Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-II


Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Update at 12:00 Noon

Thanks & Regards

Ilango said...


Why do you need a reply for a "fact"...??

Yes. 5090 is 61.8% retrace of 5290 to 4770.

Ilango said...

@ prakashbkc,

Trade with 20 points SL as much as possible.

Minimising "quantum of loss" gives you more opportunities to capture a large move.

Wait patiently for the "extreme points" to spot a "reversals" to make some good entries.

DR has a "1,2,3 strategy" and it rarely fails. Accordingly, one would have gone long @ 4899 breach on 06th June.

Choose few good strategies along with JNSAR or Just JNSAR.

Trade less, Make more.

Maheshwari said...

Bulls bahut khush hain.

Khushi mana lo, till the polar bears come out to spoil the party.

Isnt this artifical 'teji'???

Everything (all triggers) looks gloomy, still market going up... RBI rate cut are always an eye wash and will remain that way.

GDP down. Rupee down. Crude up. Inflation up. Government in paralysis mode. Is this stock market rise sustainable???

mujhe toh ye bas technical teji lagti hai. But then 'C' wave is also waiting.....

Ilango said...

shivanGupta said...
sir what indication you would look at to know that iv has finished.
June 7, 2012 11:58 AM

The current Flat correction from 5043 to 5008 may be part of "iii"rd wave (iv) of iiird.

iv th waves normally break the channel bottom connecting ist & iind waves' bottoms.

SANPOT said...

Thanks Sir. Wanted a confirmation from you.

Bhushan said...


im idiot i follow jnsar

nifty rider said...

bulls well played.bears inning start now.with the advantage of day trend still down.

prakashbkc said...


What is 1,2,3 strategy?
Now I have bought nifty at 4990(NF) as per ur rule now place first time SL of 4968.
Now , I have to go through lessons of ur blog for study again. Plz do guiding master.
Always indebted to u for this.Bye now master

Maheshwari said...

bhushan ji - if i said anything wrong - pl forgive me. u can consider my post as ramblings of a bear.

P.S.: I follow JNSAR too. I was just giving an alternate opinion.

navtash said...

@ ilango

DR has a "1,2,3 strategy" and it rarely fails. Accordingly, one would have gone long @ 4899 breach on 06th June.
pl give the 1 2 3 strategy

Ilango said...

1-2-3 strategy..(Always google to find)

venkatapathy l said...

@ DR

Sir what is 1,2,3 strategy?


Unknown said...
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Dinesh Rishi said...

On the deck the Rover takes his stand,
So dark it is they see no land.
Quoth Sir Ralph, ‘It will be lighter soon,
For there is the dawn of the rising Moon.’

venkatapathy l said...

@ Ilango

Sir Thank you very much


Divakar said...

My best wishes to Sir, DR Sir, Jayaraman Sir, Shriram Sit, Sujatha Ma'am and all the blogmates of Just Nifty!!. I have been trying to learn the teachings on this blog since April expiry. I would like to join you all to become a disciplined learner & trader.

Ilango said...

Learn Technical Analysis from an expert @

Ilango said...

@ shivanGupta ,

Another way to draw the channel to look for the channel break is to connect the 1st & 3rd wave top and draw a parallel line from 2nd wave bottom.
(More relevant in a fast rising or a fast falling markets.)

Divakar said...

Seniors, I request your guidance to make first attempt. I am ready to start with 2lots of mini nifty. As JNSAR is in uptrend, kindly suggest me an entry point. The overbought(Hrly) is making me feel afraid to enter. I read 1-2-3 strategy and think that a shorting opportunity is developing due to lower tops. Please give me a word of guidance.

Nilesh said...


sir how can i know overbought or oversold from
tech table.

Ilango said...

A flat ending @ 5008, along with

1.00PM candle having open, low being same....

a combination bearing instant results, riding the trend.

J.R.Julius said...

Thanks for refreshing 1-2-3 idea.

No other strategy is better than 1-2-3 Logic.
Also 1 strategy AB-CD. Same as 1-2-3.
This is the core of movement of Market.
This is the Law of Vibration called by

1-2-3 combined with Pattern recognition is
Mastering Work!

rajesh stock said...


Ilango said...

@ Nilesh,

Overbought confirmation is when Nifty closes below HEma.

Since day trend is strong, the hour signals tend to fail.

Let the day reach overbought zone, the hour signals may become reliable.

