Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-I


DKG said...

@ Vijay Kumar,

You bought a 'Bank' !! Can you give me loan of 1 crore? So I can trade in nifty...

Jigar said...

@Vijay Kumar

I am not able to see your email ID , please make changes to your profile settings so that I can see your email ID and please dont post your email ID here directly , ppl can view it from your profile.

Kumar Technicals said...


No suggestion to those who are not on path of truth. Yesterday you told that its ur 1st day & then later your comment was contrary to previous one. Its my sincere advise, be honest to urself first & then expect from others. Rest God is great & market is supreme, have a blessed day.

Dear Kranti!

Stock Market is one of the best teacher. You are not the only one, me also lost big money when ignored trend. But it rewarded me always more than double-triple when i followed trend religiously. My good wishes are with you for fast recovery & enjoying life in every moment like D R Ji:)


jigar ji meri setting me kia keru kuch mila nehi veha per vese mene sab kuch visible ker diya he

Kranti said...

Kumar Sir..

Its so wonderful of you to reply and encourage me.. i will cherish your post .. It has come just when i needed it..

thank you so much

Jigar said...

@DR Sir,

Read the ORB article from NiftyDoctor , one question , what does closing stoploss refer to ? closing stoploss = ORB Low ?


can u see it now try once again plzz

Kumar Technicals said...

Dear D R Ji!

You are most lively person, no one can beat you:)

Dear Shriram Jai shri ram!

I am sorry, could not respond you last night bcoz i saw ur offline msgs in morning. You are going perfectly, enjoying profits from market & IDLI from Sujatha mam:)

Prabhat said...

@Master: Why is the archive section not showing up in the right hand side?


no no kumar sir pehle mene sirf reading ki thi kabi kuch keha nhi tha actually shayad google account ki vajha se mene abi banaya he lekin me is blog ko read kerta rehta hu. pehle me job kerta tha ab job ko off ker diya he or full time bas yehi kerta hu. isiliye mene apki baate khub read ki he. but now i want to learn this science.

Prithvi said...

DR sir,
Me and Dr.Jignesh shah stay within distance of 10k.m.area.

And i m thankful to Dr.Jignesh shah,who guide me to join JNsar Family.
Bcz playing a stock market blindly is a invitation to end of precious life.
In a past i had lost my lot of money,
But now trade with peti../deci..
Dont have intence to get lost money back,but now intence is dont loss more money and making life easy with trading dicipline

Sujatha said...

GM Sir and all :)

DKG - Lolz :) :) VKUMAR - me too in "que" for loan me chotta "10 lacs" is enough.

DR/kUMAR/Cooldent for all sirs - all r Saving water nd drink beer becoz of "financial freedom":)

A new born baby asked the nurse do u have msg pack?
Nurse : Ya! I Have msg pack?
Baby : Send msg 2 god that i reached safely abd ask him to send my girl friend soon.

Enjoy the day. Bye Take care

Ilango said...

@ prakashbkc,

You are comparing iiird which is a trending wave with ivth which is a corrective one.

The iind wave had clues of 'strenth" when it retraced the 4770-4899 by 39.5%( a 38% retrace is quite bullish)

Now we need to see how much the current "correction depth" is..?

Dinesh Rishi said...


Closing SL means, placing no SL
trader reviews his position

@ closing time normally @ 3:15

It depends on you trading style which type of
trader you are and what type of SL you use

Many times you have read Dr. Kumar gives
Hrly closing SL

But the 20 point SL is best

SL of long call can be relaxed but
(cos chances are there the price can be seen again)

in short position no compromise with SL
(cos if you created short @ 5000 and Nifty moves
up there is no chance that price will be seen again in life time)

Jigar said...

@Vijay Kumar ,

have send you email , via profiles , your id still not visible . If you have not recieved the email..please send me a test email..

Ilango said...

@ rajesh stock,

For simplicity, we use the following to identify a "trending market" & and a "Rangebound market".

Trending: When the prices close and stay above HEma during upmove and When the prices close and stay below LEma during downmove.

