Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nifty holding onto 5095 as time is running out...


Vijay said...

Dear Ilango,
I am a silent reader of your blog for quite sometime. Initially I was overwhelmed with the amount of Technical analysis done in this blog. But over time I am able to grasp and learned quite a lot about the market. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your selfless service to teach the new comers.
I have just one recommendation to make..
From the things I learned from this blog and elsewhere I am convinced that Elliots wave along with other T/F analysis is a very powerful tool and it requires lot of patience and clear mind to understand the beauty of EW. I would appreciate if three levels (short term, medium term and longterm) of EW pattern is captured in the Tech Table as well. This will help an amateur like me to understand it and apply with better sense. I know it is too much for asking and it will consume your valuable time but is just an humble suggestion from my end.

venkatapathy l said...

The candles appear to through some light. Together with yesterday's candle to day's candle form 'the thrusting pattern' - a powerful bearish signal.

Sir comments please.


Piyush Sharda said...

after u mentioned i referred text. to me it appears in neck pattern which is bearish. the author says that its time to sell below white candlestick low ie today's low 5096

CDG said...
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CDG said...

but the same text also says that the Bearish Thrusting pattern is more relevant in a CONFIRMED downtrend.... Currently we don't seem to be in a confirmed downtrend?????

Vipul Rastogi said...

@Venkatapathy & Piyush- In neck pattern is medium reliable pattern and requires confirmation tomorrow in the form of a gap down or black day or a lower close.

shriram said...

Alt EW lables suggest 5fifer move up from 4770 is still in play, with 5th sub-frac playing out as a Ascending CT as follows (with FLAT UTL) :-

1 4770 4899 129
2 4899 4848 -51 -39.5%
3 4848 5059 211 163.6%
4 5059 4995 -64 -30.3%
5.a 4995 5189 194
5.b 5189 5042 -147 -75.8%
5.c 5042 5195 153 78.9%
5.d 5195 5096 -99 67.3%

If we have finished the 4th sub-frac "5.d" today then, 5.e Up will seek to END the CT back @ 5191

5.e 5096 5191 95 61.8% ** in play

Will this happen tomo ?

If it does, it paves the way for a BIG fall on EXPIRY Day via min 38.2% retrace of x (5195-4770)
4770 5195 425
5195 5033 -162 -38.2%

Since sourav reminds NOT to PREDICT, i leave it here for ur discretion :-D


Sujatha said...

LV /Piyush sirs - i know only "candle" which i am using during emergency purpose @ my home. apart from this 5100 spot decesively breakes means - atleast 70-75 idlis on the cards.

PS : but expecting upside only :(

Sujatha said...

kya bath hai shriram - v crossed :) if no problems then upside only


veer said...

Sorry to jump. Your statement:
"I would appreciate if three levels (short term, medium term and longterm) of EW pattern is captured in the Tech Table as well."

It is already done by Master. Hour T/F and Day T/F-Short Term, Week T/F-Medium Term, Month T/F-Long Term. This is my understanding.



shriram said...

Lalanva ka tanik kaha suni budh-bak !!


best bit in the clip is his phrase ...

"Ebhory-body eej appreCate-ing"

HAHHAHAA.... maja aa gaya ;-)

Nilesh Patil said...



Sourav Kundu said...

Main to bus guruji ki baatein daura raha tha... better to board the bus late than to board a bus in the opposite direction.

Catch you tomorrow!

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