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The greatest secret of all: become a hollow flute to allow the divine songs to start flowing through you.....

What is knowledge?
And why are all those who have become awakened deeply against it?
Knowledge is a device to fight with existence.
Knowledge is a tool in the hands of the ego. Knowledge is the basic ego trip. Just as money is, power is, knowledge is also - but more dangerous than money, more dangerous than power, because knowledge is more subtle.
Lets revisit the old story of Adam's expulsion from paradise. That parable has multi dimensional meanings.
One of the meanings is Lao Tzuan: God created the world, and he told Adam not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge - but why particularly the tree of knowledge? In fact it seems absurd. Had he prohibited Adam from murder, we could have understood; had he prohibited Adam from moving in sex, then all the world religions would have understood. But God prohibited neither sex nor violence but knowledge. Knowledge seems to be the original sin. But why should God prohibit it?
Why is knowledge dangerous? Because the very effort to know the secrets is aggression. The deepest aggression. The very effort to unveil mysteries is violence. And the very effort to know means you are getting ready to fight.
The part is trying to rebel; the part is trying to have its own centre of being separate from the whole. The part is trying to become the centre of the whole itself!

Once I heard a great philosophical dialogue. I was sitting in a rich man's house, in his beautiful drawing-room; he was chattering constantly, but then the phone rang in the other room and he had to leave me. It was good that he left otherwise I would have missed this great dialogue. Just by my side there was a big bowl, and two goldfish were swimming in it. The younger one suddenly stopped and asked the other: Do you believe in God? The younger fish looked very philosophic - a seeker. The old one said in a guru-like way: Yes, If there is no God who do you suppose changes our water every day? All concepts of God are like this - Who do you suppose created the world? Who do you suppose goes on controlling the world, managing the world? Just small minds, small concepts.

