Tuesday, June 12, 2012

#2. Make a clear plan of excellence.

The key to making a high quality consommé (Clear Soup) is simmering; the act of simmering meat, kitchen waste vegetables, etc, , combined with frequent stirring, brings impurities to the surface of the liquid, which are further drawn out due to the presence of acid from the tomatoes. Eventually, the solids begin to congeal at the surface of the liquid, forming a 'raft', which is caused by the proteins in the egg whites.
Once the 'raft' begins to form, the heat is reduced, and the consommé is simmered at a lower heat until it reaches the desired flavor, which usually takes anywhere from 45 minutes to over an hour. The resulting concoction is a clear liquid that has either a rich amber colour (for beef or veal consommé) or a very pale yellow colour (for poultry consommé). It is then carefully drawn from the pot and passed again through a filter to ensure its purity, and is then put through a lengthy process where all of the visible fat is skimmed from the surface. To ensure total purification, the consommé can be refrigerated, which draws out remaining fat, which can easily be skimmed off with cheesecloth.

You may ask...Hello Illango Sir, I don't know about EW....BUT one quetion sir,, are you able to trade market with so much of information like ,,,SMA,EMA,MACD,STOCASTICS,,, + +EW++FIBO+ CARMILLA,,,5 day close,5 days High EMA....all information ,,sometimes I feel Julius has a simple method,,,if I combine with trend JNSAR it is a profitable system.

My Ans: Your knowledge of various study should form a cohesive method wherein each has a role to play that it becomes a perfect play. Some like a solo play..some would like a family melodrama. Some like Dal/ Roti, while some prefer " a Buffet/Thaali meal". A doctor could treat you by "feeling just your pulse" or "Taking many tests". The end product should be like the "Clear Soup"...Even a bit cloudiness in the soup, it gets rejected. Similarly, a bit of non-clarity can wipe off your capital. Remember our Rule #1. Always Protect your Capital.

It has been my attempt to teach one such cohesive approach to #2. Make a clear plan of Excellence.
Even a simple JNSAR is a Clear plan of Excellence. I ate "Dal/ Roti" for Lunch at the "Irani shop" outside Dadar Railway station(Mumbai) during my many years of stay. And I ate exquisite "30 items Buffet" for many years during my stay in the Gulf. And I cherish both. Both are classics.
At the opening session Nifty is likely to complete "a" wave of correction and start the difficult "b" wave, following which "c" is likely to start from a retracement point. The short term is "Sell on rises". If you can understand "b", then trade the "a to b".

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Nilesh Patil said...

Good Morning Master & Friends,

anmpatel said...

Good morning
is it possible to adjust scale in your charts in such a way that horizontal line matches with nifty price at exactly 50/100 point gap? so we can early understand at which price a or b or c end/start.

anmpatel said...

please read easily instead of early.

J.R.Julius said...

Good Morning Respected Mr.Illango, My Beloved Master Mr.Dinesh Rishi & Blog-mates,Have a Prosperous Day.

J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Key Levels
Nifty Futures
H4 5102[BUY]
H3 5077[SELL]
L3 5028[BUY]
L4 5003[SELL]

ajja said...

gm master - chef de bataillon


R/ilango sir,good morning n same 2 all reader's.

saravanan k said...

Good Morning Ilango Sir & all Blogmates.


Just Huge Consistent Profits said...

Good Morning Ilango sir and friends.

Happy Tuesday Trading to all.

Just Huge Consistent Profits said...

Good Morning Ilango sir and friends.

Happy Tuesday Trading to all.

Dinesh Rishi said...

Good Morning Master and copy to All

Thanks for "Soup for the Soul"

durga said...

master,thank you for the daily booster doses.your concern is inspiring.good day.

venkatapathy l said...

Namaste Ilango Sir and fellow bloggers

It is preparation that is ore alluring than the soup per se. What to do I am a vegetarian, don't even take milk and milk products.



Yash and Dhan said...

Good Morning Sir and blogmates.
Have a nice trading day.

Jagan said...

Namaste Ilango Sir And All.


Good Morning Sir & Blogmates ,

Selling pressure came on upper levels 5107-5124 yesterday. Triggered trend is UP, but market falling from overbought zone.Still following the trend is our job, Just do it . Bears come back if 4950 not protected. 4980-5023 is good re-entry levels for longs.

4984-5023 - Support area .( Re-Buy opportunity. )

5047-5107 - Resistances .

