Friday, April 12, 2013

Nifty, having come close to WK.Pivot-5614, fell on trend assertion, aided by Infy.



" If you can master only 20 feet circle from the driving seat,
with steering & break, you can surprise " Ferrari Drivers "
for your safe,confident & skilled driving "
Only 1st & last lesson of uneducated but most referred and
respected coach among educated ones.

I love Tech-Table as steering and SLO as break.
You know love is blind.I love to be blind to others to enjoy
the full depth of love.

Aly said...

Dear Blogmates,
This is going to be a long post but at the same time I think people should read it because it is based on my true experience of last 5-6 years in stock market. I am one of the silent readers of the blog who is trying to follow it and learn from Illango’s wisdom. I am writing this only because of the general disappointment from behavior of people. Most of the people have started criticizing Illango for one bad call, however none of them is present here when his system generates profit 10 times the loss in this episode. I know that it is very difficult to change the perception of people but I believe this will atleast give some solace to people who may have lost. Because I also know how it feels like losing your money.
First of all, everyone should recognize that Illango here has created a Good trading system which is a good enough system which can give you much much more profit if you follow it properly. It is also very easy to follow. Please also note that this is a trading system only and you are bound to make losses also. If you think trading is only about making profit, I recommend that you to please stop trading and invest in bonds / FD. At least you will make money. But if you have wrong notions like "A trading system always generate profits" then you will be left deep in losses
I want to share my story here. I entered stock market in 2007-08. Over the course of next four years I managed to lose almost my entire capital (almost 90%). To understand the magnitude, my losses were in the range of lakhs. Almost whatever I saved in 4 years, I managed to lose in stock market. This was till March 2011. I started reading Illango’s blog in Sep - Oct 2010 and started learning but not following till March 2011. By March 2011, I was left with 10% of my Original Capital. I decided that I will follow his system to the hilt. To be frank I am yet to achieve perfection in following the system. Frank assessment would be that I would have followed this system less than 50% of the times. But the result is by the end of March 2013, I had recovered 100% of my capital. And experienced people can tell how easy it is to lose 90% of your capital and how difficult it becomes to recover that amount with 10% of the capital. It is still a loss because due to my earlier losses I missed out in investing in real estate in 2009 which would have resulted in actually doubling of my capital. Still I am satisfied with the results. Because I have learned much more here than what I have lost in monetary terms. And I want to acknowledge that this is because I have been regular to this blog for last two years and it is because of this blog only. And that I have learned a lot here starting from position sizing, risk taking, entering and exiting the trades. I can only say that I have learned not even 50% of what is being taught here daily and still trying to learn more. But the point is with so less learning, if I can recover all my lost capital of 4 years in 2 years, people who are better learner can certainly do much more.

Aly said...

The following in my opinion is holy grail of trading:
There are two types of trading systems: Very Good trading systems and Normal trading systems. A very good trading system will generate 70% good calls (I believe Illango’s system is one of the good trading systems and also easiest to follow). A Normal trading system will generate 50% good calls. Anything below this, the system is not worth following. Even with 50% good calls you can end-up making huge amount of profits. This is explained here: A normal system gives 50% right calls and 50% wrong calls. Lets say gain on each right call is 50 points and loss on each wrong call is 20 points. If you follow this system properly, for 10 times, you will make 500 points and lose 200 points. You are still a gainer of 300 points. Also remember this gain will increase your capital and with right position sizing, you can improve your win ratio further.
However more important point than this is: There are two types of people: good traders and BAD traders. Identify who you are. It is very critical. (Easiest way to identify is if you (a) try to predict tops and bottoms regularily(b) You donot have stop losses or donot follow them properly resulting in keeping positions even after huge losses however squaring positions with nominal profits. If the above two are true for you then you are a BAD trader). If you are in second catagory, stop trading immediately and first improve yourself as a trader. Because as our dear DR says, “Markets are not going to shut down tomorrow. They have been around for a long time and will continue to be here for a long time”. You can always come back later after learning and make money. However, if you lose money then it becomes difficult to recover it.
Illango is not a GOD. He is not always 100% right (and can never be. This is not to belittle his achievements but this is the fact). However “in my whole life”, he is the best teacher / master I have ever seen. His dedication is something you will not see in other people. He doesnot give calls, he guides people. He wants his followers to learn art of trading, not to follow calls blindly. If you are still doing that, my suggestion would be for you to stop trading. If you just want to follow call, not learn trading then there are many people in the market who are giving daily calls. Go there and follow them. But as explained earlier, first become a good trader. Otherwise you can go anywhere on this earth and follow the best trader and best trading system of the market, but you will never make money.

