Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nifty,@ the end of a triangle, is still inconclusive of ST direction.


Parimal said...

mantri deepak
Very poor English. Please join a primary school immediately

Shradha Saburi said...

Good evening Sir, and all friends
everything is going on wall street, positive news ,negative news and rumors also getting added but I
am quite bit relieved because I am with JNSAR.
I do not worry if I get little loss tomorrow,I am always ready for it. this is only advantage if we are with JNSAR.

mynac said...

ह्या देशात मंत्र्यांना सर्व गोष्टींची मुभा आहे...त्याला दीपक कसे अपवाद असतील ...? तूर्तास त्यांच्या फक्त भावना समजून घेऊयात.. :)

jay shah said...

Good evening dear sir i was away today after 1 pm thanks for your kind help sir it was entirely my fault as i was searching on the top of the blog instead of the right hand side as you rightly side. All the archieves are avialable there. Thanks once again dear sir and please forgive ur stupid student for his foolish mistakes. A big thank you to dear parimalji and parminderji for your help. Gnite freinds.

rb9 said...

Not all are well versed like you so no such rude comments pls I beleive Sir will definately like a genuine learner irrespective of command over english !
Coming back to markets below 5688 JNSAR pivot straight to 5544 and above 5722 if sustains calls for unwinding shorts

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