Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nifty breaks out of the ST Channel in its "3rd wave".

When I have more time & health, I would educate, not holding back any....


Sahil said...

Ilango Sir- THANK YOU!!!!

RS said...


That was amazing EW analysis. Surely helps and plz post the EW for 2 min/5-min whenever u get time.

Thanks a bunch

RS said...

I meant "please keep posting" whenever u get time :)

krish pm said...


Thank you very much for 2min EW labeled chart.

please keep posting whenever you get time.

It helps a lot to all.

Anandha said...

TT shows for the day.Follow up is required to confirm complete reversal of the trend?

BALA said...

Are you OK,Sir "When I have more time & health, I would educate, not holding back any....: Thanks

anmpatel said...

thanks for all your efforts. it will definitely help me to lern ew as I am very poor in wave counts. it will be great help with jnsar.
accept a salute from me.

SAM said...

Dear master ,

dont know how to thank you ... really appreciate your input and hard work ..

Thanks from core of my heart ..

anmpatel said...


in MACD chart.
at which point we confirm that A done & this is not 3.ii? I think above 5971, 2nd end?
pl guide when time permits.

anmpatel said...
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anmpatel said...

are u ok?
just watch news about earth quake?

rajapvt said...

Hope the learners saving the charts and presentations into their minds...I am trying to save, not sure howmuch I can practice with EW. Just working on SAR so far.

bizagra said...

Ilango sir...Thank you..:)

Sujatha said...

Kumar sir/DR-ji/SAM/rajiv malik all are OK??? kindly post something and who else is there from Delhi??? hope all is well at our friends end and their relatives too


ssb said...

I am a new reader/learner in this blog ,started quite some time back,understanding slowly.now 4.02PM post gives more information with clarity.Thanks Very Much Sir.

Anandha said...

5760 looks possible in this rally after which we may see a correction as we did last two months. lets see whats in store for us by market.

Anandha said...

@ Ilango,
Sir ji, I compared the chart of earlier fall on 3rd of this month. There are few differences like Pirce closed above 26EMA, Trend indicator is triggerred.(however it is still in resistance zone).At least retracement to 5604 looks possible in this rally to position for a rally towards 5760.

Fire said...


I have seen a few charts by various Ellioticians but a display like these 2-min charts...can't remember any! Who would just dare to imagine labeling waves like these in a running market! Truly mindblowing. I am learning again and proud to call myself the student of such a master...

D.S.SASAN said...

@ Sujatha SIS.:Pathankot(Punjab) is at Border with Pakistan. Here everything is O.K. Only T.V. News about quake- like you people.

rajiv malik said...

Sumeet ‏@JainSumeets
Interesting day tomo, highest OI in #Nifty for calls at 5700 strike and puts at 5600 strike, nice squeeze, who will be forced to cover

rajiv malik said...

thanks for your concern sujatha ji.
me based in west delhi and still alive and kicking with your blessings !
is dr bhai based in delhi now ? would love to meet him in person if so ?

rajiv malik said...

Anuj Chauhan ‏@anujchauhan1976
Be prepare for next BEAR attack on NIFTY soon for 2nd round downside trend. Do your own analysis before trade? Never trade without stop-loss.

trainee said...

@ Ilango Sir.
Pranam from the core of my heart. This new series on identifying and labeling the waves is awesome. its like dream for a newcomer (pupil) like me.Sir, i wish you to be healthy and hearty always.plse dont strain a lot , this much dose is sufficient for at least a person like me. thank you sir, i love you.

Dinesh Rishi said...


After 8 PM there is daily earthquake in my home,

But As we all are on Navratri Fast so all is well.

Thanks for the concern Dr. Patil

Dinesh Rishi said...


I pray to Almighty for your Good Health and Pleasing Long life.

channasri said...

Dear Sir,

May GOD bless you and your family with sound health and tonnes of joy and wealth.

Best regards

channasri said...

Dear DR Sir,

I pray to GOD for the safety of one and all in your region.

Best regards

DR.SGM said...

Dear sir,since the index has taken support around 5500,[assumed to be the bottom of 4th wave of big third wave]and today's movement breached into the territory of 1st downward wave,possibility of bigger 5th wave, surpassing the previous high, arises.is my thought valid one? please reply tommorrow.thanking you.

rochak parekh said...

dear friends

please comment on below mentioned observations

yesterday at eod, dow futures were trading 70-80 points down, @same time europe was down over quarter a percent, of which they surrendered few loss and settled just quarter a percent down

dow also opened higher and settled 1 and 1/2 percent higher, BUT even then when dow was inching higher ( as compared to its future trading half a % down on our EOD ) , NIFTY did not show any surge on SGX yesterday evening .

TODAY MORNING also SGX not showing any support to higher opened hang seng and nikkei.

