Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Debdeep said...

Thanks JRJ Sir. I was also looking to short at open but as Nifty didn't moved upto H3 didn't short and also today the SL is quite huge of 40 points.

amit9765 said...

Dear sir,
Inverted head & shoulder pattern breakout under progress in tataglobal today on daily charts at level 135.

J.R.Julius said...

Here we use SL 20pts(enough). In rare cases we can use
chart sup/res/orb+filter as SL.

Debdeep said...

ok JRJ. Btw, what's the value of filter (3 points?) and ORB time frame? ORB=15mins or 30mins or 60mins?

Pattern Trading said...

Itc is at resistance of 310-309.. daily close above the same will push share to higher level

Pattern Trading said...

Itc weekly Chart :

poonam mishra said...

Newbie question - if we see NF in discount can we infer that we can see a fall soon or we ignore the situation and concentrate on JNSAR and tech table

reason being as new to trade i wish to understand and eliminate all distractions


STOCK4SURE said...

TOTAL O.I in 5700ce is much more than 5700pe as of now

addn in O.I today is near 3 lakhs each

but i think till some unwinding does not start in 5700ce or strong addition is done in 5700pe till then nifty may trade in small range to eat prem of options

Ilango said...

@ poonam mishra ,

Do not see world market futures: More traders have lost money than gained looking at other markets.

Do not see the premium & discounts of NF: Everything is available in the prices and TT. We have seen Nifty falling 15% with its Premium intact.

STOCK4SURE said...

NF is in discount now
but by eod it will be again in 10pt premium

NSB said...


what is the target price for Tata Global.

Parimal said...

NF 5758 is the swing high

Ilango said...

Keeping below "5725", "Flat" correction would continue.

J.R.Julius said...

3pts ok.
Time doesn't matter, meant Day High/Low!

poonam mishra said...


Thanks , got one of my notions cleared, many more to go.


Parimal said...

NF 50DMA comes at 5776

Debdeep said...

Thanks JRJ Sir for the clarifications.

sandeep said...

gm master dr ji , julius sir n all

J.R.Julius said...
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J.R.Julius said...

Good Morning
Have a Profitable Day.

STOCK4SURE said...

addn started in 5700pe and 5600pe
unwinding in 5700ce

chg in O.I in 5700pe...5lakhs
cng in O.I in 5600pe...8 lakhs
chg in O.I in 5700 ce ...6k(was near 3 lakhs 30min be4)

Atharva said...

Gm to all ..Above 5725 a gentle reminder of earlier gap 5744.95-5748.10

Atharva said...

Those who have booked full as per JSAR trade ; if looking for reentry then mkt gave best one @ fibo as mentioned by Master of simply PSC @ 5683 with sl of 20 pts.

anmpatel said...

your bn drsar gains almost 1000 points.
bravo man!
i am lucky to have companies of champs here and field master like Ilango sir.
thank u all seniors and friends.

anmpatel said...


read as field "marshal"

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-5648, R1-5757, ATP-5704, VWAP-5704

Huge addition at 5600-5700PE level, looks like 5700 maybe held for the time being, intra longs need to tighten there Stop Loss…

Thanks & Regards

Alpesh , Dk said...

Hi, dear sir,
last night u post "EW " 2 min chart ,
so accroding to that we r in wave 4 or wave iv
plz guide

amit9765 said...

My strategy is to keep trailing with a stop loss at 10 day sma on closing basis.

Raghavendra said...


Tata global is making an ascending triangle pattern : Target is 139 - 140. 89 Day EMA, 21 Week EMA and 34 Week EMA too resides here.

Also a seemingly inverse head and shoulder of 145+.

Hence first target is at 139.


krishna varma said...

Thank you Sanjay Jaiswal sir

Parimal said...

Hi Raghavendra
have a nice day

Ilango said...

@ Alpesh , Dk ,

"iv" is on till below 5725 to be followed by "v" to completed 3 , provided 5666-61.8% retrace is held.

venkatapathy l said...

@ Pattern Trading



Raghavendra said...

Parimal ji,

You too sir...



@ The_Unprejudiced_Observer

Yes,it works as a staircase step by step as per Tech-Table.
As price unfolde it contains both day & w T/F momentum.
Rest ride the trend till last with sitting tight with SLO also.

Nilesh Patil said...


a = 5478-5610 (132)
b = 5610-5501 (109 0.82%)
c = 5501- 5722 (221 1.61%)
Is it a another count for a of B complete today?

Atharva said...

Master one qtn if you feel worth to answer. This V can be truncated one then to follow 4 and for 4th a,b,c and then again it like this wave unfolds??thanking you..

Nilesh Patil said...

Watch Siemens Good pick

shriram said...

@ S4S :

-WW on 5mins intra , pt 5 under formation ?

Ilango said...

@ Atharva,

We have seen a Flat correction.

We saw a running correction.

Now, again we saw a flat correction with truncated "c".

Hence, "v" will not be truncated.

We could have waves sub-dividing, compelling us to change the sub-labels.(As long as 5666 holds)

Parimal said...

Hi Nilesh Patil
thanks, siemens did 5 waves down and abc correction, upmove, only concern is thin volume

Ilango said...

Flat corrections suggest inherent bullishness.

Running correction suggests "Impatience of bulls".

Only a zigzag suggest weakness.

Triangle would suggest the top is around the corner with the next high.

Nilesh Patil said...

61% retrecement is there of total upmove with +ve div. As per me it is enough for initiate long. with 21-34 is also done on hourly.

mmarketman said...

5477 to 5721=244*50 & 61.8%=5599/5572...will it work before expiry??

Ilango said...

@ Nilesh Patil,

Even if it is an "abc" of A, I would expect it to travel much more before the "B" starts, considering technical position.

shriram said...

Ilango ji,

A slightly diff. doubt

If Nifty is impulsing , would expect some +premium in NF wrt spot. But we hv witnessed NF in discount even from ysdays 100+ pt moves...

Why is this premium not appearing, if we hv turned around ?

NSB said...

Raghavendra .

Thanks a ton

mahekovoor said...

dear shriram,
-ww (does it mean bearish wolf wave?

what is point5? would you explain please

Parimal said...

my eyes were fixed on Sun Pharma, it is on a big roll

shriram said...


-WW intra pts, seen for NS, on Goo-Fin

1: 5721.1
2: 5682.45
3: 5621.7
4: 5703.65
5: ** under formation

Tgt: 1-4 line

mahekovoor said...

thanks shriram,

point 5 to be normally below point it not so?

divya thakor said...

is wave 4 is triangle type correction?

Ilango said...

@ shriram,

Why is that saying: Bull market moves with walls of worries.

Worrying could cause discount.

I would change the aggressive style below 5666.

OR let the prices close below DHEma for us to start worrying about corrections or premature reversal.

Atharva said...

Thanking you some more insight abt EW..thanks once again...

shriram said...

Tks ilango ji

@ mahekovoor : in a -WW Pt 5 Always > pt 4

NS nearing Mn RES zone 5740-50

mahekovoor said...

dear shriram,

I think I understood now.

if it all,there is a point 5 formation,the target may be point 1(5721-5703=18)means 5685 or so.

kindly correct me if wrong.

eventhough I have been in the market for long time,only recently I am trying to learn the technicals,as such this silly questions.

STOCK4SURE said...

@ Shriram
5734-39 range will be stiff res range for ns
if -Ww holds then 5697 near 1.00pm

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