Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nifty continues its march towards the channel top around 5090.

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Divakar said...

So PT Sir's 5067 will turn the direction tomorrow to fetch 'soft idlis' :)

Prithvi said...

Good News coming in upmove
So be careful guys.

mynac said...

Dear Divakar,
"PT Sir's 5067 will turn the direction tomorrow to fetch 'soft idlis' :) " very true..but let it come well as pl.keep watching Hrly and Daily data and chart here.As per Nifty Day & 5D chart,it is knocking Channel resistance.

And surpassing and sustaining above the same in just 3-4 days would not be too easy task...

Nevertheless, market is supreme,so let us see...

Dinesh Rishi said...


what we do here is TA, we dont care for NEWS

NEWS are for FA :D

invest24 said...

chalo ji 5090 ko bhi dakh le..uper trade ko chum le
khwaish ko par mill gaye..


"The trading system(JNSAR) wins. NEWS are nice, but useless in trading.True News are
always unknown."

mynac said...

Significance of High volume trade:
Day pivot 5039 and high volume trade @ 5038 & 39 @ 9.15 & 16 AM
Also @ 3.16 PM today there is second high volume trade @ 5050 & Nifty close is 5050

Dinesh Rishi said...

courtesy :Anmol (Amol Vaidya)

jonak said...

the Nifty and stock markets are afunction of AUSSIE dollar......aussie has been following a script ...and according to that the upmove for the aussie is over week we go down Aussie moves back to the previous lows ...and that should mean Nifty will also go to atleast 4800.....i think by tuesday we will see those levels....But a massive rally is coming ....after 3rd week......

RishiM said...

Hi Jonak is it possible to plot aussie dollar against nifty on same chart so we can get more clear idea. thanks in advance.

I think we might see downside only if Bernanke disappoints today during his talk.

Sameer Shankar said...

Expect to see 5135 tommorrow???
may be 5th started at 5007+min 128 points

Amol Sharma said...

nifty will touch soon to 5160 Lets hope for best !!!

Prabakar said...

Dear Mynac,

Thanks for letting us know the significance of NS High volume trade.

Last three days i was following it and it was of great importance for intraday trade.

Will it be ok to have the High value instead of close, when price momentum is up and vice versa?


Dinesh Rishi said...

Big Bro activity

+675.48 in cash
+1131.51 in Index Fut
+246.46 in index Opt
+26708 contacts added in Fut

Shradha Saburi said...

Good evening all
as per yesterdays post nifty supported at 5020
if nifty protect 4990 tomorrow and 4950 on Monday
i.e. if it protects 4965 todays pivot on the EOD
basis then another big move of nearly 300 points
in line.Day JNSAR trend is getting bulish by the
two days candles. while triggering day JNSAR it has crossed J10 SAR first then JNSAR in a singal candle.that is supporting upper breakout.
Do not loose the JNSAR hold it tightly until it triggers
Market is supreme let us see

numchar said...

US Stocks open higher following China rate cut , Dow uncle moving north , let's see if this turns into significant move or yesterday Dow ~~200 points move was based on that.

gkm223 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gkm223 said...

i think triangle if any already broken down and a suppresive upmove to wash out weak shorters is on, then it should show the bear power in a day or two for marching towards 38** level

gkm223 said...

yesterday and today mkt left gaps.will it be filled.

Dinesh Rishi said...


ru short for 4 u level?

Dinesh Rishi said...


dig up old charts so many gaps are unfilled

when mkt moves up it dont bother for bears

only down trend gaps always get filled for sure

Shradha Saburi said...

if it breaks todays pivot in two days then
nearly 300 points downside. then it may form doji
candle on monthly basis.

gkm223 said...

y'day and today small small means 50*4 total

RishiM said...

metals have tanked following bernanke talk but not much significant down move in US equity.

Shraddha are you referring to 4965 as today's pivot ?

gkm223 said...

dinesh rishi sir, am i in wrong way.?

Dinesh Rishi said...


Not at all

but posting 38**

its against norms

what u think v will not short when price
shows weakness ?

enjoy the trend till it bends

Nilesh Patil said...

पहिला पाऊस पडतो तेंव्हा

एकच काम करायचं ....

हातातली कामं टाकुन देउन

पावसात जाऊन भिजायचं !