Sideways/ Rangebound: When the prices close between HEma and LEmas and stay within a band of HEma+20 to LEma-20.

Prakash-Pol said...

Good morning Master
Good morning to All
Nice joke Sujatha madam


yes jigar ji i got ur mail. but jigar ji i never give up. i defintly will learn. thoda time lagega koi baat nehi but now aap sab log to ho hi mere sath.

Jayaraman said...

Kumar Ji,

Your comment about " Money " is reminder of truth.

jayant singh said...

Gm Sir and all blog mates

Nifty Futures and BNF , both have filled their gaps.

shriram said...

Kumar ji,

Sir, sujata to Idli jyada khilati hein, dosa kam ;-)

Aur, ab to DR bhai ne keh diya to menu punjabi hoga agle 2 hafton ke liye, malai maar ke ;-P

Kranti said...

Dear Ilango..

Please let me know whether my doubt is too complicated to address during market hours..

I can send you an email for the same.. Thanks

parminder said...

Dr Kumar,
Gud morning ssirrr....

CDG said...

with the speed with which NS is moving it might take out 5058, the WHEMA, soon(hopefully today itself) may be tomorrow. if that happens the overall trend become very very bullish and the Vth wave may have a possiblity to reach beyond 5150 in the early half of next week. Dont you think.

noorie said...

Gm Sir and friends


REALIANCE AGM ki meeting ke baad market giregi shayad.

Prithvi said...

dear viewers,
I have made some changes in OR srategy for positional calls.
--Do not trade for first 15 minutes i.e. upto 9.15 AM.
--first 15 minutes of trade is known as OPENING RANGE. (O.R.)
--Write down High and Low of Opening Range.
--now whenever trades above high or below low of Opening Range then it is known as OPENING RANGE BREAKOUT. (O.R.B.)
--If O.R.B. is up then stoploss will be low of ORB for intraday.
--same way, If ORB is down then stoploss will be high of ORB for intraday.
--------When call is 'HOLD LONG'

Do not trade for first 15 minutes.
now if OR breaks up then hold your longs keeping low of OR as stoploss for trading upto 3.00 PM.
after 3.00 PM if trading level is above our closing stoploss level then carry forward the long for next day.
If during inraday, low of OR is broken down and you have closed the long for intraday, then re-examine the level after 3.00PM. If trading above our closing stoploss level then re-enter long to carry forward for next day and if trading below our closing stoploss level, then do nothing.
--------When call is 'HOLD SHORT'
--If OR breaks up then close your short. Re-examine at 3.00PM. If still trading below our closing stoploss level then re-enter short and carry forward it for next day. and if trading above our closing stoploss then do nothing.
--If OR breaks the OR down then hold the short for intraday keeping high of OR as stoploss.after 3.00PM decide as per closing stoploss level.
----------When call is 'INITIATE LONG'
--If OR breaks up then initiate long.
--If OR breaks down then avoid the call.but re-examine after 3pm,if trading in green then initiate long and carry forward the long for next day.
---------When call is 'INITIATE SHORT'
--If OR breaks up then avoid the call.
--If OR breaks down then initiate short.but re-examine after 3pm,if trading in red then initiate short and carry forward the short for next day.
--Do not trade upto 9.15 AM.
--From 9.15 AM to 3.00 PM trade with three levels(OR high, OR low, Closing stoploss) and one strategy (Long or Short).
--after 3.00 PM trade with one level(Closing stoploss) and one strategy( Long or Short).

--in short be alert when you are long and stock is trading red or be alert when you are short and stock is trading in green.

Thanks to Dr.Jignesh shah

Kumar Technicals said...

Dear Jayaraman!

You are a fighter, i know your abilities. You are doing good job nowadays even from cyber cafe & i am sure that you will do wonders in coming days. Do not forget my advise, keep smiling...its free. Happiness comes there first where they receive warm welcome, do not count how many moments in ur life...always count that how many life in every moment:)

Dear Shriram!

D R Ji ki sharan me rahoge to humesha prassan rahoge, wo is blog ke sachche HANUMAN hain...sabki raksha karne wale:)

Dear Pam!

