Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nifty completed the 3rd and pauses....


rochak parekh said...
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Anandha said...

TT started turning RED. Lets see how far it turns RED.

rochak parekh said...

u know friends

how much % a PUT or CALL can gain in a matter of 6 HOURS only

10000 %, yes, u read it right TEN THOUSAND PERCENT

if u dont believe


pantaloon 140 PE, april series, yest closed at 0.05 paisa

today made a high of 5 rs.

a gain of a whopping 10000 PERCENT on a daily basis




My post alone should never be considered , to take a trade on put or call of any scrip.

Take it in another way, HOW MUCH CAN ONE LOOSE trading a PUT or CALL.

Suppose somebody had bought a call of strike price 160 , he would have lost 80 % of his capital, since its previous close was 10 rs. and low made is 2 rs.

GOOD THING IS to remain on the RIGHT SIDE of a TRADE

Sambhrama said...

dear ilango,
again today your emphasis was on 5711....

some days back I have just posted a novice question asking about how to confirm the price trend once it passes 5711 on either said... many times it happens that it will cross 5711 with 10 points and for 5 to 10 min and reverses drastically....

the reason behind asking this simple question is that you manage your trades cleverly at certain levels like 5605, 5538, 5511 and so on which make it to look like simple but on live its been little tricky to manage...

it will great if you can explain this...


Ilango said...

@ Sambhrama,

Each statement's relevance could be different due to the T/F being discussed.

Today's statements were quite straight forward.

After witnessing a struggled climb to 5732 from 5704, the retrace came @ 5715 for 61.8% & 5710 for 80%.

The logic for weak below 5710-15(aggressive below 61.8%; conservative below 80%) was that:

If the final wave is sub-dividing, it would hold either 61.8% or 80% and if it breaks, then a short term top is made.

The last rise retrace of 61.8% for that fall came at 5669 and market stopped there.

Since that fall was of 5 sub-waves, only zigzag correction has such a 5 sub-waves and zigzag does not retrace more than 80%.

Hence, suggested a weakness around 5715, 73.6% with a decider @ 5719(80% of the intraday fall from 5732 to 5669).

Subsequently when it fell to 5689 and started to pause, a quick retrace for 5716 to 5689 was done and its 80% @ 5711 was shown as revised decider.

This way you dynamically manage your trades. Ofcourse, you could opt to just take a "set number of points" from each trade after identifying the "Low-risk-high-reward entry points".

Knowing these decisive numbers(Need not be all the time but they are often acts as a key number) helps to reduce stop losses and sit relaxingly "Till market takes its own time to proceed in the direction it has chosen which you have perceived correctly".

It helps a lot in remaining calm and accept the prices as supreme.

Fibonacci series is in every creation of GOD. And it gets reflected in human behaviour also in their mass buying & selling. EW puts in a "whole picture" so that you identify the point of retracements...

I hope it helps.

Sambhrama said...

dear ilango,

thanks a lot for support...

nath said...

@rochak parekh
the options of pantaloon had to be compulsorily closed yesterday due to some scheme of amalgamation of company with peter england etc..from today new set of strike prices were introduced,that was the reason for anamoly

Pattern Trading said...

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DR.SGM said...

Dear sir,if this upmove breaches into the territory of 1'st downwave,their arises the possibility[provided this upmove breachs the 80% of the downmove] of BIGGER 5'TH WAVE,surpassing the my observation valid? expecting your valuable comment on this view.thanking you.

rajiv malik said...

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rochak parekh said...

dear mr. nath

thanks for ur kind views

kindly explain, since i have holdings and interest in pantaloon too,



Sujatha said...

night prayer - OMG "gap down" open-aye namah!!!

Ashwin said...

@ Master

closing above Hema hold longs and go with the trend until its broken. Trusting this system has worked to perfection! Same applies here too! Hope i m right

Ashwin said...

@ Sujatha sis

gap down below todays loW and below hema would change my current track! but

US down 2% namma sgx down 35 points. Kela poguma nu doubt ah iruku! Koncham help pannungalean! Aduthu yenna???

rochak parekh said...

us markets falling as if there is no tomorrow


shr said...

Master has again cautioned on watching the world markets and correlating to our nifty trades.
Over the last few months US markets have made life time highs while we have corrected 600+ points (about 10%).
Simply watch JNSAR, tech file and the TT like a hawk and carefully follow all the master's market views and comments.

rajiv malik said...

मेरे लबों पे दुआ, उनके लबों पे गाली,
जिसके अन्दर जो था, वो ही तो बाहर निकला !

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