Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nifty Pre-Market View.

Nifty, presently, is consolidating around 5684-90 to 5715-20. Keep the 5658 to 5722 retrace in focus for the opening session.
Decisive move above 5720 would take it higher towards 5745-55, 5775 or higher.
A rounding bottom formation is under progress. Follow it as long as it holds above 5650.


Parimal said...

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San said...

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J.R.Julius said...
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Yash and Dhan said...

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sushil said...

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Irfan said...

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A must watch video for those who following or for those who have any doubts to follow any trading system....


Nilesh Deshpande said...

ATR Based Trading Signals

Buy Zone : From 5677.15 to 5657.15

Breakdown below : 5653.15

Breakdown target : 5595.65

Sell Zone : From 5757.15 to 5777.15

Breakout above : 5781.15

Breakout target : 5835.65

Hari said...

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Bala said...

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Pankaj said...

Its best for Nifty to expire at 5700, that way most option writers will be happy.

Suraj said...

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amber said...

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akki_tank007 said...

can some one help me with basics of nifty futures i am new to this.

i bought 1 lot yesterday when nifty spot was 5708 there was a premium of 11 rs hence they sd i would have to buy at 5719 but as per sir he sd to keep an eye on 5722 level so i was confused as to where should i keep my sop loss. but i went ahead and kept it at 5730 which was trigered at EOD whent nifty spot was at 5720.

i am bit confused here how does this work where should i keep my stop loss
correct me if i am wrong should it be 5708-5725=17 pts
should i add 17 pts to 5719 my buying price???
please help

DZIRE said...

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Nilesh Patil said...

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jay shah said...

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Dinesh Rishi said...

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Manish said...

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Thanks San for the LT details.

Good Luck !!!

jay shah said...

sir a small query for u in the tech table yesterday premarket it was shown that jnsar is short with a stop and reverse at 5681 + 20 points filter so jnsar longs would be triggered only at 5701 right? but todays tech table its showing we are long at 5681. shouldnt the correct jnsar trade be long at 5701 many thanks dear sir

SANPOT said...

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Shradha Saburi said...

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Nilesh bhau what is todays ATR?

Shekar Srinivasan said...

Dear Mr. Ilango,

I am new to trading and i have been reading all your blogs for past one month. In your daily chart (JNSAR TRADING) you are mentioning, +5685(2 LOTS)@5681 NS - SAR AND -5690 (1ST LOT)@ 5675 -93NS -(RES).Can you please let me know what does that mean?

root said...

NW perspective
trying to decipher the congestion area
The correction from 5815 down is looking like a extracting triangle
little info is available about this pattern except that the downmoves become shorter and moves towards trend become bigger.

A -5815 to 5636.95 --- zz
B -5635.6 to 5725 ---flat
C -5725 to 5635 --- flat
D -5633to 5722.5 --- elongated flat
E -5722 to 5658.05 --- ?impulse ?c failure zz
in this formation A>C>E downmoves , D>=B
giving a rounding bottom formation

above 5722 and targets not defined. nw states the voilence of that will be less than a ct but more than a expanding triangle.

View holds till 5682

AJIT PATIL said...

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