Monday, April 29, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-II


CDG said...

Dear Ilango,

only 1.5 days left for Month to finish. If Month try to assert/force itself (currently 5852/56 is supporting well) then we might see some violent move downwards to around 5750. What are you views on this.

Ilango said...

@ CDG,

We haven't seen any weakness in Day & Week; hence, presently we rule that out.

This consolidation can be even upto 5800-20 without affecting the technicals. Only a close below DLEma should alarm the bulls.

CDG said...

ok thanks Ilango

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 1:00PM, Pivot-5895, S1-5870, R1-5913, ATP-5898, VWAP-5898

Neither the CE nor the PE writers in mood to go aggressive, maybe everyone waiting for the BIG DAY on 3rd May….

Thanks & Regards

Sambhrama said...

@ Pattern Trading

What are the chances that a descending triangle seeing an upside breakout?

J.R.Julius said...

Personally WISH to see downside.
Market may hold surprises who knows?
Let the sleeping range break 5925-5900-5860
Honestly could not guess anything
Simply watching 30m t/f with Lines

Prashant said...

Even a monthly reversal may be asserted with a close above Mhema at 5942

The_Unprejudiced_Observer said...

Is the spring getting tightened...?

Raghavendra said...

Dear All,

Observations on Steel stocks : Investment perspective

After making highs at respective 21 Month EMA in January below stocks are falling constantly and are now poised at critical supports.

Jindal Steel : Current price - ~298.

Huge Daily & Weekly RSI (14) , RSI (9) Positive divergence.
Huge Slow Stochastic ( Lead indicator) positive divergence.
Previous supports : 293 , 287 (61.8% fall from 753 ). 267 (Previous support/resistance).

Tata steel : Huge Daily RSI (14 ) & RSI ( 9 ) Positive divergences.
Resistance @61.8 % of last rise, 21 Day EMA price is now falling with a "Bearish engulfing" on 26th April.

Next supports are : 287 and 265.

Sterlite industries : Perfect Diametric pattern on Weekly Time frame and now looking for a good upmove as part of "G" leg.


CDG said...

Yes that possibility do exist but to me it appears that the ODDs are little less in favour of that. Indicators might like to vent off from Overbought region and that may stop crossing of MHEMA.
Anyway we just have to follow NS on either side.

SJkolkata said...

Very correct that the spring is being recoiled to extreme to test patience of all,
JNSAR is positive but bias seems to negative with lots of writing in calls and buying of puts.
will the situation turn table, will lead to the elastic effect.
May be, we will see a final short squeeze in a day or two.

SJkolkata said...

The volumes are a big concern. literally NO volumes at all. Almost 2pm and we are at 33lk of nifty.
such volume dry up after a big runup, can be a major cause of concern.

Sambhrama said...


is it possible to post a chart with wave markings for the same?

vksoni said...

expecting a new high above 5925
reason hour negative divergnance
market fall after new high

Sambhrama said...

Dear Ilango,

if 5925 is maker A/V then can we now consider a 5th wave reversal now?
how to validate the reversal?

please guide


Raghavendra said...


Is the chart for Sterlite industries you are requesting ?


CDG said...

What is the usuall volume in Nifty (which you can call as normal)? Thanks

Sambhrama said...

the reason for this question is that since last 30 min Ns is just below HJNSAR...
so thought for considering above....

San said...

NIFTY Intraday Update: CLICK HERE

Sambhrama said...


good question.

but iam with SjKolkata as i have observed that on most every monday the volumes are less than average....

my be FII participation is less due to day gap between time zone... not sure just a wild guess....

Sambhrama said...


timely info pal... thanks

SJkolkata said...

For last 15 days average volume of nifty futures till 2pm is coming to 68lks.


SJkolkata said...


Last monday volume of futures till 2pm was 9458800 i.e 94.6lks compared to 34.50lks till now.


Sambhrama said...

day trading view... number of factors started to line up towards indicating down side... but due to solid consolidation period little worry is about an BIG UNSEEN point of invalidation...

under your yelaam arivu, what it may be master
;-) ;-):-)

CDG said...

@SJkoklata Thank you very much

Sambhrama said...

on 7th attempt HJNSAR breached...... jai ho master....

Atharva said...

Good Afternoon to Master & All

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