Aly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aly said...

Today people have written that they lost so-so points. But how many of you came here to thank him for your profits? I clearly remember in Jan - Feb 2012, there was a 1000 point gain from his system. In fact with his calls and guidance, it would have easily become 1300 - 1400 point gain. I don’t remember anyone coming and thanking him at that time. And this is not one-off event. I dont see people thanking him for profits. People do say sometimes that "THEY made a profit of so and so points” but do not acknowledge his contribution. Yes on a Teachers day, I see people posting Thank You messages but that is all. Today, there are some losses and people have started criticizing him. And this is one of the reasons why we as a nation are taking so much time to prosper. We are always in front in criticizing but never there to praise people. Nobody even recognizes the fact that inspite of huge personal losses (loss of near and dear ones), Illango has not stopped this blog and still continues with dedication to this blog. I can easily calculate that if I can make my capital 10 times in 2 years with not even properly following his system, how much he would have earned by now. Still, hes there everyday to guide people SELFLESSLY. Go out, search and think truly how many people are doing this free service on a daily basis?
I didnot want to write this today as I was waiting to recover even my opportunity loss before thanking him but as I am writing this, It strikes me that there is never a right time to thank your teacher.
Dear Illango, Today I want to take this opportunity to :
Thank you for teaching me and others the art of trading and surviving in this market
Thank you for leading me to recover my losses
Thank you for always being there inspite of your personal losses (which can never be fulfilled)
Thank you for persisting with this blog inspite of harsh and undue criticisms to you
I pray to GOD for good things and happiness in your life and to give you strength to continue your selfless service (Just being a bit selfish here  )
I can keep on writing and sharing my story or sharing my system. But I also recognize that “Good traders don’t need a system and BAD traders can never utilize the best trading system on this earth.” So come here and learn, and if you make money, thank people. If you lose, learn why you lost, avoid those mistakes in future. Criticizing anyone is not going to give you profit.

Tanvi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tanvi said...

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suraj804 said...

Dear Aly ji,

I have of late started understanding little TT. I feel myself a toddler trader who is learning how to take steps by the guidance of Respected Ilango Sir, watching TT continuously and by reading the interactions of my blog mates among themselves and especially with Respected Ilango Sir and by doing small trades on the basis of TT. Thanks to Respected Ilango Sir, things are slowly opening up, I feel. Also I am thankful to Dear Sriram Sir for teaching me how to start using TT as a child trader.


sonam dey said...

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shriram said...

@ Aly,

well said. Ilango is a true teacher.

The perquisites of being a good TA / trader :-
1. Humility
2. Grace under fire
3. Seeing REALITY (of price and of life in general)
4. Acting when the Rule / Sytem demands it with courage

For all the madness surrounding us in this world, this is one sane, grounded , simple yet amazingly insightful Human Being

Take a bow, Master :-)

Rajvada said...

Thank you for the great post. I appreciate your thoghts.

Anandha said...

I truly appreciate Ilagno sir for his continued discipline in writing this blog. Never missed his discupline in posting three times a day,Pre market view& post market view.Also a lesson on every week end.One have to ask himself/herself, "Have I ever been followed like this anything in life before question the system of such a disciplined person?". If you can find answer then you will also have an answer for your losses incurred today.All those who are long yesterday would have booked profits @5590-5600 levels after 2:30 as there is a major news event today.Do not blame someone(market/trading system/broker/Call advisor) for losses.Its you who made this loss, learn to recover from it.

venkatapathy l said...

@ Aly

Well said. A big thank you. I intended to write, but I'll keep for another day.


