Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nifty, finding a ST bottom @ 2-week's lows, broke above "Falling wedge" @ 5653.


Vishnu said...

Respected Sir,
Very Good Afternoon.
As per today's last updated JNSR at 5714 long trade has been taken. Please do advice whether after 3:00 pm as per the JNSAR long is advisable or should have waited till tomorrow. Also seeing the INFY's trend over and above 2530, as suggested by your good self for the ST reversal I have considered the long, though it wouldn't have affected my decision since JNSAR has been already hit.Its just an additional observation, to show the market's up trend. Also in last minute BNSAR has also been hit.And now at close the Nifty is at 5708.05. So please correct me and advice.

DZIRE said...

Master Nifty closed above WHEMA . More fireworks to come tomorrow being weekly closing provided INFY cooperates..:-)

Good day master & all members.

Predictor said...

Dear Ilango,

Hi, nice to see many old VFM members here !!!

(Followed Dinesh's e-mail link.....and landed here)

Parimal said...

FIIs net bought in cash 1,043.01cr
DIIs net sold in cash 573.32cr

Ilango said...


How are you? A warm welcome to you.

I hear that you have started again blogging after a long time. It is really great.

Best wishes.


Sujatha said...

Hi Predictor-ji


Whenever the "durga pooja" comes your prediction also will be remembered each year the unforgettable "one"


srsexpert said...

sir any idea about infy result, how it will affect the market tommorow. i have taken infy put option, pls reply

thanks in advance

Obsessive Lover said...

Hi All,
Just an observation..need seniors to confirm..

I see head and shoulder pattern developing in daily chart of nifty..
Run up of last month to 5720 and downmove on day of expiry as left shoulder at 5636.
Head at 5790 and today's low at 5640 being start of right shoulder..
Todays high at 5720 as high of right shoulder..

Hence if we see a downmove tomorrow, 5650 should act as the neckline and if that breaks we can have target of 5450

srsexpert said...

can any one give the timings of commodity markets.

srsexpert said...

@ OL
waiting for the same to happen because i have 5600pe if happens i will give u treat

Obsessive Lover said...

Another observation is that, s & p is going through a correction as its coming down after being resisted at channel support in weekly chart..
US election polls are now seriously considering a set back for obama which would mean a deep correction in US markets..

This view coincides with masters big downmove possibility as per EW..

Swami Shivkumaar said...
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STOCK4SURE said...

possibility of a 50 point gapup tommorow(infy result effect)

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