Friday, June 8, 2012

Nifty changes its weekly trend with critical support remaining @ 4984.

I could name a few worthy contributors today...and very objectively: And foremost is Mynac.
Mynac stating the rise in 5000PE writing.
Sanjay Jaiswal continuing to label "Bullish"
Kumar sensing the reversal @ 5025.
Dinesh Rishi maintaining his 5 digit target.
Shradha Saburi's faith in JNSAR being far away.
A collective inputs make it easier to take key decisions/ sticking to a decision. Thank you all, forgive me if I have not named anyone who has contributed well.


Prakash-Pol said...

Master no need to forgive you. All know who you are. The left outs will eagerly wait for their turn and they work hard to have the 'Mothira kai kottu.' thank you for your efforts. we are blessed to have your guidance.

sri said...

Mr discipline focus.........sir's mission statement itself is legendary....longtime back he wrote a story about one desolate man... 'that a man enlightens at the brink and walks back to build other's homes while resurrecting his own'......(humble apologies sir if am in anyway not correct in depicting you....)

but, i felt very deep substance in that story and Ilango sir's work !

The rest is history as you all know !!

J.R.Julius said...

Its an wonderful experience traveling with
JN Family during market hours. Have a nice


gkm223 said...

I also surrender myself, actually master is great, i will try to find out what actually master is giving me hint about the direction.

J.R.Julius said...

My apologies, I could not participate conversation
with every contributors because of my biz timings.

My appreciation & wishes to everyone.

numchar said...

Awesome bouncer by bulls , bears can't defend ....great learning day about correlation about multiple facts and also ...practice fastest finger first :)

yogeshvislot said...

sir thank you for your words that ,''hour,day,week,and month timeframe would assert the strength of its trend at the end of that time frame",and that kept me away from being bearish and bought at the afternoon dip!Thank you...

Manish said...

Dear All Blogmates

Taking this opportunity to thank "Beloved Master"and all seniors especilly DR Ji,Kumar sir,Mynac and J.R.Julius who continue to support master in Guiding the Students of Nifty.

It has been seven months being part of this esteemed group who steers all of us through thick and thin and make us learn "How to catch the fish" instead of catching it for us.

Many of my colleagues from other groups felt surprised day before yesterday when i informed that i have caught the reversal.

Thanks and Regards Always !

durga said...

master,you are at best always,especially during market hours. i never thought there is theory behind the chaotic scenes. i have improved a lot thru this blog and from the LIVE contributors .i thank all our members. good day.

Prithvi said...

Thanks to all master's

prahalad said...


That was a good day. I didn’t trade for last 3 days but watching market action along with your comments as well as with other sensible comments from others. It’s a enriching experience and giving me hope to survive this tough financial market.

I sent a request mail to join group. Thanks.

Sujatha said...

read the below post once again.. as much as possible i will not post my Nos. hereafter yeah sharing personally whoever wants or whom i want to discuss nd today's level i already shared with somebody who knows it well and i posted in advance too. If i totally "away" from "JN" don't worry nothing but "domestic commitments" :)

DR-ji - Well said (abt mynac especially) coincidentally i was thinking to 'STOP POSTING MY LEVEL" (many times i will do this but back with my figures) just like can't straighten the dog's tail :D Y?? nothing but there is a "Q" that "I am giving calls" actually i am not giving calls..nd i don't hv any intention just "my live observation during market hours" i don't want 2 hurt anybody's sentiment :) so......tomorow onwards........ let me try to .........
June 5, 2012 9:18 PM

Bye - take care -

Dinesh Rishi said...


If you start posting calls also

Master wont object

Take it granted

Just keep on telling us

Menu of the day

Idli - in breakfast
dosai -in lunch
Samosa -in dinner

Your trading levels are awesome

I have got something 4 u this weekend

But Dr. Mikao Usui said dont give to those who dont ask for

so you have to request 4 it

Kumar Technicals said...

Dear ILango Sir!

Thanx for your kind words & appreciation. Accept my sincere thanks from bottom of my heart for your sincere teaching, believe me you changed our life.



mynac said...

