Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-II


STOCK4SURE said...

addition in O.I in 5600pe is more than 30lakhs intraday

yeh kya ho raha hai???

Nandi Sharma said...

Ravana was having great knowledge but due to his ego & negativity, what happened to him ? You may be master of 9 SMA, 8 SMA or anything else but whats use of it if you are destructive only. Some months ago one gentleman was asking same questions here & interesting thing is that his language & style was similar, anyone can tally the same. Why dont you start your own blog & start showing your brilliance there?

gauresh59 said...

dear mmarketman,

just read the post:

sir has clearly stated : "JNSAR is GOD here. It may be just another number for you. Not to us. Any problems. Should I apologise for making it a GOD. OR should you apologise for hurting everyone's sentiments."

Make your own number as SAR and follow it...so simple.

Dinesh Rishi said...


enough of your bla bla blaa

We accept that you know how JNSAR is arrived at

We accept that You know EW is nonsense

We accept that You know one cant trade as per numbers

We accept that you the smartest trader of this universe, please leave us alone.

If you have any self respect

Show us your trading style if its better than ours.

If you have something special and worth trading to share prove yourself or leave us alone.

Atharva said...

4th april gap 5644.45 - 5672.9
3rd april gap 5744.95 - 5748.10
15ht mar Gap 5850.2-5872.60..sitting tight for these Gaps..

Vicky said...

I Second what Dineshji is saying...
Though I would have been more cruel with my words to Mmarketman

gauresh59 said...

DR sir,

Many many thanks.....

cooldent said...

sir that book......only for married people? :(

Ilango said...

@ cooldent,

All the more good if "unmarried" reads it first and gets married later.

mmarketman said...

@ Dinesh,
why so irritating?
I am saying the things which cannot be a discussion point? why? Because it criticizes somebody?

mmarketman said...

@ Dinesh
It was not expected from you at least who has shown his trades for entire one year with SAR method on his blog

Parimal said...

when one tries to outsmart, one does so out of deep-seated desperation.
Hello marktman
draw a longer line

Dinesh Rishi said...


I think I have replied all your doubts.

Still if you have any you can ask.

and if you are smart trader prove it or stop spoiling decorum of this blog.

SJkolkata said...


With folded hands I request you to please stop this discussion for other's sake.
Other students are getting distracted as well as time is wasted on your issue.
I have never seem Ilango sir reply so much and get diverted from the market.
I request cause Sir can loose concentration and we all can loose big money.
Regards and Thanks in advance,

mmarketman said...

Don't know ..why people here are expecting only praise......why not taking "raising question is ones own thinking and might be true or will be true one day".....why so rigid?????

varun kumar said...

@ Dear llango sir, DR sir.
With your kind permission and being a unskilled student, I request you and all of our blogmates that we should not entertain these type of virus at our blog and over a period of time when they will tired with their barking attitude like a mad dog, will be clear off automatically from our blog.

Sir, if my idea, hurted u then appolize me .

mmarketman said...

@ SJ
ok will discuss after market hour means in EOD thread......topic is closed in market hours......ok?

autostrada said...

Questions to be asked in aftermarket hours when battle is not on... Not when u r in battlefield,...Also with right attitude and proper lauguage...
Otherwise mind ur own business.... or I will make you understand in my punjabi way...

Dinesh Rishi said...

varun kumar


some time when mosquitoe bite me, I ask myself why God created this menace creating creature

Ask this question you will get reply :D

mmarketman said...

5800 CE price not declining even nf falling in last 5/10 minutes

Rajvada said...

Good after noon !

Could this up moove be a-b-c of A and then B follows whipshawing. It looks to me corrective in the form of A-B-C for the entire fall from 5971. If that be the case, long may not help much in B. Your views on this possibility please

Ilango said...

"5630"- EW number;

Below it, correction continues.

Holding it, impulsive upmove unfolds.

varun kumar said...

Understood sir.
Thanks & regards

Ilango said...

@ mmarketman,

Have you forgotten?

You are no more my student. Then, why this EOD drama???

Prashant said...

200 DMA is around 5645-50, might be resisted there.

sometimesbullsometimesbear said...

Gold Gold Gold.....Luk like KP dumped his positions....:):)

@marketman pls po da!!!

