Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nifty Pre-Market View.

Nifty would return to "5174-85" resistance zone yet again this morning and
VIX upper range of 5195 coincides with the highs of this uptrend.
5096 to 5159(at open on 27th) rise did a 50% retrace, taking most of yesterday(i & ii) and
today's rise from 5129 to XXXX ((i)) would do some (38% or 50%) retracement but  is likely to take lesser time than the "ii".
Any retracement beyond 61.8% should be "of concern".
In sum, resistances is known @ 5174-85 & 5195 and
Supports @ 5113-29 where in lies J10SAR, JNSAR, Wk.Pivot, 5DEma .
A move above resistances would be Break-out and
a move below supports would be Break-down.


Nilesh Patil said...

Good Morning Master & Friends

SANPOT said...

Good Morning Ilango Sir and blog mates.

Jiignesh said...

Friends today is expiry and lets have a contest here.
June Nifty Expiry Guessing Contest.
The rules are simple- There are only 3.
a) Just call out the series close for june.
b) No wild guess. A reason is must. Everyboday must give a expected close figure and reason for that.
no range (4000-4050) ,only one figure e.g.4000
c) You need to do it After 9.15 today and before today 2.30.
Seniors plz contribute.

saravanan k said...

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Rocks said...

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J.R.Julius said...

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J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Key Levels
Nifty Futures
H4 5161
H3 5150
L3 5129
L4 5119

Narrow Ranges.

yesterday NR7 setup formed in NS.
NR4 setup in BN. Yesterday H/L
too key levels for Intraday Traders.
Still 5195 & 5095 playing Strong!

Prabakar said...

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Rahul K. Jamkar said...

Good morning sir & all friends.
pls check this link for live nse charts.
I dont know its reliability.

venkatapathy l said...

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sandeep said...

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Parimal said...

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Soulful prayer for PATIENCE
have a great day of trading

brijsolution said...
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parminder said...

Master ilango and friends,
Regards and good morning to all

Parimal said...

Wheels India @680 has made a Contracting Triangle/probable Bullish Flag. a break-out above 700 may take it to the recent high @760 or more

prabha said...

Good Morning and Thank you Master and Seniors for all the inputs and guidance.

Ilango said...

Modest Pre-open price dampens the bullish scenario.

"Red colour marked" short term bearish scenario gains prominence below 5135.

VIX lower range is placed @ 5085.

meignanavel said...

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Hari_Hyderabad said...

Good morning Master & JN family

Prince said...

good morning Master........sir please guide on conservative trade as last day sl was 5165 & you told to trail sl to 5155 in market hours,so how come now table showing bought @5140........could you guide me master to understand the conservative trades in a better manner......thanks


Jiignesh Ji,,,, Value for today close 5137

reason for my my assumption... I have taken average of last 5 days of High,LOW & close..(nifty futures) in Daily timeframe in my spreadsheet...

So friends My value is "5137".

I'm just amature,,,this is my 2nd month in JN blog..

I try my luck in guessing here!!!! :-)

Parimal said...

Dear Shradha Saburi
though it will be too early to assume anything, yet this morning Nifty has moved above the Kumo (cloud-5150) in day chart. now let us see what it does


good morning sir and all friends.

Hari_Hyderabad said...

Stochastic crossover in 60 mnts. chart


Good Morning Sir & Blog-mates,

Nifty unable to resolve the range.Seems Expiry and monthly close will give some clues for further movement.

Smaller range :- 5136- 5166.
Larger Range :- 5090-5190.

Supports & Resistances for today:-

5136-5166 – Resistance area.

5090-5115 – Support area.

Current Trend: - UP (Range-Bound)

Possible Movements:-

1.5136< = > 5166< = > 5187< = >5217

2.5136< = > 5166< = >5095 < = > 5024< = > 4998

Two best rules for successful trading:-

1. Initiate position in the direction of trend near support & resistances.

2. Max stop loss - 30 points.

Happy disciplined trading to all.

Have a nice day!

GP said...

