Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Navnnit said...


The addition in puts is sum of yest and today's data.. so dont go by that ... look at the ODIN table and count... someone at NSE forgot to clean up the option chain data before the mkt opens... anyways.. making it look bullish ( a deliberate attempt).. This is for readers benefit and for Sanjay jaiswal too .. Look

J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Update : Nifty Spot
H3@5584 ↓
L3@5533 ↑

J.R.Julius said...

Safe Traders will wait for
CMP@5596.50 (Mid of H4&H3) to
utilize Scenario#2

shriram said...

back, aah.. tks master :-)



didn't get

A method trader finds the resistance @ Open.And finds the 61.8% @ 5569, then.Method in madness for the objective trader.

could u please explain

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

Seems like NSE has not updated Option Table with yesterday's close values as the values depicted are from 9th April…

Thanks & Regards

Ilango said...


What is the resistance for the day:

5575-90 & 5610 as per our Pre-Mkt view.

Nifty reached that at Open. A method trader would initiate a trade as the opportunity to buy is not there.

Then, the opportunity to buy emerges @ a retracement of 61.8% of last rise from 5546 to 5607 @ 5569.

Now it is being resisted @5582-85-87:WLEma/MLEma/12thJNSAR.

An intraday trader would find these as opportunities to "Trade".

Nitin Kadam said...


If not coming @ Conservative Buy levels @ 5535-5550,
Can We Consider Conservative trigger above Jnsar?

If so which Jnsar ? Today's 5606 or Tomorrow's 5587.

Or Do you recommend to skip the Conservative trade till tomorrow if mentioned levels didn't come.

Thank You!

Anandha said...

Sanjay Sir, Your view on INFY options ?Where do you see the price of 2800 CE will be in few days?

sandeep said...

gm master dr ji julius sir n all

anmpatel said...

is that any invalidation point of this whole rise? should we take 5558 -80% as decided earlier?

J.R.Julius said...

Good Morning
Have a Nice Day

nifty rider said...

भारतीय नववर्ष विक्रम संवत 2070 की आप सभी को बधाई....!

STOCK4SURE said...

aisa lag raha hai that nifty may trade in small range today and possible that days low and high are in place already

lull be4 the storm

as tomorrow infy result and IIP nos.

vksoni said...

will it be cup and handle pattern in 5 min charts?

Ilango said...

@ Nitin Kadam,

BUying at appropriate levels would make the trade viable with a very small SL.

It is to be taken as a bounce for the fall of 5755-5477.

61.8% comes @ 5649 which is a resell area.

Under the above situation, one should hold on to shorts and add around that zone. Buying level, if emerges around mid session, may be considered with strict SL and EOD prices must close above 5561(DEma.)

STOCK4SURE said...

i guess now 5601ns will be stiff resistance

sir no.of 5649 for resell may be coming tomorrow

Anandha said...

Ilango sir,
Nifty futures trading with 2/- premimum. How can we understand the trading psychology from this less premimum ?

cooldent said...

arrey waaah thakur jeee NSE aur Bse dono stong hai aaj? kya baat hai

rajan said...
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Indus said...


Given the above observations, BN seems to be leading the upward move and is above JNSAR today...however, the upward momentum seems to be lacking.....any comments on the BN will be helpful at this stage

vksoni said...

-ww in 5 min tgt 5540-42?

suresh said...

sir ji,
how to guesstimate that the probability
of breaking double top/bottom in the same direction

shriram said...

Intra candles forming a Beautiful Symm. Trig.

STOCK4SURE said...


cant find any -WW pattern
plz post ur observation so that can have another look at charts

instead in intraday 2 min charts its contracting triangle making HL amd LH

may soon give breakout as apex of triangle is near 1.30pm

my guess it may break on upside towards 5601 -5605ns range

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