Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-III


J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Update : Nifty Spot
CMP@5600 [Above Mid of H3&H4], Now one can
Consider it as Scenario#2!
H4@5609 ↑
H3@5584 ↓

suresh said...

suresh said...

ns if > 5578 ,then
likely to c 5596/5610
April 11, 2013 at 1:42 PM

Amol Sharma said...

nifty in trading mode; trade pivot without judging direction in coming days.

J.R.Julius said...

Are you there?

Amol Sharma said...

@JAY SHRIRAM lift the nifty towards 5627-30

suresh said...

j.r.julius ji,
please explain your WRB method

Hitendra said...

Trading above developing JNSAR.

Corrections on holding below 5578 could last upto 5535(approx).
Alternatively, if 1st set of 5 waves done from 5477 to 5551 and the next set of 5 has commenced (5545 was not breached), it could move to 5585 & 5619.(DHEma+10-20).
(If you are an experienced trader with an objective knowledge of TA, you could trade your JNSAR position during intraday & capture unrealised profits into your account and continue to hold EOD positions as per JNSAR rules. Use your imagination when things are favourable & when you are reasonably experienced to do manage such swings).

J.R.Julius said...

WRB is Wide Range Bar. larger than average size
candle in any t/f. Say for example if you watch
30mins & a bearish WRB formed but at 20-25th min
it could not close as its original length Retrace
55% or Next bar taken 55% range can be considered
as reversal. [yesterday clearly in SPOT today in FUT]
The logic is if u superimpose both candles u will get
a PINBAR! Nothing Morethan that.

Sujatha said...

GA sir nd friends :)

Julius - ha ha ha "vada pochae" "arunoothi aaru" edhu mattum solid -a thukkitta..kadhyila thiruppam than.. romba "kushtamappa" varattaaaaaa bye

J.R.Julius said...

Same happening again with current 30mins Candle.
Superimpose Current BAR with previous Bar.
If you have RT-Fut charts it will be easy to

Nilesh Patil said...

@Sujatha Sis,
What is cooking Now ?

Ilango said...

"5570"-61.8% of last rise from 5544-5611.

5557 is 80%

Sujatha said...

nilish ji - kya batha hai??bhool gaya?? refer our mails on March 25th i think that's active now??

shriram said...

--> back


shud we see the rise from 5478 -5611 as a 3wave sir or new impulse?

Guru said...

Sujatha - arunoothi aaru eh kadaka mudiyadhu avlo easy ah.. :) nangallam periya anaikattu kattikittuirukkom la :P

Nilesh Patil said...

I m not forgot :)

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

It is either in the "b"/ 2nd wave or is in the initial stages of "c"/ 3rd wave (Gets negated below 5557).

Treating it as a bounce only.

3.00PM chart update would reveal clearly this fact.

Abhi said...


Should we consider 30 point SL for JNSAR long and carry forward ?
5587-30=5557 (coincides with 80% mark)

Nilesh Patil said...

@Sujatha sis,
655 is pending. pls bring that no. then your turn

shriram said...

thanks ilango ji :-)

Sujatha said...

nilesh - y this kolaveri??

shriram said...
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shriram said...


an afterthought.. how bout an xpanded Flat tgting 5"5"35 intra-day ?

Sujatha said...

tgting 5"5"35 intra-day ?? = what is dis shriramji?? nifty's height and weight?

Hitendra said...

Dear Sir,

Can i create short/buy pe as thought is bounce only?

Short/Buy PE will be on positional basis.

Looks to hold above 5600 is difficult nowdays. Even today, not sustained for more than 10 min.


shriram said...

haahah..LOL suja:

nifty is losing wgt past few months, no ? looks like ur not feeding dosa on time :-p

Abhi said...

shriram, abc correction from 5611 done if 5590 crossed ?

varun kumar said...

@ llango sir
The JNSAR colour changed to green , it means long position has been taken @ 5587 JNSAR with sl of 5567. Am i right sir ?

Saurabh said...

Dear all, I have a query if anyone from the forum can answer in case Ilango jee is not available.

Since JNSAR is triggered today at 5587, we have entered longs.. but if the close is below 5587 today (even though it didn't hit 20 point stoploss will it be considered as exit trigger & wait for next day or we can carry the longs still.. I am asking since tomorrow is event day & can make the mkt swing big in either direction ?

shriram said...

@ abhi:
possible, but my EW is ltd to Day (or 30min @ least)... so lets wait for master's 3pm update !

Abhi said...

np..i checked too minutely.

rajapvt said...

Saurav: Trust and follow with stoploss.

Hitendra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jitendra Mishra said...

if someone stays in navi mumbai pls teach me ellits wave

cooldent said...


A close below jnsar usually indicates weakness but for the day trend to be bullish i guess a close above 5dema would be fine

anmpatel said...

how is 3pm clarity now?

Guru said...

Friends please keep us posted on avg closing number please...:)

J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla EOD Comment:

42+ Down from H3 Entry.
Atleast 20+30=+50pts with 2 Lots possible.

Safe trader may avoid 5609 entry with
5mins bar not closed above/at the level

SL reached.

Ignore signals after 3pm.

Contra View of Camarilla Levels: (Just for observation/paper trade)

When H3 Sell triggered and reached L2,
From L2 if bounced H3 mostly act as BUY(contra)
This is applicable if the Range above 30pts(H3 to L2).

When L3 Buy triggered and reached H2,
From H2 if reversed L3 mostly act as SELL(contra)
This is applicable if Range above 30pts(L3 to H2)

Today & Yesterday it happened. Next time will
alert in realtime. Bye All.

shriram said...

funny vols rise in infy cash... is there a game going HiFreQ buy-sell to increase vols wid pice?

Pattern Trading said...

infy done with 61.8 % retracement of last fall

Hitendra said...

Again unable to hold 5600.

Guru said...

Avg closing please...

Jitendra Mishra said...

imp to hv close above 5587 for bullish trend

vksoni said...

5594 avg closing


@Guru Avg Close-5594-5594.

Sambhrama said...

dear ialngo'

I have 3 things to tell(ask) you......

1. you said 5604 as LEMA while which part of the TT indicate this?

2. when we are identified certain levels like 5577 how to decide the whether its a support or resistance in a live trading session? sometime market goes 10 points below 5577 and it will come back after 10 min. please guide us.

3. i have seen some critics on you clean trades which you publish at your pre-market view. It look like those how criticizes you think you post your trades based on early morning SGX NIFTY forecast & they want you to publish your trades on your last update of the day which you make after market close.

personally i have great belief on your strength and studies as i been looking at your blog since may 2010

take care


Anandha said...

Sir ji, Where do you see wave count should move to from here on ?

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

Nifty makes a RED candle after a PIN Bar reversal candle on the day T/F

Hitendra said...

ITradeForProfit Daily

What is signifies= Red Candle?

hitu said...

Dear Ananda- purchase a good book on EW and study the things.i expect you to be master looking to your potential.there is no other alternative of hard work

Sambhrama said...
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Sambhrama said...

dear ilango on my point no 2. when we are identified certain levels like 5577 how to decide the whether its a support or resistance in a live trading session? sometime market goes 10 points below 5577 and it will come back after 10 min. please guide us.

please observe today that market(NS)passed either side of 5579 more than 10 times today.

ITradeForProfit Daily said...


Simple interpretation is Bulls not able to overcome the opening mark.

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