Thursday, June 21, 2012

NIfty returns to the 5174-85 resistances for the second time.


sri said...

DR sir,

need ur help in sheru's charts....the right margin is crouched into the price axis...only 1 or 2 cm gap.....that is posing prob for me when am drawing to have some gap on the right side retaining the same period on the date axis (i mean, i do not want zoom in option)

advance thanks

Dinesh Rishi said...


click on chart

press shift+D


sri said...

thanks for that electric reply...

but when i do that the entire price axis is shifting but not chart area....i hope you are getting my prob....i need some space(empty) on the right side after today's bar till the price axis.

sri said...

for eg, in the above charts sir had space to write sup/res numbers...theres atleast half an inch of space from the last bar to the price axix....but in sheru charts, the last bar(today's) is crouched almost into price axis with only 1 or 2 cm gap. hope am clear now.

shriram said...

Reflection on today's trade:

Why did the SL pop ??

This how i was analysing:
Hrly close 5hrEMA 10hrEMA
21/06/2012 10:00:00 5116 5112
21/06/2012 11:00:00 5112 5111
21/06/2012 12:00:00 5110 5110
21/06/2012 13:00:00 5109 5109
21/06/2012 14:00:00 5107 5109
21/06/2012 15:00:00 5124 5117

5hrEMA turned down @ 11:00AM (same time as price closed <34EMA,30mins)

Also, i was calculating a b.2 wave as slow developing 3 wave to 5075

We got to 5094 and yet I did not book the profit , y ?

Ans:: Well 34EMA & 5-10hrEMA bear x-overs are my guide & they were bearish @ 14:00hrs

So where is the mistake ?
1. Generally when price starts TRENDING it moves immediately away from 34EMA,30mins
2.Also, the 5EMA also moves AWAY from the 10EMA in the DIRECTION OF TREND
3. Price quickly breaches either 5LoEMA for Shorts or 5HiEMA for LONGS
4. @ Higher Degree Day TA, 5DEMA was always TRENDING UP

This did not HAPPEN from 12:00 - 14:00 hrs and was the BIGGEST HINT OF A POSSIBLE REVERSAL (which we got @ 14:00hrs)!!



Dinesh Rishi said...


use MS paint software

after taking chart from sheru

Hope to see a nice chart tom from u :D

sandeep said...

Sir when u r not in market the so called wizard or there is no monitor people make a DABA Punjab style of blog Pl have some control in morning everybody compliment u for noble thought when it comes on to them it is only fun . This is not for Julius mynac jaiswal Kumar sir. Pl have some respect to all. I know i wll hurt many but many will compilement Me I know that it is forest and siurival of fitest as some say so called great

Sujatha said...

Shriram - May God bless more -ve on DOW UNCLE to enable me to get my "mayan". I hv ordered "a seat belt" for safe side. I almost fell from the chair while reading your comment somehow managed :) Thanks a ton for your write up. NOthing gng into my mind but 2 things r clear "if failure comes it's better v hv 2 analyse nd fine tune our method" and "discipline". Bless my "mini idli" . thanks n advance

Dinesh Rishi said...


agreed no more lose talk here

I will prefer a nap and some intraday trading

happy Now :D

Dinesh Rishi said...

& sandeep

plz pin poin if anybody else is making fun here

Sujatha said...

Sandeep - yesterday also u posted something but sir didn't reply i think. Again "confusion" it's better "reveal" the name with "problems" or else send "personal mail" to sir to put the "person right" or let him ban also if he feels he/she wrong. hope u don't mind. Totally i don't understand anything from ur post since 2 days.


mynac said...

Dear Shriram,
Saved "So where is the mistake ?" Really

Now over to market...

No doubt...In the first half Tomorrow,Bulls are likely to dictate or would like to dictate market .Nevertheless considering tomorrow as weekly close, Week 5D and D 14D,Hrly 21 & 34 D must be observed because considering today's close well below 5200,more than 11.50lac addition @ 5200 PE is disheartening..when 5 longs days are left for expiry...

Still there is no evidence of NF rollover there and Nifty has completed 400 points run from 4770 and trading @ it's higher end...So if,Bulls really want to keep this pace for next month then,willing or unwillingly they will have to come much forward for rollover & for continuous buying from here onwards.So will they come??? Probably,You may decide it yourself...would be the appropriate answer.Let us see...

Sujatha said...

DR-ji - v crossed :) Goodnight for me and bad day for "DOW"????

Dinesh Rishi said...


JNSAR will give us chance to exit

Uncles close is still far

and tom's fut matters

not the close

By God gud Night

& a closing song

parminder said...
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Smita said...

Thanks Shriram ji for your write up , it adds to my learning .

Thanks again .

parminder said...

Thanks for the answer for ur trading may be we can also learn a bit from ur trading system as well.

Kumar Technicals said...

Dear Shriram Ji!

Learning process never ends:)

Dear Sandeep!

A successful movie is always a combination of good plot, humour, music, comedy etc. etc. so take it lightly & enjoy in this learning-earning temple. Vulgurity must not be allowed & i dont think that anybody is attempting that.

Gita said...

Hi Sujatha,

Impressed that ur SL didn't hit today. Pls. share ur SL and the logic behind it.


Kumar Technicals said...

Dear Gita!

You started blogging this month only as ur blog joining indicating. I am surfing here since 2008-09 but i could not understand Sujatha's target, SL & logic anytime. But one thing is sure if anyone can understand her secret codes then he/she may be benefitted always. She is herself an institute & exclusive also.

shriram said...

@ all : tks for the advice & feedback. Price is the Ultimate reality & EMAs FOLLOW PRICE...

@ suja : wot is "mayan" pl explain for poor hungry zimble, humble ppls ;-)

@ Mynac: tks for sharing ur OI insights..
There is the EW option of a B wave in play, which supports ur analysis
(see illango's reply to me @ 14:30hrs), but lets not go there as EW forces me to look against 5DEMA :-)

For tomo, as long as Nifty stay > 5125 EOD & > 34EMA (@ 5115 ruffly), outlook should remain BUY On DIPS.

lets c how we open in the morning...

Predict we Perish, Follow we Flourish !!


numchar said...

Problems look so simple after we come out of exam hall ....
Today game wud have been played well through classic pivot and support style...
Opening 5 minute candle open low same 5099.30 , jumped upto and got resisted at day pivot 5121 ,
Kumar sir shorted here ,
broke the days low multiple times and got resisted at day jnsar (wud have been ideal place for going long here with low risk).
Day S1 was at 5100 , took support here and move beyond that , Kumar sir went long having stop loss at 5080 Day S2 .
and then it was zooom rocket .

Kumar sir ,just trying to analyse how seniors think ..may not be right .

shriram said...

@ Dr bhai,

Also Pls ask concerned aam-junta how can anyone "make" fun ??

Kis ne jurrat ki hein ??!! ;-D

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