God is not a concept. So remember when I say 'God prohibited' I don't mean that there is somebody who prohibited. I simply mean that this is a way of saying something. EXISTENCE prohibits knowledge. Existence allows innocence and prohibits knowledge because in innocence the part merges with the whole, remains one with the whole - and the moment it starts knowing, ego arises, ego crystallizes. The part is no more flowing with the whole now, now it has its own mind - to do certain things, not to do certain things; now it has its own choices, now it has its own likes and dislikes.
This is the meaning of the story: suddenly Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise. You must have wondered where that paradise is. It is not a geographical place, it is a psychological state of mind. Innocence is paradise, knowledge is expulsion.
Every child is born as Adam or Eve and remains in paradise. But then we start teaching him, we start conditioning him. All these teachers and people who condition, all these people who try to make a child knowledgeable, are the serpent who convinced Eve that if you eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge you will become like God, you will have your own centre as God has his centre. If you know, you will become something other than you are. The whole of knowledge is a seduction to become something which you are not.
All knowledge is creating future, all knowledge is creating desire to become something which you are not. Innocence is to enjoy that which you are, knowledge is to make the effort for that which you are not. That serpent was the first teacher of the world. That serpent created a rift, and the rift was between being and becoming. All knowledge creates this rift between your being and your becoming. It creates a DREAM. It creates an allurement, an illusion that you can become like gods. But - you are not gods, you can become like gods.
Innocence says you ARE, there is no need to become. Otherwise is not possible - you are part of the whole, you have the same quality as the whole has, you are HOLY. Innocence says you are already that. Nothing is to be done. You have simply to enjoy it and celebrate it and delight in it. Knowledge says: Try! Make effort! Do things! Discipline yourself!
Remember, the day a child starts thinking of the future he loses innocence. Only up to that moment, while he goes on enjoying the present, is he a child, innocent; uncorrupted is his being. Becoming has not entered in, he is still in paradise. Paradise is nothing, paradise is a capacity to enjoy yourself right here and now. You are in paradise, but still you have lost it because you cannot enjoy here and now. You are thinking, planning for the future, somewhere when you become like gods, then you will enjoy it. Knowledge creates future. Knowledge creates desire. Knowledge creates becoming. Knowledge is SANSAR, the wheel. When you are in the wheel you go on round and round and round reaching nowhere. Knowledge is the world.
Does a rose flower try to become a lotus flower, or a lotus flower try to become something else... they are not stupid, but they are still part of paradise. The rosebush just by your side is still in paradise but you are not. The child just sitting by your side may be still in paradise but you are not. I am just here before you, and in paradise, but you are not. So paradise is not a question of geography, it is a question of inner space. Knowledge creates the rift, it corrupts innocence, it makes you old, otherwise you would remain always like children. And when God says, and he says perfectly rightly, that 'unless you become like children you will not enter my kingdom of God,' that is the secret key to open the closed doors of paradise again. Knowledge expels you, not God.
The moment you become knowledgeable you are expelled automatically, nobody expels you. And the moment you drop knowledge and become innocent again you are accepted back, nobody accepts you. Knowledge is a device to fight with the whole, and how can you fight with the whole? It is just like a drop of ocean fighting with the ocean; it is going to be a miserable, very very miserable, hellish phenomenon. How can the drop fight with the ocean? It can go on fighting, but there is no possibility of it ever conquering the whole. It will be always in defeat, and that is the hell, always defeated, always a failure.
And Lao Tzu says: Knowledge is the only sin. And all those who have awakened to their inner innocence say the same. Drop knowledge, and become innocent, childlike again. Regain your lost childhood, and suddenly you have become a sage, a saint.
Those who are interested in knowledge, their whole effort is to know more and more and more. They go on accumulating, and the more they accumulate, the more they are burdened. You can look around - everybody seems to be carrying such a heavy load, crushed under his own accumulations; suffering, but still clinging to it because he thinks it is something precious. If you watch yourself you will be surprised that you go on clinging to your agony; you go on desiring that some day, somewhere, the ecstasy will happen, but you go on clinging to your agony, you never drop it. Remember, it is not clinging to you, it cannot cling to you, knowledge cannot cling to you, you cling to it. Not only do you cling, you go on growing it, you go on helping it to grow more and more. 
The whole effort is to learn more, to accumulate more, to know more. And the more he knows the less he becomes inside, because then the being is lost more. Then he becomes a heap of information, a junkyard, and he cannot find himself, where he is. He is lost in the jungle of his own knowledge.
Just the opposite is the student of Tao, the student of truth, not of knowledge, the student of being, not of becoming. He is just the opposite. He goes on losing day by day, he unburdens himself, he unlearns.
A German philosopher came to see Maharishi Ramana. Of course he had travelled long, and he must have thought much about what he was going to ask. When he reached Ramana he said, I have come to sit near you, to learn much. Ramana looked at him with deep compassion and said, Then you have come to the wrong person because here I teach only unlearning. If you have come to learn you have come to the wrong place, go somewhere else; but if you are ready to unlearn, mature enough to unlearn, then you can stay here. He was right. Near a sage you go to unlearn.
You come to a sage to unlearn. And that is the greatest surrender. It is easy to surrender your wealth, because it is outside you.
 It is outside! You can drop it easily. But your knowledge becomes an inner phenomenon, it gets inside you, it is difficult to surrender it. It is easy to learn a thing, it is very very difficult to unlearn it.
Unless you move beyond the mind, for you are identified with the mind, you cannot drop it. All meditations are techniques to move from the mind, to gain a little distance from the mind. When you are separate from the mind, only then is there a possibility to drop something, to drop knowledge, to unlearn. That is his gain. He gains by losing day by day. That is his learning, he learns by unlearning day by day.
Medicine is medicinal, just like that, meditation is also medicinal. It makes you whole, integrated, healthy. Pay attention, listen to it as meditatively as possible.
When you listen meditatively you understand,
when you listen concentratedly you learn.
If you listen with concentration, you will gain knowledge,
if you listen meditatively, you will lose knowledge.
And the difference is very subtle. When you listen attentively, attention means a tension, it means you are tense, too eager to learn, to absorb, to know. You are interested in knowledge, concentration is the way towards knowledge; mind focussed on one thing of course, learns more.
Meditation is unfocussed mind, you simply listen silently, not with a tension in the mind, not with an urge to know and learn, no, with total relaxedness, in a let go, in an opening of your being.
You listen, not to know, you simply listen to understand.
All schools, colleges, universities, teach concentration, because the goal is to memorize. Here, the goal is not to memorize, the goal is not to learn at all, the goal is to unlearn. Listen silently, and don't think that you will forget. There is no need to remember; only that which is rubbish has to be remembered, because you go on forgetting it. Whenever you hear the truth there is no need to remember it because it cannot be forgotten. You may not be able to remember the words but you will remember the essence - and that will not be part of your memory, it will be part of your being.
This is the greatest secret of all, the greatest miracle that can happen to anybody, and that is - you simply become a passage, a vehicle, a hollow flute, and divine songs start flowing through you. You just don't come between you and yourself. That is the whole of all yoga, tantra, religion. Please, put yourself aside, don't come in the way. Just stand by the side and let the chariot of God pass.
If you can learn only one thing - how to stand aside, you have learnt all. And then you become aware that everything is going on by itself. The whole is working. The part is not needed to work, it only needs to participate. It only needs not to create trouble and conflict. It only needs to be with the whole.
To be with the whole is to be religious. 
To be against the whole is to be worldly. 
-Leslie Gelb.
Especially for the traders who keep chattering about their "doings", it is important to surrender the doer at the end of the day and start being innocent again. It is only by dissolving the doer...either by a small meditative talk with God at the temple or at your own sacred place, expressing gratitude for choosing you as His flute to pass divine songs..both success & failures are His alone..that you keep your sanity to face another day with humility. And this must roll on till your last day on this earth. Get rich quietly.


