Friday, October 5, 2012

Nifty reverses strongly on completing a 5 sub-waves from 5216 low, the 3rd wave from 4770 low.


Theory and Practical on Nifty said...

I think only 3.3 completed at 5815
3.4 in progress not below 5525

anmpatel said...

hello friends
todays fall remind me of hanging man effect during rise from 4531-5638. after nifty form hanging man next day market fall JNSAR hit saved by just 10-15 point and from next day uptrend resumed. today also JNSAR saved by 21 points. lets see what happens on Monday.

Manish said...

@ anmpatel

Agree with you.But master says the trend is reversed.What say ?

Parimal said...

at this time, SGX Nifty is at 5810, +31 points.

perhaps today's fall was engineered or triggered out of fright and if so, it may not be considered strictly as correction. however, we have to go by charts. we need to wait for Monday for clarity.

Natti said...

anmpatel. The way market traded after the drastic fall showed some confidence still left in bulls

anmpatel said...

master said trend is reversed.
but i am JNSAR trader, still holding last one lot long since gap up opening at 5320.
if you see TT then nifty is not close below DLEMA, 5DEMA is rising, if JNSAR hit on Monday which is 5703 then only i short. its my mechanical trading system which i learn from master. infact master told intraday that in spite of technical a JNSAR trader would have buy with 20 SL.
anything can happen in market my friend. thanks.

numchar said...

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Nilesh Deshpande said...

Today's Nifty spot trade has created the largest hanging man we may ever witness.

My personal observation however, is that the Bulls will defy the hanging man yet again.

Sap said...

mkt is going only one direction these days.

Vignesh said...

there is a probability to go down severely.. .. macd divergence between 5630 and 5815..
and master also hinted negative divergence in rsi chart between the current subwaves end of 3rd and 5th.

Raghavendra said...
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Raghavendra said...

Master & All,

Referring to NF chart.

Day TF :Bearish engulfing

Hr TF : Faster retracement of last 11 candles in just 2 candles.


Parimal said...

Nilesh Deshpande
right, a hanging man is being seen. but it is created in abnormal circumstances. and Sebi is inquiring into it!!!
even though there is negative divergence on day chart, i shall go by JNSAR number.
Rupee against Dollar may rise to a robust 50.
Govt. is doing some good work on reforms. more can come up.
RBI may cut CRR as well as interest rate in a couple of months.
yet, market is supreme. i shall follow its course.

Varadarajulu Venkatesan said...

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San said...

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rajesh stock said...

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