Dear Ilango,
With your analysis,and inder your guidance,we all try to understand and learn everyday new things from market here.It's combine efforts.So thanks a lot...

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir,

Thanks for having the faith, as you always teach, I detach my trade from my analysis, so that I am impartial to what I write.

And I would also like to thank all the blogmates for standing by me. I will always strive to do my best and not let you all down.

Thanks & Regards

Sanjay Jaiswal

Jayaraman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jayaraman said...

Jayaraman said...

Dear Ilango Sir / Blog mates,

With sadness I am sharing with you all that I am quitting my trading due to my failure to manage my trade.

Primary reason for my failure are:

1. Poor personal financial management.

2. Straight away started option instead of making money in futures and then partly switching over to option.

3. Unable to have control on my 'Fear' in most of the cases and very few times due to greed.

In view of my failure I will not be posting my Trade Plan here after and as and when I enter the market and start making money I will continue the work.

There are many who helped me to understand the market and human psychology and I wish to thank every one of them and I thank the following people who contributed in this regard.

Of course the list starts with my Guide,philosopher and friend. Thank you Ilango Sir for all your help and guidance.

Kumar Sir / LV sir, one of the finest human being I have come across after a very very long time in life.

Sandy ji, it was always nice to read your short and sweet comment about my trade plan.

VK soni ji/ Parimal ji I will remember you for the helping nature during my initial days in JN family.

Prabhat ji , but for your encouragement I would not have continued for so long 106 Trade Plan.

Sujatha ji, I always enjoy your comment and most of the times it brought smiles on my face and left a +ve energy on my mind and thanks for that.

Mynac ji, It was interesting to read your chart and OI analysis

Sanjy Kr.Jaiswal ji, you are one of the role model for me in trading and your hard work speaks volume. In fact by seeing your posting daily I got motivated to continue my posting.

DR ji, your communication was always short, sweet and direct. It was always nice to see you in action and today is one such day immediately you corrected " pat" to " pranam'

AJ ji, helping me in time of distress along with Kumar sir I will cherish your association.

Shradha Saburi ji, Anil ji. RGK ji, Aim NIfty ji, Ashish Agarwal ji, STBSTB ji, I thank every one of you for all the sharing you made during all these months.

The list is endless and if I left anybody name it is only due to my poor memory and apologize to them individually.

Thanks JN family for helping all these time in my trading work.

I wish every one of you Happy, Fruitful and Plentiful trading.

Kumar Technicals said...

Dear Jayaraman!

Thanx for ur kind words but really sorry to know about your decision, its not simply surprising but shocking too. We all traders faced loss sometimes in life but when we catch trend with proper stoploss & conviction, then this market gives more than what it takes in stoplosses. I think, there is something wrong in conviction. I know you are a fighter so you will overcome upon this weakness for sure. My good wishes are with you & i am sure you will do wonders under Master Ilango's guidance, just believe in urself.



gauresh59 said...

Dear Jayaraman

Failure cannot be measured only with the monetary profit and losses. In a broader term, failure is not negative, but it is positive. In past, even I have also passed with the situation what you are facing today. But at that time my teachers and gurus helped me, blessed me psychologically to boost up my mind set. Their inspirational quotes really changed my total ideology and hence I share these quote to our JN friends. These quotes supported me not only in recovering my monetary losses, but also supported in achieving some extra ordinary economic and social returns also.

Here are some of the quotes for you……

Be brave dear.
I do not know your age, but think you are quite younger than me…the whole life is there for you……why to quit….? And why to disappoint…?
Life itself is a challenge…..If you take it with a smile, it will never become burdensome and difficult task. The traders are the real warriors…Be a fighter to win the war….Nothing is impossible, if you wish.

Going from one failure to another failure without losing enthusiasm definitely results in to success.

In order to succeed, our desire for success should be greater than our fear for failure.
Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not dead end.

Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.

