Saturday, October 13, 2012

To God goes the glory. Thank God. He led me to you.

On a cold winter morning, a woman was walking down the street when she spied a beggar sitting on a bench. The man was elderly, unshaven, and ragged. As he sat there, pedestrians walked by him giving him dirty looks they clearly wanted nothing to do with him because of who he was — a dirty, homeless man. However, when she saw him, the woman was moved to compassion.
It was very cold that day and the man had his tattered coat — more like an old suit coat rather than a warm coat — wrapped around him.
She stopped and looked at him.
“Sir?” She asked. “Are you all right?
The man slowly looked up. This was a woman clearly accustomed to the finer things of life. Her dress was new. She looked like that she had never missed a meal in her life. His first thought was that she wanted to make fun of him, as so many others had done before.
“Leave me alone,” he growled.
To his amazement, the woman continued standing. She was smiling - her even white teeth displayed in dazzling rows.
“Are you hungry?” She asked.
 “No,” he answered sarcastically.
“I’ve just come from dining with the president. Now go away.”
The woman’s smile became even broader. Suddenly the man felt a gentle hand under his arm.
“What are you doing, lady?” The man asked angrily. “I said to leave me alone.”
Just then, a police officer came up.
“Is there any problem, ma’am?” He asked.
“No problem here, officer,” the woman answered. “I’m just trying to get this man to his feet. Will you help me?”
The officer scratched his head. “That’s old Jack. He has been a fixture around here for a couple of years. What do you want with him?”
“See that cafeteria over there?” She asked. “I am going to get him something to eat and get him out of the cold for awhile.”
“Are you crazy, lady?” The homeless man resisted. “I do not want to go in there!”
Then he felt strong hands grab his other arm and lift him up. “Let me go, officer. I did not do anything.”
“This is a good deal for you, Jack,” the officer answered. “Do not blow it.”
Finally, and with some difficulty, the woman and the police officer got jack into the cafeteria and sat him at a table in a remote corner. It was the middle of the morning, so most of the breakfast crowd had already left and the lunch bunch had not yet arrived. The manager strode across the cafeteria and stood by the table. “What is going on here, officer?” He asked. “What is all this. Is this man in trouble?”
“This lady brought this man in here to be fed,” the police officer answered.
“Not in here!” The manager replied angrily. “Having a person like that here is bad for business.”
Old Jack smiled a toothless grin. “See, lady. I told you so. Now if you will let me go. I did not want to come here in the first place.”
The woman turned to the cafeteria manager and smiled. “Sir, are you familiar with Eddy and Associates, the banking firm down the street?”
“Of course I am,” the manager answered impatiently. “They hold their weekly meetings in one of my banquet rooms.”
“And do you make a good profit from providing food at the weekly meetings?”
“What business is that of yours?”
“I, sir, am Penelope Eddy, president and CEO of the Company.”
The woman smiled again. “I thought that might make a difference.” She glanced at the cop who was busy stifling a giggle. “Would you like to join us in a cup of coffee and a meal, officer?”
“No thanks, ma’am,” the officer replied. “I am on duty.”
“Then, perhaps, a cup of coffee to go?”
“Yes, ma’am. That would be very nice.”
The cafeteria manager turned on his heel. “I will get your coffee for you right away, officer.” The officer watched him walk away. “You certainly put him in his place,” he said.
“That was not my intent. Believe it or not, I have a reason for all this.” She sat down at the table across from her amazed dinner guest. She stared at him intently.
Jack, do you remember me?
Old Jack searched her face with his old, rheumy eyes “I think so; I mean you do look familiar.”
“I am a little older perhaps,” she said. “Maybe I have even filled out more than in my younger days when you worked here, and I came through that very door, cold and hungry.”
Ma’am?” The officer said questioningly. He could not believe that such a magnificently turned out woman could ever have been hungry.
“I was just out of college,” the woman began. “I had come to the city looking for a job, but I could not find anything. Finally, I was down to my last few cents and had been kicked out of my apartment. I walked the streets for days. It was February and I was cold and nearly starving. I saw this place and walked in on the off chance that I could get something to eat.”
Jack lit up with a smile. “Now I remember,” he said. “I was behind the serving counter. You came up and asked me if you could work for something to eat. I said that it was against company policy.”
“I know,” the woman continued. “Then you made me the biggest roast meat sandwich that I had ever seen, gave me a cup of coffee, and told me to go over to a corner table and enjoy it. I was afraid that you would get into trouble. Then, when I looked over, I saw you put the price of my food in the cash register. I knew then that everything would be all right.”
“So you started your own business?” Old Jack asked.
“I got a job that very afternoon. I worked my way up. Eventually, I started my own business that, with the help of God, prospered.” She opened her purse and pulled out a business card.
“When you are finished here, I want you to pay a visit to a Mr. Lyons. He is the Personnel Director of my Company. I will go talk to him now and I am certain he will find something for you to do around the office.” She smiled. “I think he might even find the funds to give you a little advance so that you can buy some clothes and get a place to live until you get on your feet and if you ever need anything, my door is always opened to you.”
There were tears in the old man’s eyes. “How can I ever thank you?” he said.
“Do not thank me,” the woman answered. “To God goes the glory. Thank God. He led me to you.”
Outside the cafeteria, the officer and the woman paused at the entrance before going their separate ways. “Thank you for all your help, officer,” she said.
“On the contrary, Ms. Eddy,” he answered. “Thank you. I saw a miracle today, something that I will never forget. And thank you for the coffee.” She frowned.
“I forgot to ask you whether you used cream or sugar. That is black.”
The officer looked at the steaming cup of coffee in his hand. “Yes, I do take cream and sugar — perhaps more sugar than is good for me.” He patted his ample stomach.
“I am sorry,” she said.
“I do not need it now,” he replied smiling. “I have got the feeling that this coffee you bought me is going to taste as sweet as sugar.”
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Bala said...