ALSO, up and around yesterday early evening,w hen RIL results were announced SGX kept going lower to 5668 even.

IT SUGGESTS RIL results might have flattish negative effect on nifty today morning OPEN and also flat to negative trend for the day.

ALSO, when i visited i lango sir 's FIBO table, it showed highest retracement possible for the downfall from 5755 ( last high ) to 5477 ( recent low ) was 5699 which we achieved yest itself ( thanks i lango sir, u mentioned that )

NEXT NO. which now i eye at FIBO table is 5718 (38.2 %) retracement for fall from 6112 to 5477,

SO AS PER MY UNDERSTANDINGS ( i need our fellow JN boarder's comments on my observation ), CROSSING 5700 today might be an attempt to touch 5718, IF BY THE WAY CROSSED , THEN we will be inching higher to retrace towards 50 % of the 6112-5477 rise, which is actually 5795.

TO capture this RISE, should we either wait for a 50 % retracement for a rise from 5477 to 57XX or JUMP immediately as soon as nifty spot crossed 5720-5725 range.


meanwhile if 5700 is not crossed today morning on the open itself , then we should try to buy nifty @ 5614 ( 38.2 % retracement of rise of 5477-5700 ) or 5590 ( 50 % retracement for rise of 5477-5700 ).


1. IS THERE ANY OTHER SUPPORT or REASON for a buy in nifty above 5614 also, IF YES, then on what basis.

2. SHOULD we go for a buy, immediately on a breach of 5718-5723 kind of level, OR wait for a retracement for a rise of 5477-57XX, then buy. KINDLY EXPLAIN the reasons also for ur reason for either an immediate buy or await for a retracement .

SINCE, i am trying to learn trading on my own. I HOPE, my JN friends, oblige me by replying to my queries in details. DETAILS because, i am asking this for learning purpose only.




rochak parekh said...

my another view on studying no.'s on TT

nifty after crossing 5718-23 may try to attempt weekly high ema's 5735-5750 and then fall , which is a buy on a 38.2-50 % retrace of the rise of 5477-5735-5750 levels.

what i am puzzled is whether we wait to buy @ 5615, least possible retracement of last rise, or is there any support level also for nifty above 5615 ( basis for such buy , i need to know ).

KINDLY SUGGEST, support, co operate in my learnings.




P.S. - sorry SIR and friends, if somehow , besides my all attempts, my post suggests some predictions/forecasts

Sujatha said...

1) definitely above 5614 is a buy if at all downside comes becoz above 5 ema level

2) No i will not go for a buy if breakout comes - reason - if it cross then it has to touch 737/47/50/95 intuition says it's tough becoz definitely this may change the "whole story of nifty" strong bullishness may set in

3) nifty future stoch is high.. it has to come down..yesterday given NF high may touch 5714/19 that's the LOC breach may give......... hectic upside so y kolaveri.. let us be "bear" if u want be with "bear with bear" no probs :)

PS : hope u will not bother me :D

rajapvt said...

Rochak Parekh: Please read the "Always Start Trading with these" - Time Cycle. Price moves in the form of oscillator and trading at different time frames. Price MAY or MAY NOT come till 5615. It depends on the correction (time/price) and trend (up/down), movement (impulse/corrective mode). Refer TT to know the current trend in all time frames. It is a very good reference to understand where the current price action going on. Hope this helps.

rochak parekh said...

thanks rajapvt for ur kind suggestions, my failure, at the same time, sorry to i lango sir also, that i never went to study that link.

as of now, i was expecting ready to eat feed considering current scenario, which is being provided by sujata( thanks SIS)

botheration, offcourse will be again and again to you,

what i understand from your comment is that

1. nifty remains a buy without a retracement to 5615 also, b coz it might get support at 5 ema on hourly or daily time frame, ( thanks for drawing my attention towards this column as i was ignoring this column till now )

2. your over all view remains neutral to negative for nifty on current levels, that s why u are not a buyer on it, even after a cross of 5718

. BUT what about a strong possibility of a higher retracement since after 38.2 % retrace, it will definitely retrace to higher retracement. do u view a resistance at weekly high ema's, that s why not interested to buy immediately for a b/o above 5718

kindly guide and keep getting bothered, thanks regards

meanwhile SGX bouncing like anything and right now @ 5724.


rochak parekh said...

respected sir

good morning

we have whole lot of resistances in the range of 5735-5742 ( monthly 5 ema's, last month high, weekly high ema's ).

i completely understand that nifty, after crossing 5718 ( most likely today morning itself) is a case for a higher retracement towards 5795 ).

my humble query is, whether we should go immediately for a buy after a cross over of 5718 for a higher tgts towards 5795, or wait for retracement for the same

and then my another query is , how do u arrive at the figure of 5755-5758 for today morning and also of 5825.

kindly educate

thanks regards


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