@Ilango sir

Hi Ilango Sir & blogmates

I would i lke to share one very effective method which will help us in taking positional or intraday trade – but i prefer we should use it in a positional trade to avoid less whipsaw the method will help us to scale the chart graphically in a more accurate way and will also help us to use the trend line in a more precise
Way - this method is developed by W.D Gann & further developed by Matt Olsen
To use this method u should have a rectangle or square tool option in your software
– This method takes into consideration the previous high and low points (not the near ones but little extremes ones so that we can form a square or rectangle –
First - we should select the high and low points in such a way that it should form a square or rectangle or similar to it
Once we plot the high and low in a chart we will get a square or we may get rectangle according to the high and lows formation
Now from the left hand side (bottom) corner of the square or rectangle draw a diagonal line which will intersect at right hand side (top) corner
Now do the same thing from the left hand side (top) corner of the square or rectangle draw a diagonal line which will intersect at right hand side (bottom) corner
This Geometrical Shape will give us two diagonal lines
One upward trending diagonal line
Second Downward trending diagonal line
Once we get this diagonal lines we have to use the option in our software duplicate or copy
So that we can get the same degrees of diagonal lines which we can use in the further swings
For up trending swing use the up trending diagonal by placing the diagonal on the low of the Chart
And for Down trending swing use the down trending diagonal by placing the diagonal on the high of the chart
When this diagonal are place we should see how the price behave to this diagonals and take position accordingly with stop loss
This method works very fine because it finds the DNA of the swing by taking past swing into consideration
If we apply this method on a daily or weekly chart we will get very good tradable swings
Please apply this method and let me know whether we can make any more improvements in this method

Have a great day ahead

Rahul K. Jamkar said...

Dear all i installed MT5 from below link its working fine for nifty spot , future & stocks too.

Traveller said...

My Expiry Guess 5191
Near high end of series.

Yash and Dhan said...

JNSAR trading for Dummies (Like me) and newcomers.

We Choose a number, ie is JNSAR –Today it is 5123.
Since we are long, we will short at this number.
Since we have gone long just few days ago and it is expiry use filter.
We will short at 5105 NS. Use minimum of 2 lots. Either mini or nifty.
SAR is a mechanical system. Get resisted by news/events.
Keep SAR of JNSAR at 20 points. Ie. go long @ 5125.

System prop : Ilango sir.
Notes courtesy : Parmindar.
Till JNSAR triggers see all youtube videos Courtesy DR sir. Especially


Yash & Dhan,,Thank you ,,, I was right about JNSAR trading method(same thing I thought),, simple to grasp...

Dinesh Rishi said...

Good Morning Master and copy to All

Santa Was Walking Thru D Forest
He Saw Snake Hanging On D Tree.

Santa: Sirf Latak Ne Se Height Nahi Badegi,

Mummy Ko Bolo Complann Pilaye..

Prabakar said...

Dear Ilango Sir and Mynac,
27.9 lakh addition in 5100 PE current series. How to read this addition?

Parimal said...

Dear Jiighnesh-bhai
my guess for NF on expiry is 5192 which is the top made during this series and since there is strong resistance at 5201 (100 sma)

mynac said...

Gm Everybody,
Huge 19lac addition @5100PE in first half looks here dangerous when High volume trade @ beginning @ 5150.40 is there.. and JNSAR,is rising above J10SAR day by day and coming much closer to Present price as well as DLEMA above 5100,Expecting Close below 5100... let us see...

shiva said...

good morning,seniors..

mynac said...

Dear Prabakar,
wrote this comment half an hr.ago and before publishing,my son's friend took the PC charge to check his company mails..:)nevertheless I don't see it positive for any immediate upmove.

Traveller said...

Dear Mynac,

Why dangerous ? I think it is shorting of 5100 puts.

Prithvi said...

Good morning family,

DR Sir,

How much SL for long in BN???

Is it 9940??? 9990-50=9940.

please reply

mynac said...

Dear Traveller,
That PE hardly trading @ 1.70,and even if it will fell below 5min 34EMA then also it will easily go up to 3-4... so how that writers are going to handle this situation don't know... so let us watch and wait..

parminder said...

Dinesh ji and Mynac
Good Morning sir

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