आपल्या अंगावर झेलून घ्यायच्या

कोसळणार् या धारा

श्वासांमध्ये भरून घ्यायचा

सळाळणारा वारा

कानांमधे साठवुन घ्यायचे

गडगडणारे मेघ

डोळ्यांमध्ये भरुन घ्यायची

सौदामिनीची रेघ

पावसाबरोबर पाऊस बनून

नाच नाच नाचायचं

अंगणामधे , मोगर् यापाशी

तळं होऊन साचायचं !

आपलं असलं वागणं बघुन

लोक आपल्याला हसतील

आपला स्क्रू ढिला झाला

असं सुध्दा म्हणतील

ज्यांना हसायचं त्यांना हसू दे

काय म्हणायचं ते म्हणू दे

त्यांच्या दुःखाच्या पावसामधे

त्यांचं त्यांना कण्हू दे

असल्या चिल्लर गोष्टींकडे

आपण दुर्लक्ष करायचं !

पहिला पाऊस एकदाच येतो

हे आपण लक्षात ठेवायचं !

म्हणून ..

पहिला पाऊस पडतो तेंव्हा

एकच काम करायचं ...

हातातली कामं टाकुन देउन

पावसात जाऊन भिजायचं !

Dinesh Rishi said...

BN could mange to maintain 5/21 crossover

and is trading above 50 SMA,26,9

Nilesh Patil said...

Sorry Master for occupied so much space. But i can't control, it is a nice poem on rain. so i shared.

Dinesh Rishi said...

Nilesh Patil

Lyrics in English Plz

9 to 9 online

time to shut down

RishiM said...

Bernanke does not give any hints for QE3 ; this was a perfect time for US equity markets to tank and this hasn't happened.

Markets seem to be saying they dont want to go down much :)

shriram said...

Dear Mynac,

Let c.3 complete its tgt of 5080-5087

Then we can have 90 pts "soft PTs" via c.4 to 34EMA :-P

@PT: this code is new creation of DR

All complaints to be directed to him ;-)

mynac said...

Dear Shriram,
Yes,considering channel resistance 5080 would be right for this up-move..just saw it..nevertheless,the journey would be precarious for Bulls and frustrating for Bears but Gap up opening around 5080 has the potential to eliminate this fear for Bulls,and more pains for Bears.

Most of the players including me would be waiting for correction to happen,nevertheless, since last 2 days the way Bulls have kept Nifty tactfully up and above 30-34 & 5-34 ema is really remarkable..and indicate their ultimate supremacy.

mynac said...

कविता अप्रतिमच आहे. धन्यवाद... आज पुण्यात सुद्धा थोडाफार पाऊस झाला.म्हणजे पावसाळा खरंच आला कि काय ? फार बरे होईल,पाणी कपात तरी निदान कमी होईल.बघूयात...

mynac said...

Dear Prabhakar,
These daily high volume trades have definitely importance,particularly for the day and if it is really very Huge volume trade then it used to left it's impression.

Basically one should write down those trade regularly for followup movement thereafter but even I have not written it...very sad:(

RishiM said...

wasn't today a hanging man formation in daily plus in hourly charts, I can see a trendline break in RSI.

If market opens gap up tomorrow, it might lead to RSI testing same trendline as an resistance (compared to support previously) which might give a downmove in market and hopefully an opportunity to buy in dips ?

shriram said...

Dear mynac,

lets add fire-power of Statistics to our TA arsenel :-)

DayHi-5DHEMA = 5060-4984 = 76 pts

This is v v close to Mean for Delta CMP-5DEMA (from where Short Term TOP is formed)

Adds more wgt to the theory that after tomo's opening, we shud see a retreat to @least Dev. 5DCEMA = 4990 ruffly ...

And Voila !! also tallies with 34EMA,30mins (4982, developing will take it to 5K), now u kno the secret behind my love-affair with Half hr TA :-)

Good night, sweet dreams!

gkm223 said...

dinesh rishi sir, what does it mean total monthly TA down, strong supply zone 4976-5040.??

gkm223 said...

I mean you experts, sir knows everything but do not want to share, only shriram sir is here to whom we can say is giving clear trendline with values.I think experts fear to give trendline because they might be wrong many times.

gkm223 said...

if one want to help others then they should stop using confusing words like head or tail, one will be outcome. thats all.

Sourav Kundu said...

There is no free lunch.

gkm223 said...

so payble restaurant.

gkm223 said...

no worry, if tommorow nifty gap up, then sure it will be filled itself tommorow.

Sourav Kundu said...

Every man for himself :)

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