The most reliable would be, prices closing below DHEma with prices below WHEma.

Combinations of such kind produces "better risk-reward" to a trader.

abhishek said...

@ Illango Sir

Good Afternoon,

In 1-2-3 strategy how min bar we should see??


Dinesh Rishi said...


It depends what market we are trading

Note: The 123 Reversal Pattern is not limited to intraday trading. It can be used with all types including Scalping, Day Trading Swing Trading or Long Term Investing to help determine good entry points.

Sourav Kundu said...

I am no expert but based on my experience I have found that taking trades at JNSAR triggers and part booking is the safest and surest way to make money in a sustainable manner.

At present there is not JNSAR trade... I track Day and Week JNSAR numbers only.

Seniors would be able to guide us more.

Ilango said...

1.00PM Update done.

Divakar said...


Thanks. I am awaiting a long entry point. If you wish, do guide me.

Kranti said...

Dear Blog mates , talking about market / trading system i came across this wonderful quote of Brian Hoffman from another beautiful trading blog.. called Nifty Nirvana

Trust you all will find the quote enriching..

'Trading will often take you to your breaking point and then present the opportunity you were looking for once you have given up.This is the rotation that most traders are trapped in. Hitting all their losers and scratching or passing on most of their would be winners.

These occurrences are no coincidence. The market is designed to do this. This is how a live auction comes to a fair price. Everybody is competing at once to find an edge.There are many participants with varying agendas running a countless number of strategies at any given time. The price is rarely going to do what you want it to. If it did, there would be no price efficiency and price would tend to perpetually move in one direction.

The market has a single purpose. That purpose is to make sure that nobody has a static edge by repeating the same exact strategy. Otherwise, it would get massively exploited with huge capital.If there was such a loophole that developed, it would be quickly closed. Participants instantaneously catch onto it then the price returns to complete efficiency.This action is not created by any individual or specific group, it is the auction itself and all the participants acting in the entirety that create the movement.

This makes even the best hindsight or paper strategy completely ineffective without an experienced speculator driving the decisions.

Profitable trading day in and day out comes down a trader being able to use their feel and experiences to quickly adapt to what they see. This is not avoidable. Many will try to convince you otherwise but it is just simply not true.'

Brian Hoffman

Ilango said...

For Live demonstration of Re-entry strategy:

Day trend being up, you wait for a correction in the form of "123" down. We called it "flat correction" meaning the lows & highs of the correction would be close by.

Nifty fell from 5043 to 5013(1),
rose from 5013 to 5037 &
fell again from 5037 to 5008.

Once the correction in the form of 123 done(EW calls it "abc")@ 5008, Nifty rising to clear the highs.

In a complex correction, this rise would become a "pause" and another "abc" correction could follow.

Divakar said...


Master I really admire your knowledge. Especially spotting the flat corrections.

Kranti said...

I wish Ilango had just added one more line

' Enter here at this point '.. Just kidding..

What more can master can do!!! He is astonishing..I dont even know how he can share so much with energy

But a student can refuse to learn continuously the way i do..

More than my trading ilango is fine tuning me

Ilango said...

@ Kranti ,

Americans have a way of packaging a simple fact into something complex to "Sell" their wares.

People who read these would feel the "futility of following any system" as market would always find a way to fail them which is "grossly wrong".

For centuries, a simple system like buy above 5sma/ ema have been working and the market could do "nothing" about it.

This is not to belittle the market but to state that "Market is a habitual animal" and its habits will never die till the "participants"(You & me & other millions) change their way to deal with "Fear/ greed/ Hope".

I would prefer anyday a simple approach to the market, especially when Technology has taken over and "Big money" is losing billion dollars in the name of "algo trading".

I feel "retail traders" have a much better edge if only they have discipline and patience.

Blink only when you have to.

Dinesh Rishi said...

Kranti said...

What more can master can do!!! He is astonishing..I dont even know how he can share so much with energy

EE done or not?

Kranti said...

Thanks so much again Ilango.. for putting that theory in perspective.. I would have mis interpreted and lost confidence ..Possibly..

Now i am clear .. I am almost getting ready to be good trader with your guidance and perspectives

Kranti said...

Dr Sir.. Honestly i am so desperate to learn trading and focussed on all these numbers & EMAs it didnt even strike me to know anything about EE..

