Friday, April 12, 2013

Nifty Intraday Update-I


Nilesh Patil said...

@Sujatha Sis
Very Good morning

Pr M said...

Thank you for your gracious comment...I am a silent follower and gained much from your only concern was that the blog should encourage free flow of ideas and am glad that you regards

magna said...

Ilango sir,
Yesterday infosys sar 2867.Infosys close also buying, what happened today?So your method is correct?

manojag said...

Request you to post developing JNSAR only with the 3.00 pm update.
Further if every one reads what Ilango has maintained for last two days was that it would be a sell area around 5630-40.So taking a long would have been whipsawed in any case. And even if one takes a trade based solely on the basis of SAR, there is always a possibility of a gap opening!! This is unavoidable.

cooldent said...

Im following this blog since almost three years now.
So many people come and go. So many have been here since the beginning. But the story remains the same. When jnsar makes big gains no comments. When jnsar whipsaws or makes gapup/gapdown loss so many comments :(

shriram said...


CMP Trading @ or < St. Dlo again, the corrective from 5478 -5611 , is it done?

prakashbkc said...


AS per ur yesterday comment I created short in may series fut & holding.
Yesterday I bot NF April at 5550 Spot sell 50% at 3pm today i got out luckly with loss of 10 point
Do it is prudent to create short further now?

rajapvt said...

problem with people is following different system when they experience bad. people do not try to stick to a (proven) method. as soon as they got hit, they move out from that system and try a new one. There is a saying that, Rolling stone never collects mass.

J.R.Julius said...

Idli Cooker whistling!

deepak pinto said...

i have a question to ask.
u have put 16.00 hrs and put up hema lema and 5ema in premarket.
these are levels before the hr is over as market ends 15.30.
are these levels available before the hr is over or are subject to change depending on the hrly close.
also looking at the close was though above jnsar but dipped below the hhema. May have been a clue to exit longs.
and sir
i would like access to the TT
so that i could look at it on a hrly basis.

Anandha said...

@cooldent well said. Every technical tool/indicator have limitations.Market is supreme of all.People who can not bear the risk should not carry overnight positions. Questioning to learn makes one aware of manythings. But questioning someones ability will make u think negative and does not allow to learn. Up to the one which way they want to be.Ilango sir found a good Indicator which shows market move.Lead indicator always leads the direction of market.I love it. :)

Sujatha said...

cooldent - absolutely right..:( donno in this kind of situations y they are not ready to use TT or any ema system???

Julius - now spot 5503 is the tune master,hardnut too breakes will give......Oops..

ITradeForProfit Daily said...

Yesterday evening I suggested that Nifty was giving out a red candle, which for me was a warning signal not to trust the Bulls.

Today, as of now, the candle is green. Will not trust the Bears unless 5519 is breached decisively and confirming today's close below that.

shriram said...

@ rajapvt: its "moss"

if speaking from a physics perspective , Dr. Albert Einstien has a rather differing view's_Mass-Velocity_Equation

Higher the velocity of the ROLLING STONE, towards infinity goes the MASS :-P

STOCK4SURE said...

a small bearish WW developed in ns charts
saw it after markets
trgt was near 5520 near 11.00am
thought it will be fake one at night as global cues were positive and the way nifty closed at end was not justifying it
but more often seen charts dont lie ,its our mindset that we try to overlook such patterns and indications

rajapvt said...

SMO: Thanks for correcting it. PHYSICS or MATHEMATICS, I do not know :P

gauresh59 said...

@ cooldent,

This is so because they want to have profit in each and every trade. Some traders have habit of not to accept even a small number of whipsaws.

The evaluation of any trading system should be done after completion of certain period of time and not at the end of each transaction taken.

STOCK4SURE said...

now a + WW may develop in nifty charts
ns may dip below 5540ns and then may move up again towards 5619ns

also an expanding triangle developing within WW pattern
trgts below 5540ns

will it be done today only??
IIP and inflation no to be announced today
if not upto expectations then may hear huge THUD sound

gauresh59 said...

Let me put my own talk at this point:
Once asked to one of my teachers, “Sir, is it possible to have profit in each and every trade taken.? Is there any system?

Sir replied, “Gauresh, even if there is any such system, it is dangerous.
Expectation of profits from each and every trade taken is harmful in the long run. If it happens so all the time, it raises our ego at higher and higher level and does not allow us to accept the market and learn from our mistakes.

There must be some number of trades in losses to control our ego level in limit and that will give you good profit. Only thing is to accept the market without any feeling of hurt.”

chetas said...


what is that , I opened that link , and Feeling giddy , scored the lowest marks in Science in my 10th, and never touched the science book again , velocity mass etc, please have some concern for my health, already feeling bad as i missed to buy infy put :))

Anandha said...

SBI Futures is trading in discounts.Stick to your SLs or look for good levels to enter for a trade.

shr said...