Falling down is not defeat...defeat is when ur refuse to get up...
Failure is not negative. It is a teacher.
It molds, refines, and polishes you so that one day your light will shine for all to see.
It isn't the failure you experience that will determine your destiny, but your next step and then the next that will tell the story of your life.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”
Henry Ford

Always be a student…you will definitely come out with flying colours in future…

Jayaraman said...

@Gauresh ji,

OMG why I forgotten to thank the one more noble soul and who always motivates with good quote.

Thank you Gauresh ji for all your input at various point of time.

At midnight 1.21 AM you have strong desire to motivate a person to believe in his concept with courage with conviction. I salute your good heart and kind words with full of energy.

I am quite sure this is only a temporary gap and in the next available opportunity I will come back and I only pray to Almighty to give me a chance and guide me in the right direction.

With Warm Regards

Bullish Cartel said...

Dear jayaram,

Quitting is always the easy way out, i know being a 3rd party its easy to say those things
But tell me how can one do something else with the failure tag behind you!
i am a share broker going thru tough times professionally but i know tought times dont last tough people do
and i know you are a tough guy my friend

Jayaraman said...

Kumar ji,

Comforting words just flowing like river with so much of positive energy. I lost money it was sad thing but at least God was kind enough to get associated with you through this blog.

Your able to read people correctly and you have identified my nature " A Fighter". I am known for this quality from childhood and with this quality I discharged my duties as Son, Husband and Father.Now due to circumstances I am just taking a pause and I will come back and announce my success with enthusiasm.

With Warm Regards

Jayaraman said...

Bullish Cartel ji,

How I missed you. It is very kind of you that you understood and posted the msg.

" But tell me how can one do something else with the failure tag behind you! "

Dear BC ji, It Was going on my mind from 22nd of May. I don't want to quit and I fought till the end and I am cornered by my own mistakes and I am aware of the implication of Failure Tag and I will fight the battle in more a opportune time and till such time it is only a pause.

Thank you dear for giving one more dimension about life and I will remember your above sentence and I will try to remove the tag.

With Warm Regards

Jayaraman said...

Bullish Cartel ji,

Can you please give your mail id.

With Warm Regards

Bullish Cartel said...

Jayaramji I think you really provide some good analysis in your tech nifty site, you should keep that going

Just for clarification what I meant was that once we quit whenever we have a tough time in life our brain tells us to quit, if you make it an emotional issue by attaching a tag to it, you will feel it's load and just fight it out as the only option


mynac said...

Dear Jayaraman,

I would not say it is too shocking decision but would like to tag it as sad decision.Because almost each and every trader from this business used to face failure,due to various's not new here.

But your"here after and as and when I enter the market and start making money I will continue the work" lines has given hopes here..Means though at present you are a looser yet you have not lost this battle mentally.Which is more important here.Your true confession shows that,you have the courage enough & want to and will fight back one day...

I am sure you will come back here with new energy,new study,new hope with determination..

My best wishes are with you...

With regards,

Sujatha said...

Jayaraman sir - It's sad to hear "you lost much" happy that u didn't "lost your confidence". come back with "full market energy along with Glucon-D/C" extra energy to maintain your physical strength :) request you "not to quit" from this "profession" wat v lost here "can earn and should earn from here" only.. definitely i don't hv much knowledge or age or experience to advise. But me too "paid hefty fees" to market and still "paying often "term fees" and "tuition fees" without that i am not able to "do" :P :( Soon earn good and "lend" me some amount for "trading" :D

Jayaraman said...

Sujatha ji,

I very much agree with you that one should find the lost things in the place where he lost it. I am hopeful of coming back silently, slowly and surely.

I used to take advice from my daughter ( IXth STD ) and son since they come up with solution which are mostly simple and more over they are not polluted by responsibility of life. I will be the happiest person if you give your input about psychology of trading. Age is not a factor what you are saying is important to me.

Sure, if God blesses me with good amount of money I will do it. A trader can understand the other trader difficulties. ( Jessy Ryder did it ) Pray for my success in Stock Market.

