Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nifty gets resisted @ 5946-71 zone with an hourly Pin bar, finds support @ 2-Day Lows and ends firm on EOD.


Archer said...


Today markets had ended in green. Calls have gained in prices which it should. But the prices of Puts were also increased rather decreasing due to upside in market. Is it an indication of weakness in market in coming days. specially big day is near and we are at major resistance levels.

Master pls share your viewpoint on this.
Others views are also welcomed.

Rajib said...


Hope keeping well. Just a small request, EOD posting, if you can put atleast one chart of hourly (with/without any indicator) along with the daily ones.


Adrian Jose said...

Question and Answer
Thanks a lot SIR. You very much enlightened me on this aspect.

SJkolkata said...

Dear All,
FII figure are out for the day and they have purchased index option worth 1076crs.
As pointed earlier, just have a look at the OI table and see the accumulation of OI with price action, and it will point towards purchase of puts of 5800 and 5700 series.
e.g. OI of 5900pe increased by 6.39lks by 11.10am at an average price of Rs71.36 and subsequently saw profit booking during the day at much higher prices and closed with negligible OI change.
The addition of OI was till 11.30am in puts and we have seen the subsequent price action with negligible unwinding from OI highs.
Can be interpreted as long carry over of puts.
Just for observation and necessary caution. Prices should now give a follow up action in a day or 2.


Any time balance can tilt in favour of either Bulls or Bears,
Any time price can change the colours during mkt.hours,
Only EOD pirce can confirm who could kept the edge.
I give maxmimum importance to VIX range 1st,,just like a
20 feet circle from driving seat,if I can master Tech-Table
like a steering & SLO as break riding becomes easy.
May series most important land mark :
5860 1st Higher Low below which Bears will dominate
5916 Expiry close above which Bulls will dominate.

Amol Sharma said...


Sambhrama said...

hi.... Harish

where or how to find the vix range....

Amol Sharma said...

will nifty get above 5980 ??? is the question. for now looks like bulls have upper hand anything possible. God bless bears.


@ Sambhramaji,

I have send through google group.
Check your mails.

@ Amol Sharmaji,

I think let the market to show its hand for our trading decision.
I prerer to act only on confirmation of prices which are only supreme.

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