Manish said...

Goodmorning master,

That is a masterstroke....

Can come from you only :-)

Thanks for sharing this masterpiece.

Regards Always!!!

gauresh59 said...

Many many thanks sir,
for this write up.
Read this article again and again, perhaps more than 5 times, also wrote down whole article in black and white in my dairy and tried to find out important words to underline them.....but failed, because each and every word got underlined, and underlined not only in my dairy, but also in my mind.

May Almighty help me dissolve the doer at the end of each and every act.

ranjit tater said...

Pranam Guruji,I have just experienced The Truth.I will be a changed person from today it self. Keep changing life by your golden words. Pranam again.

Parminder said...

Master ilango,
Thanks for a beautiful writeup to awaken ur senses and come to life,
It can only come from a Master like u.
Thanks for being there always.

Crorepathi said...

I could hear the flute at distance being played while reading the article.
Ultimate of Advaita is to unlearn the difference seen in Dualism.

salimkabani said...


I intend to joint the group to be ur student and other senior's also.

I would like to learn Elliott Wave Principle.

I tried to send a test emial but it show
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Please grant permission to be a member.
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Thanks for guidance and kind co-opeation.

Raaj Kumar said...

"you simply become a passage, a vehicle, a hollow flute, and divine songs start flowing through you" - How soothing this line is and how much difficult to become that vessel...... E G O doesn't leave easily,
the best article i ever read in Just Nifty,,,,

Unknown said...
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Kumar said...


durga said...

the article has given hope to live again . to have a rebirth.i just wonder how the policy makers on education ignore such wisdom .at least at degree level they should initiate thease life enriching knowledge.

venkatapathy l said...

@ Ilango

A big thank you for the finest piece of guidance to live a life in paradise.

Eternally indebted to you,

Love and regards,


rajan said...

Good morning respected sir,sir i feel this is a master stroke,the essence.the crux for enligtenment,a real game changer in ones life.Feeling just like a layman in this world of controversies.must begin again as a fresher.Thanks and regards.Cant express my gratitude in words for such a beautiful article.

shriram said...



but just a thought,

is knowledge the real devil or is "tendency of human mind to feed its ego, to create self-identity" the main problem ?

often get visions of us being mere bio-robots / self -replicating puppets.

Just like how we have created Robots with Steel Hardware & Programming Software, we also may just be Flesh n Bones = Hardware & Mind = Software

Mere puppets, who dont know that the real ESSENCE / CONTROL is from some other plane of Existence / Conciousness !!

