Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-III


Ilango said...

3.1: 5555 to 5642: 87 points

3.2: ended @ 5630.

3.3: 5630 + xxxxx.................??

Sujatha said...

nifty future done 5677 time to take some profit???

Nilesh ji - v r coming to the same place check march 25th mail :)

Julius - EOD spot should close above 5666/689 or else i am -ve in "advance" as usual :)

Dinesh Palanichamy said...

@Master n JN Family

Very Gud AF Noon
WOW, Kizhakey pogudhu rayilu........

Pls pls missed the entry, can i have a LIFT?

Anandha said...

Yes. Now to book profits and time to take reversal positions.5690 could be a strong resistance where market starts correcting today.

Parimal said...

RIL above resistences

Ilango said...

5647-52 must be protected.

STOCK4SURE said...

addn in O.I in 5700pe is near 12 lakhs intraday

bears ki vaat lagayenge kya kal

are they knowing RIL result will be better than expected and will see a gapup opening tomorrow???????

J.R.Julius said...

Volatility not reduced trading above H5.
Now H4 become Support! Hopefully Tomorrow
I may enter L3/H3. Let's see what surprises
market holds for us Tomorrow. :)

I wonder how u pick such brave contra entries!
Best Wishes....

Debdeep said...

Sujatha di nice .....

shriram said...

--> back

Time to apply Bell cruve maths since prices are Impulsing > Dhi

Mean of Distr : 5682

1 Std. Dev zone : 5662-5702

Days high will be in this zone with 67% confidence.

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

ND Sir's ATR Breakout target done

Dinesh Palanichamy said...


May i ask u a doubt regarding the e-book of Frank Ochoa suggested by you.

dev raj said...

@ Master Julias & JN family.

Great day for JNSAR - partial profit booked.

I am following this blog for sometime but starting with JNSAR trades as first step after doing my own backtesting to prove how system works. Have full faith in system and comments from master & seniors. Really hard to find such useful and objective analysis.

Still learning on EW side and intraday dynamics. Really learning lot from all posts &comments from senior.

Dinesh Palanichamy said...

Sr's pls explain how to approach JNSAR in case of GAPS...

Reply solicited.
Thanks n Regards

J.R.Julius said...

yes sir, If I could.

@Mr.Dev Raj,
Here the only Master for all of us Mr.Illango.
I am not a Master, here I'm just a humble Learner.
Best wishes for your EW studies.

venkatapathy l said...
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Guru said...


20 points stop loss will always do, if the gap is more than that, wait for an hour to close...normally nifty would reach near the 20 points stop, reverse the trade at that point..

may be seniors can throw more light on this..

Nitin Kadam said...

@श्रीराम सर ,

तुम्हाला गणित हा विषय फारच आवडतो दिसते.... नेहमी काही ना काही गणित करून लेवेस काढत असता :)

एलियट वेव आणि गणित फारच तगडे आहे तुमचे.... !

मी एलियट वेव शिकयचा पर्येन्त
करतो आहे. वाचताना समजते पण ग्राफ वर
प्लॉट करताना तारांबळ होते..

ह्या समस्येतुन बाहेर पडण्यासाठी काही मार्ग सुचवावा !

धन्यवाद !

Dinesh Palanichamy said...


Sir, much elated. Thank you. Shall mail u in detail.

nath said...

idbi waiting to breakout of double bottom

rochak parekh said...

my goodness

bought pantaloon retail 160 CE april @ 45 paise, sold at 2.85 now @ 5 rs.

also placed an order for buying 150 ce for 1.05 rebounded from 1.2, now rs. 15-17


Atharva said...

1st gap filled now 5744.95-5748.10 ,2nd 5850.2-5872.6 sitting tight pays a lot thanking you master..

shriram said...

Looking @ Higher Degree RES

St. MNEMA : 5742
St.WkHi : 5753

CMP-Dev. DhI @ Statistical mean...

krish pm said...


Please consider the humble request.

Post the 2minute Ew Labelling chart every day in the Eod Post.

It will help to all to learn about Elliot subWaves.

Sujatha said...

Julius - nothing but " i am not using my brain" :) :D :) still "mkt base" is bullish according to me "resistance also capped" 5666/90 @ SPOT so "mari ground" playing.. now expecting some retracement..If 5720 not taken out..then fine "v can hear the telephone recording message press ... for previous menu and get .........." future last chance 5714/19 "mela pogama angerundhu vizhundha..??? damallll kam katham

SAM said...


Please consider the humble request.

Post the 2minute Ew Labelling chart every day in the Eod Post.

It will help to all to learn about Elliot subWaves.
@master ... Please consider this ... It will help us a lot to learn how you identify wave ..

dev raj said...

Sorry Julias Ji-- I meant Master, Julias and JN family. I understand there is one guru and source of knowledge for all of us.

Anandha said...

