Saturday, June 23, 2012

Father, in giving her The Gift, receives much more.

"What do you want for your birthday?" the father asked his daughter.
"Do you want a doll?" She wrinkled her nose and scrunched her eyes and thought.
"A tea set?" "A pony?"
"No, Father, I have a year to think. I want this year to be a special year, to remember."
"All right. You think and let me know."
Ellen thought. She thought of bonbons, chocolate, new dresses, hats, kid boots, books, gloves, lace collars, but none of these were what she wanted. What would be special?
Each day her father asked her, "Ellen, do you know what you want for your birthday yet?" And Ellen would shake her head, "No, Father, I’m still thinking." After four days her father said, "Ellen?" "Yes, Father, I’ve decided."
"Well?" "I have a riddle. It will tell you what gift I want for my birthday. The riddle is this: You cannot buy it, for it is worth all the money you have, but only you can give it."
"I need to repeat this riddle because it will tell me what gift you want for your birthday—I cannot buy it, because it is worth all the money I have, but only I can give it. Is that right?"
"Yes, Father."
"Well, now it is my turn to think about your riddle. I have to find the perfect present in the mystery." Her father paced and pondered. He repeated the riddle over and over. "I cannot buy it, but only I can give it." He paced and pondered.
Finally, he smiled, "I know what it is! I know what it is!" Now he had to think about how to give it. When Ellen’s birthday came there was no present from her father. She didn’t expect one. After she had opened the presents from her brother and sister, from her mother and grandmother, and after the cake was all gone and the celebration over, Ellen’s father said, "It is now time for Ellen’s present from me. Ellen, come and sit with me." So Ellen climbed into the armchair and sat on her father’s lap.
"My present to you is very special. I hope it is what you wanted—for it is not a book, or a toy, or clothes, but instead it is a present that is for all seasons and for each day. This year your birthday present from me is that we will spend time together every week, just the two of us. For you are my very special daughter and I love you dearly."
Ellen hugged him. "Oh, Father, I knew you would figure out the riddle." Her father said, "You cannot buy it, for it is worth all the money you have, but only you can give it. It took me a long time to figure out the answer, but when I did I knew what gift you wanted. The answer was simple—give yourself."
"Oh, Father, I wanted a gift to make this year special. Time together with you will make this year the very best year of my life!"
Ellen looked at her father’s eyes. "Why Father, you are crying!"
"Yes. You teach me more than any book I’ve ever read or written. By giving you time, I will gain more than I give."
It was Ellen’s turn to figure out this riddle. How could her father, by spending time with her, get more than he gave? She thought she knew, love multiplies. But perhaps she would only understand when she was older, when she had children of her own. But her father understood.
And when he wrote an essay on Giving, he wrote "Give yourself." For he knew the wonder of this gift by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Play By Denise Tracy.

"The Gift" is the final piece in Ralph Waldo Emerson's Essays.


saravanan k said...

Good Morning Ilango Sir & all Blogmates.

Sir, this is a Masterpiece, being a Father myself, I felt the need of a Child's Love reading each line. You have woke me from present Workaholic life by today's Gift, Nevertheless to say, every Saturday of your's is a Masterpiece.


venkatapathy l said...

Namaste Ilango Sir


IamthtIam said...

Good Morning Illango and All!

Wish You All a Happy Weekend

Shradha Saburi said...

Good Morning Sir and all the blogmates
another masterpiece!

Nilesh Patil said...

Good Morning Sir And Friends,

Jagan said...

Namaste Ilango Sir And All.

Hari_Hyderabad said...

Good Morning Master & JN family

Kumar Technicals said...

Good Morning Sir & everyone!

Its really a masterpiece, thanx a lot.

skmishra said...

Good morning Gurudev! I write less on my home page, but this story is very special to me that I preferred to express how I co-relate myself .. :D

parminder said...

Master ilango, truly a Master piece from a Teacher like u.
This is what he have to give to our children and infact even to the market and then only it will give us back multifolds.
Thanks for Everything u Preach.


prabha said...

Another Gem from the Master...Thank you Master...

durga said...

master,real tough to practice in present day scenario
as it will truly cost lot of money| freedom is hell lot expensive.
master/seniors i have a doubt .how to calculate the
time and money component of an option at any time in the series?thanx in adv. good day.

Bhushan said...