Good Morning:)

CDG said...

The Week JNSAR will also trigger at 5078 (by tomorrow) or even NS closes around this then the next Week JNSAR is 5025.This will trigger longs. Each JNSAR triggers usually do give 100 points

mynac said...

Since morning intra 3lac reduction in NF O.I. & 2 lac reduction in 4800 PE is there...

@ present it's too early to say so as more than for the day is left there nevertheless,
Are wise Bulls slowly & silently booking part profit here ? because for any up-move NF needs at-least some intra O.I.addition or forceful buying...

Dinesh Rishi said...


Yeh kya kar diya :(

already took trophy to his home

sushil said...

reliance AGM is above to begin
reliance 730(+2.22)

J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Intraday - Trade1 - STATUS
Nifty Futures
H3 5008[SELL]
Part Booking@4988
Remaining TSL@Breakeven 5005
Both triggered.
Trade Closed with Average(4988+5005)/2=4996.5
Profit 11.5pts

shriram said...

DR bhai,

menu batao,
long aur short ke liye namankaran kar lein ;-)

Prithvi said...

DR sir,

Aap ne to bola ,Post Dr.Jignesh shah's ORB Article
So i do.

Sorry master don't take a mind.

Ilango said...

Kranti said...
Dear Ilango.. I need some assistance from you..I have this weakness of trying to Pre empt the moves and in the process of trying to catch the moves early i enter into positions which i shouldnt be.. for example when Nifty was resisting at 4948 briefly i was about to go short and asked your guidance.. You suggested for weakness to emerge before shorting.. From the point of TA / indicators , How do we see/wait for actual weakness / strenghth to enter or even exit , rather than pre empting the moves.. I am aware i am asking something too basic.. since i felt this is where i lack seriously i thought of asking you.. Your view you including what parametres to look at will be a great help.. Thanks
June 7, 2012 9:26 AM

@ Kranti,

To understand the market, you need to know a trend in "Totality".

To make it simple, most prefer to trade the shorter time frame trades and the best is "Day & Hour" combo.

When Nifty closed below DLEma on 1st June, it gapped dn the next day but it fell short of our 80% retrace of 4531 to 5630 rise @ 4751.

While rallying intraday, it rose & closed above DLEma(4th) and followed it up on next day(5th)with a gap up.

These daily changes happened when the Hour TA was highly oversold on 1st morning and reversed with a move above HLEma at 1.00PM on 1st; above HEma at 2.00PM on 1st; and above HHEma at 3.00PM on 1st and ended the day above DLEma.

This is following the market.

This pattern suggests a reversal in the making and at such an early stage, one should look to buy on dips or above certain levels(Prev. top @ 4899.

The trend indicator of day T/F, the slow macd was above the trigger despite new lows being formed and it had the "Fast rise" possibility too.

Hence, you allow the market to go on in its nascent stage till it shows "weakness".

During such a reversal, minor resistances will be dealt with.

Now major resistance is the daily channel at 5090-5100 zone. It could pause here. Since this daily channel is of 4 months duration, it is likely to "give way" provided Nifty holds key supports during such a "pause".

Dinesh Rishi said...


Let the long be long n Short be short

at the most when long u can say me in action

when short PT rocking :D

mynac said...

बारशाच आज अगदी मनावरच घेतलेलं दिसतंय :)

Prithvi said...

A and B completed,
Now 'C'Wave down move contd...

Dinesh Rishi said...


was FM saying situation is worst than 2007-8

or I had a dream?

sushil said...

To DRsir,
yes sir u are right

Ilango said...

@ Mynac,

I have a doubt.

My critic who is an expert at "speculative behaviour" says, OI coming down along with rise in prices as " more bullish" than the "OI rising with rise in prices". He calls it "Delivery buying".

If you compare the "volume" to the "OI reduction", won't it give "long additions".

Prithvi said...


FM Also gave a hint to seeing a Monthly Chart trend
So be careful with long

Kranti said...

Dear Ilango.. Thank you so much.. let me absorb this by reading and watching the market from this angle.. thanks again..