Sujatha ji, thanks for all your energy boosting posting which makes life little easy when we all tensed up. I pray to Almighty to wish you best of everything in life to continue your journey with same vigor.

With Warm Regards

Aniruddha Deshpande said...

Dear Illango Sir,
I am an ardent reader of your blog. Your blog has taught me a very important thing,
I have always been good at identifying long term trades, but to trade using that information on the short term has been a nightmare for me. Using the studies posted on your blog I could design a step by step system to check all the prerequisites for trading on short term using my long term view of the markets as a backdrop. It has saved me a lot of heart burn in recent times.
Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom with us.


Nikunj Dharsandiya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Parimal said...

Dear Mr. Jayaraman
you just wont give up. i have faced the same situation as you are going through. but many nice friends at JN have helped me to regain confidence. and i am sure you will also 'turn around'. remember 'Be acutely aware that markets are technically the strongest after a severe decline and technically the weakest after a sharp rise'-Elliott Wave Explained by R.C.Beckman pg.218, what does this mean? it speaks of your mind actually. if you are feeling low, you have a greater chance to rise. this is a corollary, nature's law. i am confident that you will rise up just like a market rises from the bottom. yes, to lose money in market is a painful thing. however, such a situation comes in every traders life. do you know that the best traders are those who are successful only in 60% of the trades maximum. i know we will not miss you for long, since all love you very much. so, see you soon.

saravanan k said...

Dear Jayaraman Sir,

Looks like you are very senior to me, I could not read the Blog since 2 days due to my Work Schedule. I have seen your Trade plans every day at the end of the day. Interesting.
I should say that though I am in the Market for many years, but not an active Trader, Combining my Working atmosphere with Blind trading, I have lost huge money, it was then I found this Blog & slowly regaining my lost confidence & adopting a new simple Trading method, though still not started active Trading, I am hopeful & confident of being successful by the way our beloved Ilango Sir's noble guidance, DR's timely sensible advice, Kumar Sir's added analytical boost, Mynac's intelligent analysis, JayShriram's EW, Sujatha's humourous pickle, Gauresh's daily dose(Quote), sanjay Jaiswal's OI analysis & last but not least San's wonderful analysis & many more skilled friends. I thank all their continual guidance & as well other skilled warriors whom I may have missed.
I believe you will strongly come back as I am feeling now....
It is a long way to go in our short span of life but when we have a beautiful platform as we are now in JN, it makes accomplished & possible.
"Nifty ko pakadna namunkin nahin, lekin aasan hain" with JN.

Thank you Ilango Sir.


Obsessive Lover said...

Hi all,

I am sure with so many people showing faith in Mr. Jayaraman, he will return. it seems the whole kaaynaat will conspire to get him success in his trading.

This blog should be renamed from justnifty to justfaith.

Proud of JN family.

Obsessive Lover said...

Dear All,

There is no open interest for puts in BN above strike 10100 and same applies to nifty above strike 5100.

Can this be interpreted as BN > 10100 and Nifty > 5100 is unlikely in this series ??

Obsessive Lover said...

An immature observation.

USDINR was around 53.50 in jan starting which brought black money/ FII money in india and gave us a 10% rally.
Jan Feb rally had no rationale to it.

The same is happening since last week..USDINR at 55+, crazy rallies, heavy FII buying..

eevra said...

@ Jayaraman: your decision to stop posting your trading plan is impulsive. Pls reconsider. Your comments are valuable & objective. Pls continue at least for the larger interest of others...


Jayaraman said...

Obsessive Lover ji,

With so many people wishing me, God blessed me to win in my Trading profession.

Thank OL ji, for your warm wishes.

With Warm Regards

Jayaraman said...

eevra ji,

The kind of activity I am planning I am not sure I will be able to do that. Lot of water flowing for the last couple of weeks in my personal life as well as in Trading life. I am trying to prioritize the whole thing so that I handle my trade without any tag attached due to my personal commitment.

The moment I achieve the above objective I will be back. Rest I leave to God.

My sincere apology to you for my action and I continue my fight to come back.

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