Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nifty ends the series closer to its highs, still undecided...stuck.

Congrats to winners of "June series close contest".
Nilesh Patil: 5150 being just above todays pivot.
STOCK4SURE: 5150 being the midpoint of the range(5095-5195).
Anil: Just near to today's open and below Daily High Ema.
Simple in their approach and clever too.



"Simplicity always wins"

Anil said...

Thanks to,

sir,Prabakar,satheesh,sanpot,Hemant,Sourav kunjdu, and SureshNifty...

Sujatha said...

Congrats winners :) :)

Parminder-ji -i clapped my hands @ what i given to you for NF that's hardnut for short term 1st rule for intraday for me - once ur target achieved just don't turn or think here and there book out. then y this expiry guess at low?? apart from reason of CAM yearly one strong guess will tell u later. but really a good close today too.. nifty is wearing a "tight leggies" so not able to walk or run freely only rangebound :P


Nilesh Patil Ji,Congrats...

Jiignesh said...

Congrats winners
Nilesh patil
Well done.

Nilesh Patil said...

Thank You Friends,

Congratulations STOCK4SURE, Anilji.

Nilesh Patil said...

For July Series Nifty's primium vanished from 25 to discount 10 and banknifty's discount almost 75 points.

sandeep said...

dear julius sir i too could not trade confidently because of sar pl explain the meaning---- In intraday whatever the strategy
ignore the Intraday signal against SAR.

Play the Intraday signal in the direction
of current SAR.

Its upto you. Good Luck Sir.

sandeep said...

Congrats STOCK4SURE, Anil,Nilesh Patil good work

prabha said...

Congrats Stocks4sure,Anil and Nilesh Patil.
@Jiignesh thank you for the efforts you have put in.

GaneshaSays said...

Today FIIs have been net sellers to the tune of 1112 Crores. How much gap down tomorrow? 100 points>?

Rajan said...

Congrats to winners.

durga said...

congrats winners.keep it up.
brace your selves for range breakk.

numchar said...

Jai Ho !! Jai Ho!!
Nilesh , Anil and Stock4sure ji!!

Tomorrow push nifty either side so that some trading starts :)

parminder said...

Dear winners of June expiry contest.
Congrats to all

Parimal said...

Congrates to all Nifty expiry winners
now do some push ups, gain strength, and help Nifty to move

J.R.Julius said...

As a discipline day trader One can BUY/SELL
consistently with his Intraday System alone.

Few may think our blogs Major indicator(JNSAR)
in BUY/SELL and get doubt about accepting
minor trend/trade against JNSAR.

Mr.Suresh Nifty doubted to enter shorts as
JNSAR in BUY. Those who influenced by SAR
should better trade SAR alone. or

If wants to do intraday

when JNSAR is in
BUY - accept intraday BUY signals only.

when JNSAR is in
SELL - accept intraday SELL signals only.

The approach shown by Master Mr.Dinesh Rishi.

J.R.Julius said...

My hearty Congrats to winners of "June series close contest".

Mr.Nilesh Patil

sandeep said...

Thanks Julius sir

sandeep said...

Thanks Julius sir

Shradha Saburi said...

Good Evening all,
congratulations winners Nilesh patil,stock4 sure, Mr. Anil.
Simplicity is superb,Always shines and wins
Adopt it everywhere.

sandeep said...

Thanks Julius sir


congratulations Nilesh patilji,stock4 sure, Mr. Anilji N best wishes 4 happy n bright future.

mynac said...

It's second time,there are 3 winners...Congrats Expiry Guess winners...

Now there is no need for any O.I.analysis,is feeling here.. Just have a look @ DKST indicator,Hawala price & particularly following chart

Where smart big players off load huge quantity in cash exact between 3 & 3.30 hardly 20 points i.e. 5157-5137...and gave last trade(5134)below Dema...

Dinesh Rishi said...
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Kumar Technicals said...

Dear Nilesh Patil!

Congrats a lot to you too, you are growing fast...keep it up:)

Amol Sharma said...


anmpatel said...

at which price you will remote green C?????

shabsaif said...

Congrats winners
Nilesh patil

shriram said...

Dear Nilesh ,

Abhinandan, i remember seeing ur post in the 1st half. really sweet & simple keeping i n mind that Nifty has been in a tight trading range, Pivot value was bestum best :-)

My guess was 5157 ( i expected 5DHEMA to resist), but tata photon lost network in the train & i cudnt post my entry :-(

Congrats to Anil & stock4sure also (tho i dunno ur reasons, am sure they r good)

@ DR Bhai: HHAHA.... yea.. same same food.

Washed it down now @ the hotel wid some VAT69!
hope client ke saamne kal normal baat kar paonga :-D

STOCK4SURE said...


CONGRATS TO Mr NILESH PATIL AND Mr ANIL for sharing same views

STOCK4SURE said...

a bullish WW pattern developing in ns charts
may open gapdown(as per global cues as of now)below 5118..may get support near 5075-85 range(pt 5 of WW pattern)and may move up towards eod to close abv 5150

this bullish WW is forming within a larger bearish WW pattern of which pt 4 may be in 5075-85 range and then a move towards 5200+ for forming pt5(similarity with pt 1 and 3 indicating of 5200+ may be on monday
and then sharp fall towards sub 5000 levels in next week

STOCK4SURE said...

few hr back seen on CNBC awaaz dow was down 140 points
seen now on moneycontrol up 90 points
showing on moneycontrol
prev close 12534
intra low 12532
charts showing low 12479

GP said...

@Julius Sir
Hi Sir

As i went to your profile i have seen that you are studing the methods of w.d.gann – and even i am studing the gann method for last one year but i want to clarify one question about how to set the scaling for the Gann chart – pls clarify the below question to the best of your knowledge

1 How to set a scaling for gann charts to draw gann angles and gann timing angles
and which software do you recommend - currently i am using Ganalyst software - and for scaling purpose i am using two methods either square root of the high or low
for (3 times of the base value i.e. high and low ) or else taking the range and time period into consideration and dividing it to get the scale
- please tell me sir whether this is a correct method for scaling a gann chart


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