Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Sujatha said...

Goodmorning sir and CCP to all :)

Anil - this senior citizen no. is the problem shhhhh shall we see 2 digit smallest no. or 3 digit biggest no. nd which side is the "Q" :D :) by the way "only mini idlis" r coming out :(

shriram said...

Morning everyone,

5DEMA is trending down , so today's outlook is Sell on rises

bas aaj aur kuch bolne ki kya jaroorat :-)

have a gr8 day!

Prithvi said...



Dinesh Rishi said...

shriram ji

itna simple nahi hai,

savdhani hatti durghatna ghati

shriram said...

DR bhai,

Salam! to kuch contra idea hein aaj aapke kosh mein ? :-)

satheesh said...

Bank Nifty has completed 50% retracement for the rise from 9110 - 10220 spot at 9665 - approx - 20 SMA
Next 61.8% level is 9534.

Dinesh Rishi said...

shriram ji

not much

till Yesterday low is held

anything is possible

prakashbkc said...

DR sir,

I acted on JNSAR yesterday and u mention today
"itna simple nahi hai,

savdhani hatti durghatna ghati"

Sir, u are seeing something different . Plz share

RishiM said...

One thing to be cautious about for bears is the US market - SP500 is showing an Inverse HNS and if valid pattern, then target is around approx 1400. Even some good EW analysts (US based) have min target of 1364 and higher for their market, so global cues are positive, going into Bernanke meeting on Wednesday.

prakashbkc said...


From yesterday Low (2:15pm) 5041.55 to today high of 5086.25(9:25am) total of 1 Hr 25min
market now at 10:25am is 5049 retrace more than 80% of rise of 5041.55 to today high of 5086.25
this indicate now nifty retrace more towards 4995.

shriram said...

ok DR Bhai, tks.

Aaj ka funtoosh line

Q: What’s the definition of optimism?
A: An Investment Banker ironing five shirts on a Sunday evening ;-D

Ilango said...

As long as the close is "Between HEma & LEma of that T/F", it is in a "Trading mode" or "Range bound".

numchar said...

To become really bearish , bears need to bang on multiple supports y'day low 5042 , channel support ~5030 ,DLEMA-20 ~5020..then only it can be glide else grind and effort to touch the resistances.

Anil said...


chk mail...

shriram said...

one more on poor bankers...

Q: What’s the difference between Investment Bankers and London Pigeons?

A: The Pigeons are still capable of making deposits on new BMW’s ;-)

Sujatha said...

Anil - mail sent

Shriram - y "ferrari" struck hogaya edhar???it's trading below my EMA sofar another minus senior citizen may give a "shortterm buy"???

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Update at 11:00 AM

Thanks & Regards

shriram said...

Sujata amma:

Ferrari driver taking mini dosa brk , before big idli :-)

EW offer this possiblity, before BIG IDLI :-

a 5042 5086 44
b 5086 5048 -38 -86%
c 5048 5092 44

Idea is also supported if u can plot 5-10-21-34 SMAs on 5mins T/F

Price is OSCIALLATING around 34SMA, 5mins & other fibbo SMAs are "SPRANGLED"

Smells of a corrective , MURUGAN IDLI still waits :-)

shivanGupta said...

sir can you give EW count from 5189 till now

Kumar Technicals said...

Good Morning ILango sir & everyone!

Anil gone long & mailed Sujatha mam, cc delivering to me...why, i dont know?

Kiran said...


5092 44 ?

It is SL for JNSAR Shorts...

raghava said...

Today Pivot: 5098.72 S1:5007.23 R1:5155.73

CDG said...

touching again 5070 a good point to short with a stop loss of 20 points.SAR at Pivot 5099.

Shriram is that correct??

satheesh said...

Fast fall set upin BN FUTURES 5min charts invalid above 9700-9710


Stay short 4969 4847 in the offing :)

Anil said...

@kumar sir,

no i didnt mailed you...why CC...i m manually typing sis id...donno whats happening here...

Sujatha said...

PT - No. signals r showing up but donoo the exit gate sofar entered in "cycle gap" :) that;s enough for me as i am "thin" :)

kumar sir - mail sent

Sujatha said...

anil - he is making fun of us??? probabaly even me too i never wants to disturb people like DR/KUMR SIR etc., as they r biggies :D just sent a mail to him let me see

Kumar Technicals said...

Dear PT!

Pahle Sujatha & Anil ka maal to katwao, warna ye 5100 le jaane ko taiyaar hain aur mai bhi inki gaddi me kood ke baith gaya hoon. Sujatha bought one truck Nifty in morng:)

Weakness below 5042-5015 & strength above 5125 only, rest trading time:)

daiyamt said...

34ema is good trend indicator for intraday trading, along with 5em for crossover [in 5 min chart]

Now try this to visually improve its reading
Add 32 and 36 em also on same graph [along with 34]
Colors for 32ema light yellow and light pink.
Colors for 34 and 36 keep default cols [grn and red]

All lines change cols when trend exhausts, 5em crossover and macd crossover follws
After 5em crossover all lines at one point and trend get momentum – of course for that time

As long as 32 is above other 2 lines… UP continues,
and below other 2 lines DN cont..

See last 5 days nifty spot .

Incidentally today 5em crossover at exact 5070 --JNSAR

Sujatha said...

PT - another reason for "upmove" today is newmoon day so usually upside possible "if it's trend changing day" then v can expect a fall but after a small bounce

STOCK4SURE said...

addition in 5100ce and 5000pe is max ,both abv 8 lakhs
trading range of 5000-51000 developing

Sujatha said...

kumar sir - strongly object for "using your third eye" :) it's only for "lord shiva"

shriram said...

Sorry kiran /CDG,was away from screen...

looks liek the "c" is playing out it shud end @ 5092 max to max for a FLAT (where b has done more than "80%"x a)

5092 is also 34EMA, 30mins... willneed a hlf hr close > this to change stance

Kumar Technicals said...

Dear Anil!

I was not getting Sujatha's mail since long so when i mentioned CC then she mailed me directly, dont take seriously...just kidding:)

Dear Sujatha! THIRD EYE is bigger name in EW analysis world so i cant owe that name...he is dear AARVEE:)

STOCK4SURE said...

5085-5045 is chanell range
breaking any of these levels may give 40 points that side

Indus said...


Welcome back to action on your fast fall/fast rise
EWS (Early Warning System):):)

parminder said...

Dr Kumar ,
wah kya baat hai aap to jasoos ban gaye ho Dr hone ke ssath saath

numchar said...

Nifty 50 Advance Decline ratio

Advance 30
Decline 20

Strength building up .
Also today sir's classic morning open -low was at 5050.
Dr'Sir tube light is on :)
If this continues can whipsaw jnsar..
Lets wait and watch.

Indus said...


YOur comments please

Kumar Technicals said...

Dear PAM!

Sujatha ka trade pata karne ke liye kabhi kabhi banna padta hai:)


anmpatel said...

resisting at HHEMA and 5DEMA!! and JNSAR!!

satheesh said...

@ Indus,

EWS - :)

satheesh said...

BNF futures likely to fall only below 9660 - If supported here then a rise upto 9750-70 is possible - as the low 9637 of Bank Nifty SPOT is exactly the low of Hourly Channel.

Charts later.

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