Swami Shivkumaar said...

"If you can bear to see a rise from 5477 to 5649 and hold your shorts, you may ignore the intraday swings".
Sir made this suggestion around 1.15 PM.
Most of the people including me would have made losses in the trading, but after following and understanding this wonderful system, many would have started generating profits.
I have a request for all the friends who trade based on JNSAR Kindly update the excel on a hourly basis during trading hours that Sir is sending every evening and see the movement/divergence of technical indicator before taking the position. Yesterday by noon itself 9DRSI was turning down and 14HR RSI has turned down. Long positions are not justified and on top of it yesterday JNSAR(5606) was not triggered till EOD, so where is the question of long trade. This is a fantastic system it is upto to the individual how they use it, It is very easy to blame on the loss but let us look at our understanding of the system. this can happen only by self effort.
Sir you can delete it if you think it is deviating from the blog's principle.

suresh said...

sir ji,
please guide-- how to correlate JNSAR of spot
with futures ?

Anandha said...

Ilango sir, Could you please add a column and post the SL for every hour, so that new traders may get clarity on SL where they should exit. Hope that could save at least few of them from losses. After all we play with our hard earned money here. :)

Renju S said...


Well said...and better put in words.

The post was really a big one. Same story as yours from my end too...



Hemant said...


Good One and happy to hear you recovered your losses :)

Ilango Sir is real Master

Krunal Gajjar. said...

Mine Also Same Story Aly sir,

Thanx to ILango Gurujee...

With Alysir I Would also take Opportunity to Thank You.

Dinesh Palanichamy said...


A much notable critic. I second you. But i wish to bespeak for the comments n questions raised by various members of JN Family.
They might have asked those queries just to perfect the application of the system in their trades.
Mark my words, no person is good enough to criticize neither our Master nor his invaluable system n service.
Our blog, is identified as an educational site and not as a BUY/SELL tips spammer. I believe members agree with me in the same essence.
Seniors and Experts here try to spoon feed the budding traders, to learn the art n science without facing the hard way.
Moreover, our Master is not a soft target to collapse with pessimistic comments. He has the mother's heart, so he won't get affected, rather he would sympathize for them.

Dinesh Palanichamy said...

There are two rules for Success:
1. Never tell everything you know.

But our Master.Illango Sir, is "an open book", he has nothing to hide. Moreover he doesn't wish to hide his secret of success.

Sourav Kundu said...

Aly, great post. Very true!

Aly said...

Dear Dinesh P. & Other Blogmates,

As i have stated earlier, I donot want to criticize anyone. I just wanted to share my story. When I read all the criticism, i felt why not to say thanks to Illango today instead of waiting for some other day. That was the sole reason for the post.

Also as I have stated earlier, I know how it feels like losing your hard earned money. I have lost lakhs and continously for years. And I have realized most of the people lose because they have either not understood the system or they are not good traders. So people have to accept this fact. Most of the people accidently come accross this blog, try one or two trades, win some lose more because they cant sit tight on their winning trades and then leave the blog saying the system isnot good. The fact is NO SYSTEM CAN GENERATE 100% PROFITS. If such a sytem could exist, then markets wont exist because then everyone would follow the system

I understand that peole want to learn. But people also need to understand that Illango is a human being however great he is. He is also trading and has to constantly analyze what is happening in the market. In fact he is shouldering far more responsibilities because everytime he is giving a guidance, he is putting his neck on the block. He is infact very prompt to retrace if he thinks he has miscalculated. People trust his guidance but people should also realize he can not be 100% right everytime. Tell me where on this earth you will find people with these attributes. All the people who give call have standard disclaimers that trading is your own risk. They give you target and stoploss. So you have to follow it here and everywhere

Again to sum it up, I dont want to criticize anyone but just to console people who may have made losses today. As I shared my story, if I can recover my losses of 4 years within 2 years that too with 10% of the original capital so can all of you. Just have patience and follow the system. If you dont understand tech-table leave it follow JNSAR. Dont try to become master of everything on Day 1

rochak parekh said...

