriram said...

DR bhai,

very rightly put.. 5DEMA is still up (unless EOD closes < 5005)

was referring to Intra-trade only (pl read again)

Ilango said...

@ GaneshaSays,

Wisdom comes to those who expose themselves to the vagaries of nature.

Nature has humbled me by robbing me when I "followed the herd"...Now I follow the prices.

"Stay objective" is a term not truly felt by most. They continue to be "Opinionated". Though they win a few but miss the most.

anmpatel said...

1 last guidance
where would be 2nd wave end? mine cunt is iv of the 1 ie. near 5000. is it right?

cooldent said...

will close above DHEMA

Shradha Saburi said...

carrying shorts from 5107

Ilango said...

@ Kranti ,

After a 5, a wait would be worth.

shriram said...

illango ji,

wen time permits, pls respond to the query on IM Degree count from 6339

Ilango said...

@ anmpatel ,

I have already answered one similar question earlier.

mynac said...

shriram,dhanyawad...nakki lakshat thevato

sandeep said...

jr julius sir ur great please dono confuse the caramilla charts it is effective but if required take master advice and make it more potent n hit

J.R.Julius said...

Thanks. :)

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