Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nifty enters settlement day with a +ve bias.


Sanjay Jaiswal said...
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raman perumal said...

@ilango sir,
I am repeating the question
in the above second chart the lead indicator shows down red arrow, please throw light

sanz said...

@ Ilango Sir, todays Close 5141.90 is just below 200EMA i.e. 5149.37 in EOD data. will it react like Resistance ?


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Shradha Saburi said...

@ Dear Parimal
nifty resisted at the kumo cloud
1 Day trend :day Jnsar trend has almost become flat and day J10 Sar is below it and that too also flat. we require breakout. see the macd also shows saturation.
Ichimoku : Kumo cloud SSB is at 5145, nifty breaks it prices are getting in to the cloud shadow result in turn gets eaten up by the bears.
cloud shadow is the difference between 19 Jan and todays situation.Bull will not be in hurry to cross that but situation gets worst for bull
to keep with averages.critical averages are inching up and price movement band is getting narrow.
week : Jnsar trend is becoming is just turned which was scaling down.nifty should not close below 5110 ( Kijunsen) in fact should close above 5144 to keep TA up
monthly : getting failed to negotiate with J10
SAR 5177 (key)should get above it.

coming days may be volatile and if you take my view then it seems difficult for the nifty to achieve the targets but my view will not be similar with my trades i will change it with the wind.
so 5080 to 5175 is the playing range now
let us see market is supreme.

Sanjay Jaiswal said...
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ammy said...

Hi,are we collating data somewhere for Expiry guesses like last time?

Parimal said...

My Dear Shradha Saburi
thanks for nice analysis. all technical analysis, be it Ichimoku, EMA or EW coming to almost similar conclusion, with a little bit of difference in numbers, which you have summed up as the range of 5080-5175. this is critical. a) bulls hesitation to peep above the Kumo, despite the fact that Tenkan has given a positive crossover to Kijun, which is very significant, may be attributed to pending policy decision at the central level. b) for last 4-5 days critical EMA levels such as 5-21-34 are holding Nifty around. c) as per day chart of Sir Ilango, Nifty might have completed a/i and b/ii, so c/iii up is in the offing.
Market is all powerful
thanks and regards

J.R.Julius said...

Good Evening All.

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Parimal said...

On day chart, RSI9 and Stochastic are showing Negative divergence. please Seniors! kindly check and confirm the same and oblige

Jiignesh said...

Friends tomorrow
is expiry and lets have a contest here.
June Nifty Expiry Guessing Contest.
The rules are simple- There are only 3.
a) Just call out the series close for june
b) No wild guess. A reason is must. Everyboday must give a expected close figure and reason for that.
no range (4000-4050) ,only one figure e.g.4000
c) You need to do it After 9.15 tomorrow and before 2.30 tomorrow.
Seniors plz contribute.

Dinesh Rishi said...

sanz said...
@ Ilango Sir, todays Close 5141.90 is just below 200EMA i.e. 5149.37 in EOD data. will it react like Resistance ?



Plz check 200SMA

EMA is for daytraders/scalpers who want
fast signals

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