dear friends

with so much noise around for nifty hitting 1700-1800-1900, is this not right time to buy it for 2-3 months

in fact, i have bought infy 2400 , april series call for rs. 33, close rate 30, with 9 trading days around for expiry, should i hold this call till expiry, OR square it off on monday itself, at negligible profit or rate to rate,

KINDLY feel FREE to advise


Parimal said...

i wanted to write the same way but had crunch of time. it is not a tip providing system but an educational one, although Dear Master guides consistently during the market time which no one would do with so much zeal, kindness,patience, depth of knowledge and so on. yet some people are grumpy. since they have failed to understand that the Master does not control the market. it is painful to see that people have lost sense of gratefulness. it means that they are simply greedy. even i have lost, but i know that it is not due to JNSAR as a system.
i have a simple observation: larger trend is quite bearish, these sudden upmoves are spikes and bounces. one should have waited for market to settle a bit to take a trade.
thank you for such a good post.

Jeetendra Mistry said...

@ Aly, Harish and Anandha,

Good Acknowledgement of Ilango Sir's contribution to this Blog.
Good suggestion of SL every Hour.
No System may be as perfect as this one.

Please suggest SL every hour, which may be too near, which may be attached to Trend, Volatility and may adapt to gap-up or gap-down situation.

Varied views by M-W-D-H t/f may be well-synchronized.

siddique said...

Hello !

I visit this blog sometimes primarily for one reason and that is to observe and admire Ilango's immense patience , dedication to his methods and to his members and to his blog, his love for his members , his perseverance , his sincerity, his discipline , his wise counsel and patient and constant guidance and tireless efforts to teach and not dominate.
As far as i am concerned , a person needs love , encouragement, moral support , wise guidance and dignity.
If he gets these new strength comes to him to renew his efforts to solve problems and to survive with dignity.
Numbers are not that important as the teachings that produce these numbers.
Am 61 and i have across lots of brilliant and genius persons but very few like Ilango.
Do not lose him.
God bless.


Sujatha said...

Dinesh palanichamy - u have mentioned two = No. 1) is OK. what is the second one??? pls. post.. that's very true..i learnt that one in very hard way..unforgettable in my life time whether in market or life...

request u again to post the second one. tks n advance.

siddique saab - GE :) trueeeee...அது சரி உங்க வயசை நிப்டியில குடுங்களேன் அடுத்த வாரம் இருபத்தெட்டு + அறுபத்து ஒன்னு நன்றி

Dinesh Palanichamy said...

@Sujatha Sis,

Funny isn't it. The meaning is u can't expect one to reveal the secret of success.
Once it is revealed then there is no secret.
In other words, don't discuss ur success and its formula to others.
That's what R.H.Lincoln proposed to say the world.

Dinesh Palanichamy said...

@Sujatha Sis,

You might be knowing what the experienced traders advice the novice...

"Keep ur feet on the floor, when you hit PROFIT as if you were in LOSS...

shriram said...

@ Dinesh:

Master's Cental teaching is "See REALITY of PRICE in the context of higher Degree Support / Res"


There is no secret. JNSAR is his contribution to help simple ppl TRAIL a ENTRY.

Any SAR system, being based on MAs will have "n-1/2" bars lag wrt TREND that it is trying to Track !

If one understands this, they will stop taking ENTRY based on a SAR.

Pls understand what master has taught & use SAR to trail , NOT ENTER !

Ashwin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashwin said...

Dear master...

very sorry for whats happening here! Just two things

Dear Folks

1. Guys whoever s happy with Ilango sirs works ... Just ignore ppl crying and get rich slowly!

2. People who are happy finding faults or doubting his system can suggest a better one ... If they really do have some or find something better and leave him alone ... Pls

rajiv malik said...

arz kiya hai-

Itne chehre the uske chehre per ke aina tang aake toot gaya.. at Mushaira, Jashn-e-Bahar :)

Soura said...

No words to tell you, how much I respect you

Soura said...

