Monday, June 4, 2012

Nifty breaks the prev. low to confirm 5th wave but does a retracing rally.


gkm223 said...

this month's close should be >> greater than
open. that is above 4911 ??????

Shradha Saburi said...

Good Evening ALL
Today traders earned money not by predicting market correctly but trading market correctly
1)Hour Trend prices are closed above JNSAR and
just below the middle band of regression channel.
while crossing the JNSAR it crossed the JNSAR J10 Sar almost same in one candle so uptrend breakout.
2)day trend is still down, It will be become neutral from 4871 to 4927. 4871 is tomorrows JNSAR lower channel. JNSAR trend is flat. possibilty of consolidation.
3)weekly trend is down.
4) monthly: prices closed on the lower channel of the monthly JNSAR i.e. 4848
so 4871 to 4927 band is very vital
Dollar is getting pressured
Market is supreme let us see.
above case is only valid if gap up opening
otherwise hour 5 ema true indicator for downtrend.

venkatapathy l said...

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Sujatha said...

All are very clear views today???? No participation :) :)

Shriram/Prabhat - I don't hv idlis or dosa..i cleaned my plate and it's empty now a sudden thought 'other asian counterparts are in bad shape" v only up??? if any bull trap here???so for good sleep "keliye" closed my position :) mkt is always there.. if it goes also no probs will try to catch somewhere in intra or else "no trading day" :( :)

Jayaraman said...

At the time of opening of the market, we know that Neutral Triangle is invalidated and as per our earlier posting the alternative labeling is required. Accordingly the alternative labeling is shown as per the chart given below;

As per the above chart the wave count is as follows:

Wave A= 5280 - 4789 = 491 points
Wave B = 4789 - 5020 = 231 points --- 47% of Wave A
Wave C = 5020 - 4770 = 250 points so for and it may go down further ?
and it is 108% of Wave B and it is also 51% of Wave A.

From the above one may find it difficult to identify the structure from 5280 to current level.. At the same time market is taking support near about 4800 and it gives the impression, please note it is subjective, that the fall is getting reduced and if rally is bigger than the previous leg of the same direction ( in our case Wave B ), the chance of market formed bottom at 4770 is high and possibly extracting triangle is forming as per which Wave D which is currently forming may touch minimum of 4770 + 232= 5002 before E Wave forms. In such scenario we are already bottomed at 4770.

In case if market fails to move up from current level towards 5002 plus market may correct deeper. In my opinion further deeper correction possibility is less. More over the time consumed by downfall from 5630 to current level is about 200% of time consumed by rally from 4588 to 5630 and this time factor is likely to rule out the chance of further correction below 4770. If it is forming a extracting triangle it may consume another 10 to 12 trading days by trading between 4800 to 5000 and thereafter a swift movement above 5000 will take place.

In view of the above it is suggested to initiate long whenever market falls.


Market is likely to correct from current level towards 4800 / 4785.

Initiate long at 4800 / 4785 zone for a target of 4927 / 5015.

shriram said...

wot is this sujata amma! where is ur mini -idli ?? !! ;-)
EW suggests we doing a corrective to the IMPULSE

Possible Retracement tgts:
23.6% = 4905
38.2% = 4988
50% = 5056
61.8% = 5123

So we may be doing a 3 wave ZZ which may end @ around 4988 ,
we may have done only the "A" of the 3wave ZZ today, with B down to ruffly 4805 & C UP to 4892 to follow, as :-

a 4770 4858 88
b 4858 4803 -54 -61.8%
c 4803 4892 88 100.0%

1. Day RES ZONE : 4896 / 4907/ 4974
2. Day Fibbo EMA RES : 4955 /5011
3. Day Developing 5DEMA will turn up ONLY on close > 4891 (for tomo)

All seems to fit beautifully with the 23.6% retracement to 5342-4770 @ 4905, as well as the ZZ sub frac count !!!

So, how will we know if we get menu as Idli or Dosa ?? Lets use Fibbo EMAs :- ))))))

1. Make Dosa : on 2 half hr closes > 4855 (34EMA)
2. Steam Idli: on 2 half hr closes < 4855 & ideally going below 4805

Phew... today i became a cook ;-P


Kartick said...

Illango Sir,
Thanks for once again updating EOD S-Macd and 9-Rsi charts.

Muthu Thamizhini said...

Dear Sir,

Blog is not allowing feeds to google reader etc...please do the needful

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