Monday, April 15, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Ilango said...


As long as your studies benefit readers, you do not need my permission to post anything.

anmpatel said...

thank you.

HA and OI sheet is posted on our JN group.

mmarketman said...

If 5504 protected...then upmove ..

J.R.Julius said...

This may change One's Life Completely!

Hindi Version

English Version

Manish said...

Goodmorning master and all friends,

Bank nifty and pharma still holding the index...

Need to see how long ?

anmpatel said...

please check mail, when time permits.

rajiv malik said...

gm ilango ji and friends !

just for fun in the midst of running markets-

Being an Analyst must be such a nice job. If you are right, you are awesome..If you are wrong, there are always macroeconomic factors!

SAM said...


As long as your studies benefit readers, you do not need my permission to post anything.


Even if it other blog link can we post ??

shriram said...

GM MAster & JN Family,

Simple ABC Flat in play seeking 5540 ?

If yes, a big fall is due in the 2nd half of the day


Hitendra said...

rajiv malik

may u pl post thehindubussinessline - market outlook?

Ilango said...


Blog links are not permitted.

SAM said...

@thanks master..

STOCK4SURE said...

NS in green
today gap closed

rochak parekh said...

dear friends

I need to understand the gap FUNDA

e.g. today NS opened gapping down and then it filled the gap which created at today open, what should be the interpretation

SIMILARLY, many of our friends have been mentioning the gap of 5427-5518 created on upside many a months ago and expecting or not expecting this gap to be filled now

what are the interpretations, if by the way gap fills down now

kindly elaborate, since i am not so knowledgable in this regards



Dinesh Palanichamy said...

I do remember, requested u to share it.
Yeah, i too found it bit sticky earlier, since the data was not updated. So left it unused. Kindly let us know how to update.

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-5538, S1-5513, R1-5560, ATP-5521, VWAP-5521

The 5500CE writers have added huge within the first 2 hrs of trade, can be in a spot of bother if NF trades above 5544, else new lows are coming…

Thanks & Regards

J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Update : Nifty Spot
For the L3@5515 BUY Partbooking Level 5535
Reached. Partbooking & TSL can be considered.

rajiv malik said...

dear hitendra,

i did post businessline outlook on nifty last night. still for your benefit and for others who missed it, here i reproduce it-

Nifty (5,528.5)

The Nifty hit the intra-week low of 5,477 before closing 25 points lower over the previous week’s close. The concern on the technical front stems from the fact that the index has closed below its key Fibonacci support level at 5,600. Next Fibonacci supports for the index are at 5,450 and 5,246.

As explained last week, there is a convergence of targets around 5,520 level. The index is halting at this level currently.

If this level is breached strongly, the index can next slide to 5,450 or 5,388 level. Short-term resistance for the index will be at 5,610 and 5,650.

Traders can play short only as long as the index trades below the second resistance. The medium-term trend deciding zone is between 5,720 and 5,750.

As far as the long-term trend in the Nifty is concerned, the third wave of the correction from the 6,338 peak is unfolding currently.

Minimum downward target according to this count is 4,984. But if the index manages to hold above 5,300 in this bout of correction, it will keep open the possibility of a move higher to 6,000 again.

anmpatel said...

@Dinesh Palanichamy
it only needs basic excel knowledge only. u can copy-paste daily data from master's file and select data range accordingly. will update it and re-post it in evening.

J.R.Julius said...

Touched Friday High 5544.50

Sujatha said...
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anmpatel said...

good addition in 5400,5500 PE and small OI decrease in 5500, 5600 CE. may see some more upside?!! there is number of resistance, 21,34hr SMA, 5DEMA, 5WLEMA, down sloping TL. lets see.

Abhi said...


For conservative trade 5550 NS is only Stop loss OR Stop n reverse ?


STOCK4SURE said...

5547 is 55EMA in 30MIN CHARTS

anmpatel said...

when is the inflation data?

shriram said...


5 wave "C" done from 5500 ??

Ilango said...

@ shriram ,

It is in its 3rd from 5500 lows.(3rd subdivided into 5 from 5506 to 5555)

Ilango said...

@ Abhi,


Hence, mild strength returns above 5544.

You can opt to use these info./ Use 5550 which was with a small filter.

To hold a position overnight, prices must close above 5 DEma. Even in this method, failures happen because of downtrend in Higher T/F.

Use the standard 20 points to manage the trades.

Anandha said...

5563 seems to be resistance on Nifty Spot for the day.Crossing which seems to be trend reversal.

STOCK4SURE said...

abv magic fig of 5555

STOCK4SURE said...

addn in 5500 ce and pe is nearly same now
game evenly poised at 5550ns now

wish to see 5604ns now today
chhoti si aasha

Anandha said...

Below 5545 weak & Downside and above 5564 upside.

Parimal said...

SBI hrly about to make double top formation

Anandha said...

SBI may rally upto 2160. But it could be very slow move with time taking as Nifty also trading at resistance point.People who entered at early levels of 1988-2040 can book partly profits.

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