Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


vksoni said...

Friends today
is expiry and lets have a contest here.
Aprail nifty expiry guessing contest.
The rules are simple- There are only 3.
a) Just call out the series close for aprail
b) No wild guess. A reason is must. Everyboday must give a expected close figure and reason for that.
no range (4000-4050) ,only one figure e.g.4000
c) You need to do it After 9.15 today and before 2.30.
Seniors plz contribute.

Ilango said...

@ salimkabani,

If it is "A" which had 3 sub-waves, it could retrace any %, even more than 100%. Had it been a 5 sub-waves, it is limited below 80% retrace, preferably @ 61.8%.

Hence, move past 5985(80%) is a possiblity.

Hemant said...

5800 (Dev week Hema)

Ilango said...

Holding "5877" is required for immediate new highs.

prakashbkc said...

thanx Master,

if i wave as 5477 to 5607 then this v th may target 5792+(5607-5477)=5922
5792+1.618*(5607-5477)=6000 which also coincides approx of 5985?

Is this explanation correct in view of week & month closing Master?

Tushar Thete said...

@ vksoni
5783 (Day Hema)

Ilango said...

@ prakashbkc ,

That is a guiding principle for target calculations.

sandeep said...

gm master ,dr ji n all

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-5830, R1-5865, R1-5887, ATP-5888, VWAP-5888

Based on price action and the option additions, most probable Expiry range for the time being could be 5865-5930…

Thanks & Regards

chetas said...

CNX IT index has filled the gap at 6073, created due to Infy 11th Jan gap

Ilango said...

Height of last consolidation: 5845-5792=53 points.

Break out point @ 5845.

"Min." target: 5845+53=5898. Done.

vksoni said...

my guess for expiry is 5917. 80 points above last close.reason day s macd may turn positive today.looking at momentum nifty could done 100 point and close just below it

divya thakor said...

is that acorrect count?
5.1=5791.55 to 5824.35
5.2=5824.35 to 5796
5.3=5793 to 5889.60
5.4=5889.60 to 5882

Ilango said...

@ divya thakor,

A high possibility.

Weak below "5888".

Sahil said...

Ilango sir, Wont wave 3 subdivide?
i mean after 5.2(5824.35 to 5796)
1.3(5796 to 5844)
2.3(5844 to 5833)
3.3(5833 to 5887)
4.3(5887 to 5882.6)a=5887 to 5875; b=5875 to 5889 and c=5889 to 5883
and 5.3 is on?
Please Guide.

Ilango said...

@ Sahil,

Many such possibilities in such "tiny T/F". Individual should manage it with a "Trailing number".

Parimal said...

Today Nifty is gaining more than BN !! is this giving any clue?

shriram said...

G.Afty master & JN Family,

Smelling a Super Bullish expiry, can Nifty show 6K ??

... lets c :-)

krishna varma said...

Expiry may be at 5880 level

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