Nifty Futures made 5690 level and now market me see some retracement with profit bookings. Lets see where it closes.If RIL results not satisfy the markets we may see a Gapdown tomorrow. You guys think it is not possible ?

shriram said...

Dear Nitin kadam,

Ilango ji che lables paha with Arjun Foucs , ajun kahi jasta ghaasa-ghashi karu nako !

ani majhe EW count tar aajjibaat pahu nakos :-)

Ilango said...

At 5682, 73.6% retrace, small profit booking is happening.

A correction is on, a minor one.

Nitin Kadam said...

@श्रीराम सर ,


Dinesh Palanichamy said...

Thanks 4 ur suggestion. I'll remember that.

satheesh said...

Bombing in Boston :(


Sujatha said...

SAM - don't mind...think it's too much burden for him..and y 2 min chart?? any specific reason..i feel 5mn. and 30 mn. good for short term trade whether short or long..

anyway "sir" is deciding authority

satheesh said...


Nilesh Patil said...

@Sujatha Sis,
Yes, You are right. It is time to partbook. 5700-5750 act as a resistance. May be your tgt. met in next month.

J.R.Julius said...

30நிமி பின் விழுந்தா ரிட்ட்ரேஸ் கன்பார்ம்.
இந்த ரேஞ்சு குடுத்ததுக்கு நாளைக்கு 23ம்
புலிக்கேசி அரவை நிச்சயம்.

நாளைக்கு பாக்கலாம். பை.

Parimal said...

Requesting all
pls don't burden Ilango Sir

J.R.Julius said...


@Dev Raj,
:D one comma gave shock. :)

Camarilla Update : Nifty Spot
Today H4@5619 BUY opportunity was clear.
If someone traded with 20pts SL.
Lot1:20pts Lot2:60+(running)
Even in the worst case 20+20!
No trades for me today. Whole day
gone with fun.

Tomorrow Possibly I expect H3 & L3 Play.
Let's see tomorrow

Bye All...

Sujatha said...

Nilesh ji - now 5440 comes how nice it will be na ?? hehe but i can;t take it lightly..EOD consecutive close needed @ 5666/90..this is the bullish one sirji dont forget..what i am thinking somebody is going to beat indian mkt?? so closing may be "cat on the wall"

Sujatha said...

Julius - OK..bye "kida vettaradhukku munnadi valathu vidaranga pola"???

bye all

Anandha said...

Do you see this is reversal from bottomed out. I felt still market have to fill another gap area at the long term trend line support. I read that you posted that there could be a minor correction.Does that mean 5474 - 5500 is held as support for the market rally?or there will be a correction to 5240 levels ?

Nilesh Patil said...

@Sujatha sis,
I m also happy to see it. One factor is bearish i.e. PCR. Good risk reward ratio near 5700-50.

Abhi said...


I am facing problem with part book.
I entered in long yesterday @JNSAR and carried.
But today I booked @ 5633 and the @5680.

How to improve on this.

rajapvt said...

People do anticipation and go for shorts instead of part booking. JNSAR longs rocking....

Ilango said...

@ Abhi,

Good knowledge & experience with "Applied Technical Analysis".

Good knowledge & exposure to EW Approach.

In an impulsing market which is in its infancy, Sitting tight is favoured.

14 weeks of downtrend gets a reprieve. Traders exploit it. It will be a choppy "B" wave.

Ilango said...

BN cleared 80% @ 11451 yesterday; Nifty does it today.(5699)

Guru said...

@Abhi - I mite be wrong, but this works out good for me.. may be you can have a look...

Usually I part book looking at the RSI (14)on 3o min when it reaches near 80-90 zone..

hope it helps to you...Master can guide us...

Anandha said...

Nifty spot also made 5690. Now everything depends on RIL results tonight. Hope tomorrow markets may see some correction(in our terms retracement) after huge rally today.

Ilango said...

A minor (iii) wave may have been done @ 5699.

Abhi said...

Thanks Sir.
Thanks Guru.

Need patience.

dev raj said...

@ Abhi.. I also booked profit early on 75% JNSAR quantity. Need to learn patience and art of adding to winning position / letting profit ride.

Hoping that tomorrow some correction after huge rally today and get opportunity to enter again.

shriram said...

Ilango ji,

Hasn't the Oscill on hr/ Day moved a tad too much for Bulls comfort ?

Abhi said...

We can take this approach.
For example i sold 1st lot @5633.
Then market took support 5630 and moves higher. So I could take reenter @5630 - 5640 keeping SL 5625-5630. If SL is taken out then I would have to rebuy @5610 - 5600. When this kind of move happens, we have reenter on small correction.

Let see how market behaves tomorrow, small retrace or large retrace ?

Abhi said...

Can anybody plz inform when is the RBI's next meeting on interest rate ?

Jalagamvenkat said...


RBI meeting on May 3 2013

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