Thanks Ilango Ji for sharing yet another wonderful story.

Just a thought came up after reading, why did Jack who was so generous to help even at the capacity of a server, became a Begger ? Isn't life so harsh on him ? Was the suffering he had undergone as a beggar justified ?

I know the take home message comes from the lady..but somehow not able to digest the fact and fate of Jack!!!

Venkat said...

Learning Compassion from market man...

If you thought Osama was the insider, please check this
Who purchased the lease to the World Trade Center (WTC) only seven weeks before 9/11?

Larry Silverstein - a millionaire. When asked why he purchased the towers, he answered, "I felt a compelling urge to own them." Every morning, Larry routinely had breakfast at the popular WTC restaurant called "Windows on the World" .... but on 9/11, he never showed up. Neither did his daughter who worked in building 7 of the World Trade Center. "Windows on the World" was completely destroyed in the 9/11 attacks.


Dig more to know how unimaginably deep is rabbit hole of big money, and don't discount it as conspiracy theory.

parminder said...

Master ilango,
Thanks for sharing yet another story from ur chest with which one should always remember that GOOD DEEDS ALWAYS PAY in the END one DAY.

Nilesh Patil said...

Good Morning Master & Friends

Dinesh Rishi said...

Good Morning Master and Copy to All

Thanks Master for accepting my request, a touching story after a long time.



on the lighter side

Jack was doing well till the day he started investing in stock market and the things became worse when he started day trading

Dinesh Rishi said...

Bala ji


Is any recorded version of seminar available?

srsexpert said...

Thank u Arun kumar Sharma for ur reply reg commodity market timings.

DZIRE said...

Namaste Ilango Sir & all members.

As the cop exclaimed it was a miracle indeed..Thanks for sharing this master.

shriram said...

GM Master,

Magnificient , absolutely no.1

Realization dawns, that there is a long way to go before I call myself "humane" .

These values are aspirational , thank u for the enlightenment!

numchar said...

The more I think it over,

the more I feel that there is nothing

more truly artistic than

to love people.

~~Vincent van Gogh

polyplex said...
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A J said...

Read about this for the first time. Wiki about Larry Silverstein

"However, the morning of September 11, 2001, his wife insisted on him to attend a medical appointment with his dermatologist"

Moral of the story wife never lets you live or die in peace :D

AK said...

yet another fab learning leasson ..thanks master... i must congratulate master for his regular posts in this blog...its difficult job... well done keep it up..

A J said...

Digging more :) - I hope you have seen this documentary "September Clues"

durga said...


Smita said...

I Thank God , that he led me to you through your Blog sir . My thanks to you for taking time out and coming to my level of understanding and clearing my doubts.

Amol Sharma said...

Good Morning Sir !

GM ALL friends.

Crorepathi said...

ROFL lol,same all over the world for beggar to multi billioner...


A J said...

Venkat = Crorepathi ?
Indeed, same all over the world form beggar to "multibagger" :D

sanz said...

thnks Ilango sir for sharing this touching story...i m not a gud speaker nor a gud sharer of my thoughts,i dnt knw wat made me today to take space of ur bolg to write wat is going on inside my heart right now, may b i am a little high than normal of my limits today n not finding the right person to talk with after reading this story... yu knw ur stories n articles reminds me of days wen i was in 6th - 7th standard... my father used to give me such articles to read mostly, n i really loved them as it always showed me the right path to b a better human being.wenever i use to read such article, mostly on ur Blog my eyes use to get wet. i miss him very much as he was my mentor n he only introduced me to ur blog.i didnt had interest in stock market then, i used to visit ur blog on saturday n sunday for the stories. oh!!! i mmiss him so badly :'( Luv yu Dad... signing off... bye...

Crorepathi said...

I am Venkat, some how I commented few comments from Venkat login.
Actually wanted to say that your moral of the story was universal.
Quick conclusion of the tread we were discussing.
US did not participate in WW but sold arms and ammunition to all other country and accepted only gold as payment.
Most of the Gold went to USA
As USD was backed by gold and every ones gold was with USA, countries started USD as international currency.
So this made US to print more money without backing of gold.
In 1970 when France found this raised concern thats the time USA said its USD was not backed by gold but keep it as reserve currency it some how convinced oil producing countries to sell oil in USD as oil was becoming very important commodity for all countries...and again regained it;s reserve currency status.
all was fine untill Sadam Hussain said he was going quit USD and go for Euro so there was again a serious threat to USD and Sadam almost finished the setup to trade euro...thats when USA wanted badly to protect USD so they wanted to eradicate Sadam for that they needed strong reason.
Thats when they engineered 9/11 attack and instead of finding Osama and killing they first killed Sadam saying War on Terrorism :)again they regained reserve currency status and mean while destroying Euro by attacking Greece and other vulnerable this is the story of big money.
Follow the big money by trend following system i.e JNSAR. Price inherits all the news and fundamentals.

Sandy said...

Ilango thank you it got tears in my eyes.

jay shah said...

thanks for the weekend post sir

Suraj said...

Very good post Sir

Piyush Sharda said...

insightful points..

A J said...

Thanks, interesting stuff :)

Ravi Pillai said...

Thank you Sir
A good Story.
GOD has HIS Own Ways

Ravi Pillai said...

Reg 9/11.As time goes more skeletons are likely to tumble
Assange is possible probable source.

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