Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nifty makes a ST "Pin Bar reversal" in day T/F after a combination of +ve divergences in Day & Hour T/F.


Anandha said...

Ilango sir, thanks for your comments today. Option analyst Mr.Sanjay,Good evening sir.Waiting for your analysis.I see more trade on 5800 CE rather on 5700PE.Any updates on this ? which may decide the market move?

shr said...

DR Saheb,
Aaj US markets aapko Badhai aur Shub Kaamna de rahe hai :-)

anmpatel said...

is it possible that nifty can resist at 5582-5585 (MLEMA-WLEMA) or 5604-5606 (DHEMA-JNSAR)? as you said in last hour post that you consider this bounce as ST only as larger T/F reversal is accepted.

can you guide me one more system which is best to hybrid with JNSAR?

my qustion might be looks silly to you and other seniors, but now a days as a jnsar trader i loss profit on last lot approximately 120 points. this will happen with me second time if tomorrow jnsar hit at open! as I am still holding last lot.

is it something my mistake or this is normal with jnsar trades?

it would be great help if you include this in premarket view.


anmpatel said...

please read-lost- in stead of- loss-

Anandha said...

Thanks Sanjay & Ilango sir. Good Information.So today could be trend deciding day if there is a follow up.Thanks !

rajapvt said...

Good morning everyone. My understand on MLEMA (5585) to be considered on 30 April 2013 and WLEMA (5582) to be considered on 12 April 2013. Today we should consider whether we stay above DLEMA (5524) then we should go long for DHEMA (5604). If we stay above JNSAR, then we should go long with stoploss of 20 points till today EOD and tomorrow. Ilango sir, please correct if my interpretation is wrong.

Anandha said...

Ilango Sir,
If this is the reversal from this huge correction.
Rally from 4765 to 6110( June 2012 to Jan 2013)
Correction to 4474.5 --- How can we define this correction?

Anandha said...

Sanjay Sir,

How do you see the option action on Infy expecting results tomorrow?

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