STOCK4SURE said...


we all know methods/rules for a successful marriage but still have khit pit..more the indiscipline more the khitpit
same way we all know rules for a succesful traders but still have some wrong trades..same more the indiscipline more wrong trades more losses

STOCK4SURE said...

4th knock at 5640-48 wall
will it breakabv now??

mmarketman said...

No drama.....genuine questions...no criticism........plzz....don't colour it with any shade

Dinesh Rishi said...


Yo Yo Honey Singh

"Shant Gadadhari Bheem, Shant"


SJkolkata said...

DR sir,
When mosquito bites you amongst everyone, you should better thank God that your Blood is the sweetest, thats the reason leaving everyone the mosquito comes to you.
Think +ve only.
Master and All,
A few days back I had pointed that looking at the screen the calls of 5500-5700 series are having buying interest from the heavy hands and thats the reason there is no unwinding and I feel the same will continue to rise without much unwinding and only profit taking.

mmarketman said...

and I am keeping mum now......

Ilango said...

@ mmarketman ,

I'm only human.

I have already coloured it very badly.

Go learn humility when you go for learning. You have no respect in your heart.

Search deeply before it is too late.

We all wish you well wherever you may choose to go.

Parminder said...

Dineshji ,
Gud afternoon
Relax and chill with this and tell

Ilango said...

"Rajvada" asked whether it could be the end of an "A" wave from 5477 to XXXX.

It is possible. But we are looking at it from technicals angle also which suggests of a larger retracement unfolding. And it'll have its own "pull backs" along the way. Today's EOD would be the first important clue.

Once we have this larger picture clear in our mind, we approach the market at critical overbought junctures based on Day & Hour T/F. And they haven't reversed as yet.

Sahil said...

Sir Ravinder Jadeja is bullish on nifty :P

Dinesh Rishi said...

Parminder ji

ਵਾਹੇ ਗੁਰੂ, ਜੋ ਬੋਲੇ ਸੋ ਨਿਹਾਲ, ਸਤ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ ਜੀ

RishiM said...

One way to resolve this issue.

There is investing.com website which has live prices for SGX Nifty. They have an page called "sentiment indicator" where a trader can click long or short signal on live prices.

This would also be helpful to JNSAR newcomers as to whether we are long or short in a trade. Some seniors can maintain a page with their trades.

STOCK4SURE said...

addn in 5700pe started near 6 lakhs
total O.I in 5600pe is near 94L and 5500pe is more than 1cr
generally at this time of expiry they write OTM ce with upmove and otm ps on downmove
adition in OTM ce not happening with upmove
is some big move pending in nifty now??

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 1:00PM, Pivot-5557, R1-5612, R2-5655, ATP-5619, VWAP-5619

5600PE writers have just stream rolled into the OI table and now a close below 5600 looks improbable till expiry, the next part of the up-move should start with aggressive addition starting at 5700PE now…

Thanks & Regards

Guru said...

Illango -- yenna nadakudhu inga, inniki oru naal konjam late achi inga varadhukku, adhu kulla oru ranagallam ayirukku inga ?? nifty yennadana korea oda missile vegathula poguthu... inga yennada na orutharu nanga pudungura anniye sari illanu solraru..

vazhakam pola innikum na miss panitean JNSAR eh trade panradhuku.. yenna kodumai sar idhu..

gauresh59 said...

@ mmarketman,

That's what we want.

SJkolkata said...

with nifty OI at its highest in last so many months it is very obvious that some big move is pending.
would like to see 5850+ this expiry.
choti si aasha......

Rajvada said...

Thank you Master for your explanation. The larger retracement(B) you referred could be for the fall from 6112-5477 (A).

STOCK4SURE said...

SJ sir
aap aage badho hum aapke saath hai
inquilaab zindabaad

Parimal said...

hi SJkolkata
i clearly remember your post regarding OI of 5700 etc. i request you to kindly teach me this method, will be grateful

anmpatel said...

61.8 at 5649 resell area as discussed earlier. is that view nagated? or partbook adviced?

STOCK4SURE said...

my guess ns may dip towards 5623ns to test 55ema in 5 min charts and then may try to move up again near eod

SJkolkata said...

