Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nifty ends the settlement on a high note, having the next major res. @ 5945-71.

vksoni said... my guess for expiry is 5917.
80 points above last close.
reasons: day s.macd may turn positive today.
looking at momentum, nifty could do 100 points and close just below it. April 25, 2013 at 11:24 AM.
You took the initiative to restart "Expiry contest", a learning path. DR encouraged you promptly.
You are a deserving winner...more so for the logic based on sound technical analysis.


vksoni said...

ilango sir,
Thank you very much sir, its dream comes true for me. it is one of the best day in my life. surely a learning path as said by you. i want to learn more and more from you.
Dr sir,
Thank you very much sir

sandeep said...

VKsoni congrats. keep it up

Parminder said...

Congrats VKsoni,
Keep up the good work and Help others

vksoni said...

thank you very much


Congratulations,VK Soni JEE.

divya thakor said...

is there any possibilyty for X wave?
if current rise is X wave than how much it will retrace of W wave?
what will be the negeted point for wave X?

venkatapathy l said...

@ vksoni

Congrats. Keep it up.


vksoni said...

Albela house, venkatapathy l
Thanks for encouraging words

vk said...

@ vk soni


Yash and Dhan said...

VK Soniji, Congrats. Great work. Keep it up.

vksoni said...

Hemant,Vk,Yash and Dhan

Natti said...

Congrats VK Soni

suraj804 said...

Congrats VK Soniji

vksoni said...

thank you very much

Kumar Technicals said...

Dear V K Soni,

Wow.....Congrats a lot from bottom of my heart. Thanx for starting expiry contest again, i missed this time but enjoyed all comments now. You refreshed my memory of first expiry, i am really happy that you started this contest again.

Thanks again for giving your precious time and big thanx to D R ji, he played big role to start it again. Thanx to ILango sir for giving wonderful platform to know genius like you, keep it up.



vksoni said...

sanjay bhai,
Thankyou very much.Credit goes to my teachers and you are one of them.Thank you for helping me in my initial days.

vksoni said...

kumar sir,
your encourasing words are confidance booster for me. Thank you.As i said credit goes to my teachers like you sir.

marina s rao said...

Congrats V K Soniji - M S Rao

Adrian Jose said...

Congratulations,Vk Soni ji.

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