Thanks for reminding .. First i have to learn what it is..

abhishek said...

@ Dinesh Rishi

Thanks a lot.

Ilango said...

Even the 2.00PM candle has Open & Low same @ 5032.90.

"Listen to the market".

J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Intraday - Trade2
Nifty Futures
H4 5036[BUY]
H3 5008[SELL]
with 20pts Stoploss.

J.R.Julius said...

*H3 Sell need confirmation of trendline Break/Chart Sup/Indicator.

Ilango said...

@ Kranti,

Aayiram kaigal anaithu ninralum aadhavan maraivadillai

Aanaigal ittae yaar thaduthalum alaikadal oyvadillai

Even a 1000 hands can never hide the SUN
Even orders from anyone could stop the ever-waving ocean.

Have no desperation.
Take your time to learn.
Just like the ocean,
this market's waves would never end.

Opportunities will be useful "only to the prepared".

STOCK4SURE said...

india vix at open was 23.4 but nifty making higher hi vix at 24.33
divergence may pull vix up kya???

parminder said...

Master ilango,
Thank u with love and regards

kerala nifty said...


STOCK4SURE said...

55dema near 5055 may give strong res to nifty upmove

gauresh59 said...


Thanks for your these golden words....

"Even a 1000 hands can never hide the SUN
Even orders from anyone could stop the ever-waving ocean.

Have no desperation.
Take your time to learn.
Just like the ocean,
this market's waves would never end.

Opportunities will be useful "only to the prepared".

anmpatel said...

from 5042-5013:a
from 5013-5037:b
from 5037-5008:c
can we expect vi done and now v of iii started from 5008? if so then what will be likely tgt? same as i? if same as i then please tell how much point was i. thanks very much.

anmpatel said...

read iv instead of vi. sorry.

Kranti said...

Thanks from my heart Ilango

Ilango said...

@ gauresh59,

Those are the words of "Tamil poet" Kannadasan.

The one, no one could ignore.

His works on Hindu religion & its relevance is tremendously received by the people.

Those rare "souls" who have enriched our life very deeply.

Divakar said...

Ilango Sir

"Just like the ocean,
this market's waves would never end."

Thanks for sowing in seeds of patience.

I am feeling gratified to receive a prompt reply to email from DR Sir. You guys are really larger than life.

Ilango said...

@ anmpatel,

Read pre-market.

After 5040, it is 5055-62 zone and then 5090.

5090 could be for tomorrow.

anmpatel said...

thank you sir

DKG said...

Hi All,

One very good strategy in nifty option.

Sell OTM Puts when JNSAR trigger long.

Sell OTM Calls when JNSAR trigger short.

Ilango said...

@ Divakar ,

DR with his rich experience has, indeed, become larger in a way that "Markets move in slow motion" for him and he can choos at will his entries and exits.

He is not unduly perturbed by volatility.

Hence, you'll find him relaxed to deal with the readers.

More exposure to the market should raise your consciousness to understand market's gyrations.

nifty rider said...

ek khawat yaad aa rahi hai-Sar mudaate hi aulle pade... ha ha ha

Ilango said...

Please do not post "Calls" here.

Dinesh Rishi said...

V Senthil Kumar

Plz dont waste ur energy here

we were long from levels u cant imagin

DKG said...

As per bullish flag on hourly chart, 100 point more in nifty (5150).

Ilango said...

Intraday weakness would start only below 5035.

Divakar said...

Oh my Master,

Great day for me to receive reply from Ilango himself.. (Believe me I am not flattering any body, its genuine admiration).

Yes, its very true, Only patience and positional trade on Day JNSAR triggered trade pays you back quietly & surely.. :-)

J.R.Julius said...

Mr.kerala nifty,
Its futures Contract Price!
2 lot or 2 part Approach.

Part1 Book@20-30pts based on Market Movement.

Part2 Trailing to Breakeven & move TSL
based on new chart SUP/RES or trendline.

nifty rider said...

only consolation is nifty future high is not breach yet

kerala nifty said...

jr im place it order 5008 below selling

Ilango said...

New Post Done.

eevra said...

Sir: looks like 5090 would be kissed today itself!!

anmpatel said...

according to hourly HA charts first candle open low same @5025.05. near your weakness point 5035.

V Senthil Kumar said...

NIFTY near 1st tgt of 5035 made a high og 5033.40 given @ 5005 & 5015

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