I am perplexed to know you through your blog only, you are so disciplined and so devoted. I told my family members how you came back after those recent mishaps in your family and was so objective about your work. I have always been a silent reader of you for last 6 months and may be first time today I am posting. I salute you as an individual for your devotion, consistency, discipline and selflessness. You are a great human being. Sorry blogmates for my lengthy post.

rajiv malik said...

professor siddique ji,

you have echoed the sentiments of the majority of those who religiously follow just nifty and our beloved ilango ji !

including yours truely !

DNSHUKLA said...

It is painful to see tranquility of this blog being disturbed by some immature, selfish , tip providers/seekers. There are 100 of sites which offers free tips and also many bloggers providing paid tips. People who can not trade on their own can join them. This blog is educative and you have to initiate your trade taking the guidance given by the table.It is not bad to ask for hand holding initially but you have to make efforts to stand on your own. In this process if you fall most likely you may fall number of times it is neither your mistake nor trainers mistake.
Now as long as this trade is concerned market rallied in last 2 days in a Down trend in anticipation of Good result from Infy. It was an event day. Had Infy repeated the performance of October 12 same JNSAR should have given more than 100 points. My principle dont have any position on events day. You may lose some times you may win also.
If some one lost in this trade this is not the mistake of JNSAR or Master.
As long as I remember there is initial stoploss of 20 points. Even if some one entered on 11th at 5606 stop was 5586 which was hit. Where is the need to cry and criticise the system or master.On 11th 2.15 PM bar made a high of 5610 and trade might have triggered but 2.30 bar made a low of 5572.7 taking out our stop. I request new comers to read and understand the rules before taking the trade and do not criticize the system for your fault.

Sujatha said...

@Dinesh - whenever i post something i have mentioned the reason also so one must note down that and can watch..apart from that it's very tough to "teach my observations and intuition" that's impossible i am mostly depends on this only :P :( and teaching is an art..that's possible only like "ilango sir/dr/shriram/fire/mynac/sanjay" like people ( i missed a bunch of people due to space (kindly bear with me) I AM BIG ZERO in that :D and regarding the "intution" also sir has posted one article veryyyyyy longggggg back :)

San said...

INFOSYS Weekend update: CLICK HERE

rochak parekh said...

thanks SAN

expecting feedback from other friends also, for my 2400 april infosys call bought closed at 30 yesterday, m y buy price 33



Dinesh Palanichamy said...

@Shriram Sir,

Very AN. I have witnessed miracles by the teachings of our Master.
I agree, our Master always sees the context of higher degree Support n Res.
He was constantly saying all these late trading days for a close higher than the LowEOW/EOM, to confrim the trend reversal.

@sujatha Sis,
I am big admirer of ur "Ulta Bulta" views. To be a successful trader a contrarian view should be had ready-made.
To be frank, i know nothing apart from how to place entry in ODIN b4 joining the JNfamily.
The discussions in the blog, triggered me to read n understand what is TA( still not passed class 1).
Application of ones knowledge of TA in trades is the most difficult job, is my understanding.
There comes the secret of success, interpretation n application of knowledge of TA.
All the credit goes to our Master, and many more who helped me, if i were to mention are Dr.Patel,JRJ...( the list is almost endless)

Sis, sometimes U used to remind the classic tomato sauce ad "ITS DIFFERENT" with ur "ulta" views.

Dinesh Palanichamy said...

typo err, read as "am a big"

Ashish Sankhla said...

Weekly Important Pivot Level for Next Week :

Nifty Spot Weekly :

R3-5734 ↑
R2-5672 ↑
R1-5600 ↑
PP-5539 ↔
S1-5467 ↓
S2-5405 ↓
S3-5333 ↓

Bank Nifty Spot:

R3-12160 ↑
R2-11801 ↑
R1-11605 ↑
PP-11247 ↔
S1-11051 ↓
S2-10693 ↓
S3-10497 ↓

Happy Trading :)

Sujatha said...

Dinesh = ada "Neenga tamil nandu"?? :) Nifty spot expecting 5572/5603/5616 first (EST target) "oru call vangittu, oru call-la nikkiren" :D :) hehe below 5500 only weakness.. expecting this MACD histogram will give something for up??? asai - vittadha?? huh..

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