I am also come here to learn but would definitely love to share my inputs if it can be of any help to others.
That judgement of mine was not in isolation but it was based on a few other factors i.e.
1. Highest OI in nifty forced me to think of a big move but in which direction?
2. Continuous additions in calls in OFM series but the prices were maintaining the ATP gave an indication that the buyer is strong, otherwise the prices would have died in its own pressure.
3. Follow up action in Puts where it was evident that there was continous selling and prices were under pressure.
4. And the foremost, now the price action. If the big move is to come than this price action needs to substantiate the above points.

Ilango said...

@ Rajvada,

Larger retrace come into play once 80% of 5755-5477 is crossed.(5699).

Presently @ 61.8%-5649.

Ilango said...

@ anmpatel,

Some kind of "running correction may be on" presently.

Running correction: During uptrend, normal corrections make lower highs & lower lows but in running correction, higher highs and higher lows are continued.

Parimal said...

thanks for the very kind answer. it is a bit tricky for me at the moment, hope will grasp it.
kind regars

Ilango said...

Earlier resistances of 5593-5610 should act as supports incase "5630" is broken.

Saurabh said...

One question pls answer , what is length to wave B, if wave A is from 6112-5477. Pls guide the lenght of Wave B at min and Max.

Saurabh Shukla

deepak pinto said...

Amidst the long frenzy
We have 5649 61.8 in ur retrace table
5646 R2
Is a sort of ed done at 5645.95
If so some pull back must come below 5646 49
To 5620 approx

nath said...


Parimal said...

Gold-Silver are decimated, it is good for Indian economy.

krishna varma said...

Sanjay jaiswal Sir,Thanks for your views.Happy trading.

suresh said...

sir ji,
trying to figure out 5630 ?

Debdeep said...

Mkt perfectly trading in a 5 min wedge.

Ilango said...

@ Saurabh,

The corrective "B" is yet to be confirmed; will be done on "Thursday".

B correcting a "3 sub-wave A" could retrace any %, even more than 100%.

Ilango said...

@ suresh,

5630.15 recorded @ 12.26PM is 3.2 low. Hence, weakness below it.

Now, tighten it @ 5633.

Ilango said...

@ @ suresh,,

Once the high is cleared, tighten it further to 5637.70.

Sujatha said...

Julius - future 5677 - not taken out is -ve according to me..will take one ulta position with SL of 5714 future. playing with kids is big relief. morning i went out with my D and just back.

Sir - உங்க கூட சண்டை போட வந்திருக்கிறேன் உங்களை யார் பதில் கொடுக்க சொன்னது சும்மாவா சொன்னார்கள் பாத்திரம் அறிந்து பிச்சை இடு என்று தகுதியில்லாதவர்களுக்கு உதவி செய்வதும் நல் வழி படுத்துவதும் கூட தப்புதான்னு எனக்கு தோணுது
certain limit for everything.. i am the worst experienced person in this "way" full of "scars"
:P :(

anmpatel said...

reliance break out from range 804-764. result might be positive and help nifty to go up.

Rajvada said...

Thank you Master. My new learning today- Step by step confriamtion of mooves- smaller degree to higher degree.

Parimal said...

SBI holding gains above double top

Saurabh said...

Dear Sir,

Thank You for reply. In continuation, i want to know literature's of Elliot wave learning via books . Thoroughly understand mark the waves for practise. Pls provide me names or links post market session. once u Update your EOD. Being long here in your blog as visitor, i am able to decode your TT but remain helpless in wave counts.

I am seeking your time to mail me at saueish2002@gmail.com. meanwhile i am going through your elliot wave link at your blog. Thank you in advance.

Parimal said...

RIL above 3 tops and also about breakout resistances -- two swing lows

Guru said...

Sujatha - Mikka nandri, idhe dhan nan kooda sollanum irudean..

Parimal said...

EWP: by Becmen to know the funds, for application Ramki Sir's book, and also EWP at this site

Ilango said...

@ Rajvada,

This is precisely being missed sorely by EW students.

Watching sub-waves unfold helps one to sit relaxingly with clear "invalidation points".

Today is a perfect continuation of yesterday.

STOCK4SURE said...

intraday range abv 100pts

Saurabh said...

Dear Parimal,

Thank You. Proper name of Author would be nice. Pls reply me at saueish2002@gmail.com.

Parimal said...

Elliott Wave Explained by RCBeckman,
for Ramki Sir E-book book visit wavetimes.com

Dinesh Palanichamy said...
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