Good morning Gurudev and friends

Thank you Gurudev

durga said...

master/seniors,like to make my self clear.wn we buy otm options they are not apreciating much even nifty is going up.on the contrary depreciating faster with mild falls.and if we buy atm or itm options we are at the mercy of the end we are left high n to solve this can we time it /can we time at all?please give a link if possible .thank you.

J.R.Julius said...

A Lesson from the Birds:

If you put grains in the sand, the Bird will
just pick grains only and it will not eat the
sand. Everyone may have some -ve things, lets
only pick the good things from others. Atleast
we can learn from the Bird to live as more +ve
human being.

J.R.Julius said...

Good Afternoon Everyone....

shriram said...

Beautiful article ilango ji!

@ Julius : well said. u seem to be a spiritual man.

See u always writing on mental conditioning & such stuff.. Acchi baat hein, keep it up!

Amol Sharma said...
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SANPOT said...

Good Evening Ilango Sir, beautiful post Sir. To give up oneself is the most difficult sacrifice one can do and the most gratifying also.

Shradha Saburi said...

Dear friends
for ichimoku traders
same chart is repeating of 19 JAN12?
1 On 7 June price crossed over KijunSen which was first sign of bullish.
2 On 12 June tenken sen and kijunsen crossver which was major event but it is below the cloud so weak.
3 On the same day chikou Span crossed over 26 days prices overcome the trend resistance.
4 kumo cloud is bearish senkouspan B is 5169
so it is resistance.SenkouA is 5035 support.
between these it is neutral.
so we have to wait to break the cloud ssB 5170
then it may repeat the chart of after 19 JAN chart who knows? but as per observation noramlly prices are reversed after breaking the cloud.
let us see and hold the JNSAR IN long until it Triggers.

Parimal said...

@Shradha Saburi
in addition to your four points, i submit that on daily chart, cloud is about to turn around just like that of 18-19 Jan 12 which when maintained gave about five hundred points. this time if it so happens, it may not give as many points due to international scenario (especially crashing down of commodity prices), but some upside maybe expected.

Shradha Saburi said...

thanks another point is that I have checked the Day Jnsar trend it is showing uptrend right from the begining no exhaustion while this time we can see the exhaution, that will make the difference let us see market is supreme.

Shradha Saburi said...

another point is cloud thckness that time cloud thickness was thin this time compared then it is thick so weak momentum.


A true love story.
1st heart blossom,love springs up,multiple exchanges of feelings, no one can express in words or value only experiences.
Love unconditional to all just like Sir.

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

United Phosphorus likely to crash tomorrow - Courtesy Aamir Khan!!! In any case get out of this stock if u own it.

Parimal said...

@Shradha Saburi
since 4770 of 4.6.12 bottom, Nifty made higher tops and higher bottoms on hourly chart till 18.6.12 and then signs of exhaustion are implicit. though Rohit Shrivastav says that wave c up is targeted at 5300, yet there is a possibility of consolidation also in the horizon. i think off late Indian Govt. is doing something to overcome the near total dependency on FIIs whims and wishes for Indian stock markets and therefore is trying to attract investment from other sources. if this is successful, then perhaps we can see some kind of direction and stability of our markets. moreover, as Pranab-da is moving out to presidential palace, there may be some steps taken for disinvestment of PSUs.

Sujatha said...

STB - lolz :) but monsoon is "ON" will it??? i am not trading any stock

Shriram - Same SL for me 176 if global cues +ve becoz of DOW may try to touch 5190/94 level means will order for "mini idlis" with TSL . but this view may change "during live hours of mkt" :D :) this is as per 'my HW"

BALA said...

I could not be able to view ojn blog and shows it is only for invited readers . How to get and see the blog. Any body help

A J said...

Mo h is busy with some other work

and even Manoj is not available, any reason?

STOCK4SURE said...



STOCK4SURE said...

Strong addition in 4900pe on friday
O.I increased by nearly 13.24 lakhs
could not understand its addition as it closed near Rs.2.75??
can any1 plz guide???
or does it have any indication for expiry??
have seen these type of additions mostly in OTM pe many times previously also

RishiM said...


Wanted to know if there is any book, which deals with O.I and PCR analysis to understand market direction better. Most of these are more about option strategies but I wanted to know how we can use this information for trend analysis.

BTW does strong addition in 4900 PE mean, there is a remote chance Nifty closing below 4900 this expiry.


green_tree said...

Master.... Awesome Story.. Thanks for posting

Dinesh Rishi said...

STOCK4SURE said...



all evidences being burnt

all these buildings have smoke detectors

even you cant smoke cigg there.

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