Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


vksoni said...

new signal from tt.......closes above hhema in oversold area

Atharva said...
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Raghavendra said...

Dear Parimal and All,

SBI has clear 5 wave down in progress with Wave 5 in a diagonal ending triangle. Bottom line of the triangle has running supports at 2018 to 2002 levels. While upper line has resistances at 2095 to 2105.

On daily chart huge RSI-14 positive divergence.

This decline is only WAVE 1 of larger decline.

Below 2020, significant support at 1972 and 1945 ( 50% and 61.8 % retracement of upmove of last year).

Only below these will doors to 1600 to 1800 level open.


shriram said...

Nice Atharva..

@ Ilango ji: hi prob bull flag intra , if 61.8% retrace holds sir ?

Parimal said...

Thanks Shriram
Mnth 5EMA 2758, HEMA 2833, LEMA 2581
CMP is 2800, so what do you mean by month EMA?

STOCK4SURE said...

a small bullish WW developing in nifty 2 min charts
5561-5558 is support from where an upmove abv 5581 may start

shriram said...

Hi parimal:

static bole to pichhu waale mahine ka close 5mnEMA.. bole to 2733 mota moti

punter log patli galee se katne ka try karenge :-)

Parimal said...

Hi Dear Raghavendra, thanks
SBI: on day chart all 14RSI, MACD, Stochastic, DeMarker-- all have positive divergences.
Hrly chart also has positive divergences, but yet to give confirmation!!

STOCK4SURE said...


may lend support

Amol Sharma said...

5582 is important for , getting above it is the key.

Nandi Sharma said...

Online Commodity,

Comments academic discussion ke liye hain, tumhare vigyapan ke liye nahi.

STOCK4SURE said...

wipro 440pe
yesterdays close 20p
high today 40Rs

STOCK4SURE said...

wipros otm pe like 420 ,410 and 400pe were just 5p yesterday close
cmp 24-18-13

Fire said...


It's good to know that you are observing the market so closely. Most of the well-know indicators have usage we remain unaware of. But to use an indicator truly, one must dedicate a good amount of time. The best example of that I can imagine is the Tech-table above created by Master. Before coming here, I had no idea of HEMA, LEMA etc. and I guess the popularity of these concepts in recent months is mainly due to
this blog.

Keep up your good work.

Parimal said...

Wipro is just hurtling down, as if no tomorrow

Parimal said...

Even though Infy and Wipro are down, TCS is up, what does this indicate??

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-5555, S1-5541, R1-5573, ATP-5585, VWAP-5585

Evenly matched day till now, 5700CE writers have taken made sure that the level could be the ceiling for this expiry, with 5500PE writers slogging it out to remain in contention for the base, nothing much intra though staying above 5579 in Future is positive...

Thanks & Regards

akki_tank007 said...

Fire Sir

Same here with the high and low ema concepts sir. but slowly and steadily i am able to grasp it.

thank you

mayank jain said...


Wipro price is demerged price that is listed today and it's a new future contract starting from today.

Badri said...

Wipro drops after splitting non-IT business into separate unit .

The large-cap IT company has equity capital of Rs 492.57 crore. Face value per share is Rs 2.

Shares of Wipro turned ex-scheme of arrangement today, 9 April 2013. The company demerged its non-IT businesses like consumer care and lighting into a new company to focus exclusively on information technology.

In November 2012, the Wipro board had approved demerger of the non-IT businesses Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting (including furniture business), Wipro Infrastructure Engineering (hydraulics and water businesses) and Medical Diagnostic Product & Services into a privately held company to be named Wipro Enterprises.

As part of the deal, investors would receive one equity share with face value of Rs 10 in Wipro Enterprises for every five equity shares with face value of Rs 2 each in Wipro, or receive one 7% redeemable preference share in Wipro Enterprises, with face value of Rs 50, for every five equity shares of Wipro. They also have the option to exchange the equity shares of Wipro Enterprises and receive as consideration equity shares of Wipro held by the promoter. The exchange ratio will be one equity share in Wipro for every 1.65 equity shares in Wipro Enterprises. Each redeemable preference shares shall have a maturity of 12 months and shall be redeemed at value of Rs 235.20.

prakashbkc said...

GM Master,

In TT at 11am all row is green then why buy signal is not given?

chetas said...

VAH : 5579, POC 5571, VAL 5563

Value range has contracted to 16 pts, NF range was 36 ponts.

though broke PDH 5586.5, Also resisted today at 5592 levels, day befor VAH and the big selling zone 5592-94, 2 days huge volume happened here.

Now ranging between PDH 5586.5, and VAh 5579 and Atp 5585 levels

Tushar Thete said...

GM Master & All!!

Seems Nifty not able to close > DLoEMA

STOCK4SURE said...

Bn making higher high but nifty yet below prev high of 5580ns

STOCK4SURE said...

5593 is 55ema in 30 min charts
may give res to upmove
unwinding not coming in 5600ce yet so may see some res here

Anandha said...

5625 seems to be strong resistance. Once crossing this we may see huge up move.


Observations & Opinion :
LH & LL formations on daily charts.
6112 5854 (258)
5971 5663 (308)
5971 5604 (367) (Triple Top)
5755 5534 (221)
Golden Rations @ 61.8%=5671, 80%=5711 (Sale & SLO)
Positional long can be safe only above 5755

akki_tank007 said...

need some clarity on 5 ema trade.

should we enter the trade as soon as we see the price crossing the low ema or should we wait for the eod close above low ema to enter the trade

J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Update:
Nifty Spot
Modifed H4 BUY@5572
Reached partbooking@5592
TSL can be maintained at
breakeven for remaining.

STOCK4SURE said...

fractals indicating move towards 5680 till tomorrow

Gita said...


Good Day.

Which do you think is the closest proxy in Indian Equity Market to play the potential explosion in USD-INR and Crude? This info will be helpful for small players like us. Thanks.

Parimal said...

Nifty resistance comes at 34hrsma

shriram said...

cool, the bull flag's playin out intra..

tgts 5558+45 = 5613

St. WkLo @ 5635 & Dev.DHi 5610 are the RES zones to book out now

J.R.Julius said...

I think after several days trading above VAH!

shriram said...

** small correction 5558+45 = 5603, my bad :-)

Guru said...

Shriram - 5603 is exactly breakout as per Niftyrange :)

J.R.Julius said...

A Big Mathematician of our JN family
forgot addition. LOL.

shriram said...

@ JRJ:

gettin old prolly, brain long gone joe ;-)

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