Jayaprakash Nayak P V said...

dear brother,thanks for best article,i am practicing shivyog meditation,my guru avdoot baba shivandji always says that all the knoledge is exist with in us but it is covered by knoledge of ignorence,v hav to relies all the knoledge of ignorence through meditation sadhana than all the real knoledge comes from with in,

Jayaprakash Nayak P V said...
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rajiv malik said...

great material for the upliftment of the soul, from you, as usual ilango ji !

here is what businessline says on nifty-

NIFTY (5,783.1)

The Nifty reversed from the intra-week low of 5,681 to close 94 points higher. The movement of the index over the medium-term can be guided by these levels:

The Nifty has key short-term resistance at 5,862. Reversal below this level will mean that the index will withdraw to 5,408 or 5,170 in the coming months.

But a move above 5,862 will mean that the index will move on to 6,112 and then to 6,300 in the medium-term.

The movement of the Nifty next week will give us clues about its medium-term trajectory.

For the short-term, Nifty faces key resistance at 5,866. Traders can hold their long positions only as long as the index trades above 5,670. Decline below 5,600 will imply that the short-term trend has weakened again.

Waquar said...

Ilango ji, have gone through the post once, still in two minds, how can knowledge be the sin ??

It is the in quest of knowledge that has allowed man to make such improvements and developments in all fields ranging from healthcare to Space Aeronautical industry, is all that knowledge waste ? The learning process is the only process which helps us to evolve and grow, which can only be fulfilled by gaining new knowledge isn't it ? The knowledge of EW helps us to put the market into perspective. Please forgive me, but this article doesn't quite makes sense to me, except for the last part which you have written about trading...

Ilango said...

The understanding happens depending on one's experience, consciousness level, etc.

It is good few have expressed their doubts.

Read this article again with a different approach. See if you can get a new perspective.

I'll come back later.

The_Unprejudiced_Observer said...

Q : Who said.. "What is in the Name"?

A : Shrikrishna Yadav said that.

No... Shakes.......

Kumar Technicals said...

Really different thoughts, thank you ILango sir for sharing such exclusive post..



Ilango said...

Just as money is, power is, knowledge is also - but more dangerous than money, more dangerous than power, because knowledge is more subtle.

Money is dangerous in the hands of those who use it in the wrong way;
Power is dangerous in the hands of those who use it in the wrong way;

Knowledge is more subtle that it has created "monster teachers"..."intelligent villains"... but the point that is being raised here is quite simple:

Seek the knowledge for utility and once the job is done, get back to "no-knowledge status". Thus remaining innocent again, a child again to be in a blissful state.

We have seen innumerable or should I say most change once knowledge is acquired that they even start to look down on their own father..mother. That is the sin-power of knowledge. For the one who can remain as "water on lotus leaf", acquiring knowledge would not affect the "self".

It is to soothe the agitated mind of a trader who is close to me, I suggested that everyday after the trading is done, dissolve the doer. Once you have removed all thoughts, especially your winning & losing, you become your normal self to be with your loved ones and conduct your life in the way you would want to. Your knowledge of trading would not hinder your happiness.

And next day, you start again...saying a silent prayer to God/ Universal force that you're grateful for this opportunity given to you to be able to make trading one more day.

The doer disappears and the trading life goes on quietly. Here, the knowledge will not touch you as you are the hollow flute through which the divine songs are flowing.

As most find it hard to resist the power of knowledge, God told Adam not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge.

Man has evolved since then. Some have been able to master the art of "using knowledge in a righteous way".

We are sent into this material world with a mortal body.

Use this body to the maximum to have a meaningful way; Use all the materials available to have a meaningful life using your imagination. The trick is in your "balancing act".

At a distance, things always look manageable but as you get closer to, the seductive powers of these overpowers most and changes them in the wrong way.

This awareness should remain with the "Keen student of life till the very end".

Dinesh Palanichamy said...

I am lost of words to thank you for this beautiful message. Please do suggest some techniques "to unlearn".
Your suggestion of "Meditation b4 Trading" is really awesome, as a novice trader i find immense help CTRL'ing the emotional issues.
Awaiting your deemed persuasion.
Thankyou once again for this write-up, Master.

Gita said...


Thank You. Alwayz knew Paradise is not a geographical location but never knew its location geographical or otherwise.

This Post has brought Paradise within the reach of everyone!.

Waquar said...

Thank You Ilango ji, Got it :)

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