Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nifty reacting mildly from resistances of 5124-44, home to golden ratio(5133) of the recent news-driven fall.



Master(Ilango) thoughts about "sideways-range bound" market...

"The markets are said to be trending sideways most of the time. During this time they can be quite volatile. It is for that reason that many traders have come to loath them. However some traders actually prefer sideways trending markets over trending markets.
The bulls and the bears are in this together, scratching their heads and wondering what’s going to happen next. Up and down, down and up. As soon as you think you know where the stock market is going, it doesn’t…An increasing amount of money has been flowing into fast-trading (and often short-selling) hedge funds that may be whipsawing the market with their staccato trading patterns…What’s a small-time investor to do? Perhaps it sounds facile, but the best thing to do with a sideways trending market is “not much.”
Sideways trends can be found inside support and resistance levels that are near each other. Inside the trading trend line the price still fluctuates, but with rather small ups and downs. A sideways trend is said to be broken when the price goes outside the previous limitations of the trend line. You might like to make sure that the price goes outside the barrier of the trend line twice before being sure the sideways trend is broken"

Pankaj said...

EE done. Thanks Mr. Ilango!

m.k said...

with help of jnsr and live update of ilangosir's comments,any body can make money in this market,

one thing is more needs own hand written plan

i am thankful to u sir

veer said...


How EE done? Nothing seems to appear for doing EE.
Pls explain in JN group mail.



J.R.Julius said...

Good Evening Friends,
One more Point in CAMARILLA trading.
Especially when tight trade ranges
below 20pts in NF (Range Between
H4-H3 or L3-L4).

In such days, If next day open between
H3-L3 focus on L4 or H4 trades.

If next day open above/below H4 or L4 (Scenario4)
focus on H3 or L3 trades.

*Based on my past observation, however one
should check it by their side.

Good Luck.

Smita said...

I have the same query regarding EE

SANPOT said...

Sir,I personally feel that one should wait for either 5180 on the upside or 5040 on the lower side to be breached for the direction of the trend. Till then it would be safe to be on the side lines. Your guidance please.

shazra said...

i voice same query regarding EE. pls reply by mail

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Seems like @Pankaj has taken everybody for a RIDE...


sandeep said...

Nifty reacting mildly from resistances of 5124-44, home to golden ratio(5133) of the recent news-driven fall . sir u make it so simple but it still very difcult as some of the blogmates say but still if some really undestands he is sucessful i am not talking abt sir- dr , , maam sujata , kumar sir they all r masters but people who r new n want 2 understand why other cannot be so simple as ur i know that i will hurt few but no way this is cookery class or as some say surival of fittest or tere are no free lunches yes every body who joins JN has really lost lot of money AND IWANT 2 TELL EVERY BODY IS TAKING SUPPORT. hats of to mynac,jaiwal, julius stock4sure sir another selfless simple people i want to say to u U R SO GREAT YET SO HUMBLE WHICH IS VERY RARE THESE DAYS

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