Good morning Sir and friends.
Yesterday JNSAR 5604, developing JNSAR for today was 5587 and Nifty closed at 5594.
9H RSI was showing highly overbought and signalling a correction to the rise from 5477 while 35h RSI still had room to go up.
On Day time frame, a bounce from 5477 was on and 5D RSI had turned up.
Week and Month time frames show relentless selling pressure though week 5D RSI had reached highly oversold and trying to turn up by way of the bounce from 5477.
I was HOPING for a bounce towards 5700 but looks like today again week trend has asserted itself and near 100 point drop in the first hour as the outcome.
In Pre market view Sir has said that the first hour will be down but possibility of making new highs either today or monday as long as NS stays above 5544.
So still long day ahead with the uncertainty of IIP data also in the mix.
So my opinion is this month (and most like the following couple) price will head lower and longs will be safe only on a solid close above JNSAR.
I only wish that this does not transform to a trending move down where 4770 comes under attack and we end up making new highs this year.

shriram said...

hi chetas,

he was prolly the single biggest reason, most student started hating physics... fokat mein dimaag ka dahi kar diya ;-)

How is BN looking to simple eyes? Short banta hein kya?

vksoni said...

ilango sir,
fast fall setup in hour 21-34 sma ?

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00AM, Pivot-5585, S1-5552, R1-5628, ATP-5540, VWAP-5540

5600CE Writers have taken the lead, and have added more than 11.5 lacs till now, upside for the day seemed capped for the time being…

Thanks & Regards

Amol Sharma said...
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chetas said...


two things I see on positive side, to me it looks like falling wedge is broken or almost at the verge ,

on the other side since 17th/18th Sep till now, the whole pattern is a big H&S , if breaks big big fall

my guts is first rally then a big fall :))

Saurabh said...

Hi All,

I had asked the same question yesterday as I was also vary of the long JNSAR trigger but we have to take our own decisions & judgement, no method can be 100%.. I did carried the longs along yesterday but what I did to protect myself from this event was buying a OTM put for the culprit Infy itself.. and right now my Nifty loss is much less compared to the profit I got in the Infy put.. and I still believe in JNSAR.. ready to trade again at the next trigger :)..

Thanks All !!

STOCK4SURE said...

some unwinding happening in 5600 and 5500pe
justified after this fall
but addition in O.I. in 5700pe(
are bulls taking this opportunity to write 5700pe at higher premium as they are sure of expiry abv 5700?
or they are sure of IIP and inflation nos favouring them for intraday???

Anandha said...

5584 seems to be trend reversal and probably today could be trend reversal confirmation day if corsses this number on nifty.

STOCK4SURE said...

infy 2500pe
series low is 3rs and high 180

Manish said...

Goodmorning master and all Friends,

Only a Naive would be in net loss if he has been following JNSAR.

If one has understood the system master has created he wouldn't be worried about the small erosion and must confidently look forward to "Get Rich Slowly".

Thanks and Regards Master Always !!

anmpatel said...

oh hello seniors!!

I was not kolawering about JNSAR and gap down.

was just asking to learn what to do if happen again.

abhi and masters comment I got guidance.

no need to say JNSAR is great.


STOCK4SURE said...

2008 fall was started by Infosys on 14 Jan and subsequent big fall cam after a week, Astrologically we are in the same situation.

Sujatha said...

anandha - sorry "no trend reversal" pls.. more to grind.. am busy..

patel - ???? that's all for you??? no i don't think may be for somebody else i think as mostly seniors knows "u r following only JNSAR'

Julius - yenna madhiti cycle gap-la vandi oottaradhe paravayillannu thonuthu..appadi, yeppadi nifty-ye idichikitte poyidareen hehe ha ha no big dreams...

taking lightly and going lightly (by the way thinking of disposing scooty pep+ 2001 model) which one is light weight and best and good now at market? how about vespa new model?? seniors guidance pls. take a break from nifty and post me :) time permits. tks n advance

Dinesh Palanichamy said...

H4 5631
H3 5613
L3 5575
L4 5557

H4 5639
H3 5620
L3 5583
L4 5565

@JRJ sir,
Thanks 4 dis idea... Awaiting 4 many more

cooldent said...


i think u should go for a bmw now

Pattern Trading said...

infy trading at support level of 2380...

Dinesh Palanichamy said...

4 ur Digest:
INFY 3500ce LTP: approx 5
2500pe approx 21, total 26*125=3250.
INFY 3500ce LTP: approx 0.70
2500pe approx 143, total 143.07*125= 17962.5
wow wow

Nilesh Patil said...

@Sujatha sis,
Suzuki hayabusa is good one for you. :P

J.R.Julius said...


Using OPEN(5520.70) - Camarilla Experimental - Nifty Spot
H4@5558 ↑
H3@5539 ↓
L3@5502 ↑
L4@5483 ↓

Experimental Scenario#2
H4@5558 ↑
H3@5539 ↓

Anandha said...

@ Suchi Dhote

Everyone in trade is known of the info.Anything unknown info that would impact the price action?
Please do stop advertises here.

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