Dinesh Rishi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dinesh Rishi said...


take it easy

I told to post link
which Hari did immediately.


SANPOT said...

Sir, 5090 is also 61.8% retracement of the fall from 5280 to 4770. Am I right Sir?

sushil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mynac said...

Dear Prithvi,
I donot understand waves,nevertheless unless and until Nifty trading above Hrly Hema and Hrly pivot...Bulls are unstoppable 2-3 Hrs.would be decider..

whenever Hrly.hema shall come closer to current price bulls shall try to push market up and would try to keep sellers away.How much and how far this game shall last long dont know...but the dominant player of "the time" used to use this tactic regularly.Otherwise they cannot run their profitable position...

m.k said...

Prithvi said...
A and B completed,
Now 'C'Wave down move contd...

i think also C of 1 and 2 also completed 3 is going on SL days high,
reason OB and first day of 5 dema turning green

senior pls advise

SOBISH184 said...

SIR WEEK JASAR 5035 ---------------
OR 4975-4955

shriram said...

namaskar mynac,

Ata DR ji, ne evadhi utsukta vyakta keli ahe tar apan pudhakar ghyaava ch nahi ka ? ;-)

Dinesh Rishi said...


Plz press your cap lock button

Parimal said...

Dear Master
If this is iv-th wave, it may not go below current level (since iv-th does not go into the territory of wave i). So can we go long here with 20 pts SL?

Ilango said...

@ SOBISH184,

For trading, use only Day JNSAR.

Other JNSAR are of additional confirmatory or referencing points only.

4985-5005 seem to be a support presently.

NOBLE said...

when should one book profit as per u ?

STOCK4SURE said...

5000ce and pe are nearly same rate when nf is at 5000
but other same distant options pe are much costlier than ce
does it give any indication of bullishness in coming sessions??

Dinesh Rishi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dinesh Rishi said...


booking profit is individual choice

Part has been booked in morning itself

now regarding re-entry I follow SS on 60 mint chart

NOBLE said...

DR Sir,
will plz give a call for entry or plz give prefferable entry level..

Traveller said...

Very simple and effective system..
when day is in buy mode ..use hourly 'sell' trigger for reentry.

Dinesh Rishi said...


no calls

Keep eye on SS on 60 mint chart

mynac said...

Dear Ilango,
Your critic's view is correct but generally it is more useful and helpful closer to expiry.

In present condition lighter NF O.I. and market slightly overbought on Hrly.basis does not indicate that probability, because after 2-3 hundred points gain it's very obvious that the player who is in winning position likely to come for profit booking and with the help of that "temporary" weak Technical condition opportunistic sellers jump in, and helps market to come down...This is very short term or you may say opportunistic view...

If, market has really inbuilt strength, then, in this type of conditions, rather it becomes very easy for Bulls to lift Nifty beyond sellers (so called) territory very easily, by way of fresh buying,after some cooling off…

Yet it’s not clear is “my” understanding so only giving slightly edge for sellers here @ this moment…

Nifty far away from now 4800 means these corrections if there shall be any, shall be only running corrections…and Bulls are going to protect 4770 for this expiry… is one thought…

nifty rider said...

one trait to judge market- bull run mai bear ki bolti band, bear market mai bulls ki band.try to judge silence

Kumar Technicals said...

Foreigner- "In India, do you guys call your wives HONEY in your native language?"

Indian- "Oh no, we call them Bee-Bee, they sting twice as hard as HONEY BEE."

Maheshwari said...

Hello Ilango sir and all,

My first day here! :)

Best Regards,


Dinesh Rishi said...


closing basis calls r injurious for bank account

shivanGupta said...

sir what indication you would look at to know that iv has finished.

Ilango said...

That is a "Flat correction" good as done.

Anymore calls for "review".

Dinesh Rishi said...


Plz Plz Plz dont spam here

prakashbkc said...

From Last three days earned nothing in money terms but loose money much.
Moreover,learned one thing trade with JNSAR only
The only saviour in this jungle

Traveller said...

Melody itni chocolaty kyun hai ??


SANPOT said...

Sir, awaiting your reply.

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