Monday, April 8, 2013

Nifty closes below the last pivot low of "5548".


rajiv malik said...

well known market expert nikstrade has written on his facebook page-

Nifty is Down 450 Points from Jan,,,Now everyone convinced 5300 5100 is coming,,Broking houses business @ all time low,,Retail Participation is Nil,,,This is ideal situation for sudden upward rally,,simple rule Market like surprises,,,


i too feel that all is not that bad and my response to nikstrade is-

i completely agree with you Face Profit. interestingly it is these very people who are talking of 4500 used to say @6000, buy every dip. india is a great story and also used to say that if ever you get a decent correct of ten percent. do not miss it. interestingly now no one has the guts to say like you are saying......this is the time to buy. now these tv channels are doing crystal ball thinking and are bringing big bears who are saying market is going to crash. why did they not have the guts to say that market is going to crash @6000.

can someone tell me what has changed in the indian story that market will keep falling as if they have no base !

Amol Sharma said...

narrow range candle expecting arresting this down move tomorrow.

Amol Sharma said...

@ rajiv malik I will suggest you to find Bazaar Shatra show from YouTube.

rajiv malik said...

@ amol sharma ji

not clear as to why you are recommending it just to me. i think it is a great program should be watched by everyone. maybe you liked the monkey story which was recently told on bazaar shastra.

Sahil said...

follow the trend ppl, trend is the key.

rajiv malik said...

can it bounce from here-

rajapvt said...
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rajapvt said...

Expect the unexpected, market gives lessons every now and then. Trader should be like Chameleon. Let's follow the market trend.

rajiv malik said...

dear rajapvt,

you said- Rajiv Malik ji, Expect the unexpected. Tomorrow a new day for the new number on Nifty.

what would be this new number.....up or down is not clear !

Small trader said...

Good Evening.

Mambala Season arambamaiduchu. Yenna saiya

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