Changing your sentiments as per the trend from bulls to bears or vice versa is hardest thing, but the most required for successful TRADING. TRADING game is always against human nature,

Winning our own emotions makes our way to success easier.

Current Trend: - UP with selling pressure on upper sides.

Possible Movements:-
1. 5054 < = > 5023 < = > 5048 < = > 5077 < = > 5107

2. 5054 < = > 5023 < = > 4982 < = > 5048 < = > 5077 < = > 5107

3. 5054 < = > 5023 < = > 4982 < = > 4953 < = > 4926

Two best rules for successful trading:-

1. Initiate position in the direction of trend near support & resistances.

2. Max stop loss - 30 points.

Happy disciplined trading to all.

Have a nice day!

dayakar said...

Pranams Gurudev and All.

Shradha Saburi said...

Good Morning Sir, and all the gems of JN
@ Mynac
thanks, Sir

Parimal said...

Beloved Master and all friends
thanks for serving the Soul Curry/Soup in the morning. hoping this is enliven us. what a concern for us you fondly cherish in your heart and mind ! none treats us this way !

Shradha Saburi said...

todays quote recieved
सबका मालिक एक

parminder said...

Master ilango,
Good Morning
Thanks for preparing us in thrift of Excellence with a True spirit like You.


Good Morning Ilango Sir,Thank you for my query,,,Have a Nice Day!!!...I'm proud myself that each & every day I'm learning about trading,,,by the way I'm Just trading with 2 mini lots,,,,& I always Remember our Rule NO 1...

San said...

Good Morning Ilango Sir and Friends

Nifty chart update: CLICK HERE

Kiran said...

Just wanted to share something with blogmates.

Few months back, I was thinking I could never match masters Winning Trades.

To my surprise, after so much of guidance from master and all seniors I was able to make one Buy and sell trade matching with masters trade.

As revealing trades is against rule of this blog. I am not revealing any numbers here...

BIG Thanks to master and all seniors for giving such a great knowledge.

meignanavel said...

good morning sir,all blogmates

SANPOT said...

Good Morning Ilaango Sir and blog mates.

sushil said...

good morning master and blogmates

Prabakar said...

Namaste Ilango Sir and JN Family

anmpatel said...

is there any alternative count for this 2nd wave sir?

Ilango said...

Open & Low same to start the "a to b" journey.

Hari_Hyderabad said...

Good morning Master & JN family


good morning sir and all friends.

Bhushan said...

Good morning Gurudev and friends

Thank you for Soup

shabsaif said...

Good Morning..................

Yash and Dhan said...

Retracements from 5015 to 5124 are
and 5082 is the golden ratio.

Prithvi said...

Good morning to all,

ORB HIGH:- 5050.15
ORB LOW:- 5015.50

Bala said...

LV Sir,

Try MINESTROME soup :)

Prabhat said...

GM Master & to all friends.

Choti si aasha ... want nifty to close below 4900 today. want it to go to 4840 & rise again.

Prabhat said...

sorry I meant 5000

Jiignesh said...

GM sir and JNFAMILY friends

Charu said...

@ Mr. Julius.
Sir have u ever thought of reducing SL to 15 points instead of 20 points in cam trades??

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

Dear Ilango in a simple soup making lesson u hv said
so much. :):) Thx. Post should be saved for daily read.

After the soup now waiting for the idli dosa samosas :):)

parminder said...

Master ,
Today is also IIP Data

venkatapathy l said...

@ Bala

Thanks. But I prefer Ilango's JNSAR soup and DR's EMA crosses in the light of candles of S. Nison. They provide me with excellent nutrition.


Prithvi said...


Bala said...
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Sujatha said...

GM sir and all :)

Sir - Open Low policy is - worrysome for honey:(

Prabhattttttttttt - u r killing me with ur target believe it or not am with that..break 4990 50% all is well upto century balance let us see there

Anil - Reason is again got one outside bar set up donno whether right or wrong

Prabhat said...

@Sujatha Ma'm: Namaskaram. I want nifty to close below 4990 first. Then sure shot below 4930 tomorrow. But 4980-5000 is a re-buy zone.

Ilango said...

Inability close above 5050-HLEma/DHEma/21 hr sma.

subho said...


venkatapathy l said...

@ Bala

DR is very much is here. Please ask him directly.


Bala said...

LV Sir,

I actually meant the real minestrome vegetarian clear soup :) good for vergetarians and who is concerned of fat, cholestral etc...must be taken without ajinomotto...:)

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