Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nifty Intraday Update-I


akki_tank007 said...

can some one help me with basics of nifty futures i am new to this.

i bought 1 lot yesterday when nifty spot was 5708 there was a premium of 11 rs hence they sd i would have to buy at 5719 but as per sir he sd to keep an eye on 5722 level so i was confused as to where should i keep my sop loss. but i went ahead and kept it at 5730 which was trigered at EOD whent nifty spot was at 5720.

i am bit confused here how does this work where should i keep my stop loss
correct me if i am wrong should it be 5708-5725=17 pts
should i add 17 pts to 5719 my buying price???
please help

akki_tank007 said...

could some one help here on the above query

raman perumal said...

The premium pf nifty futures is reduced to 3 or 2, what doesit indicate

raman perumal said...

is this due to nearing expiry or other reason

Yash and Dhan said...

@ Akki_tank007
Why will your SL be at 5730 if you buy at 5708.
Is it that you sold nifty @ 5708. Or is it that I am missing something in your question.

akki_tank007 said...

sir could you please help me on this one. sorry if i am disturbing you

akki_tank007 said...

@yash&dhan when i sold nifty spot was 5708 and premium was 11 so i was told by broker that if i want to sell then the i would have to sell at 5719

cooldent said...


u r confused with nifty futures and spot levels. all levels mentioned here are spot unless specified

Prakash-Pol said...

@ Akki.. .. 007
What did you buy? Nifty future or put option?
If you bought NF you have to hold with 20 point Sl from buy price in down side. If you sold Nf hold with 20 points SL upside.

akki_tank007 said...


regardless of what the premium is

parminder said...

Master ilango and friends,
Good morning to all

Sanjay Jaiswal said...

Dear Ilango Sir & Blogmates,

OI Table Update at 11:00 AM, VAH:5730, POC-5714, VAL-5697, WVAH:5707, Pivot:5707, VWAP:5716

Only addition at 5700PE and CE, with PE writers better off with net OI still higher. Another range bound day in the making…

Thanks & Regards

nifty rider said...

nifty says: mai sab ko confuse kar dungi...sawaal puchnewaale ko aur jawaab denewaale ko bhi....

Parimal said...

Nifty is tied very much within this range. unless it breaks out of this range of 90 points, no trend will emerge

STOCK4SURE said...

emas may soon converge in ns 5 min charts
may see some movemnt afterthat
expecting it towards 5740ns
chhoti si aasha

Ilango said...

@ nifty rider,

Market confuses when you form "opinions".

If you follow the prices, it is quite obvious market hasn't given away much to form opinions. But still traders do them.

When Nifty fell from 5815 to 5637 and got oversold in the short term, it started to trade "sideways" and it continues to do so.

That is the only message, it has given. The other message is "half way" with a "rounding bottom formation" as long as 5670 is held.

And when you go deeper down to "minute charts", within this range market has become overbought and oversold @ extremes.

A person using trendlines would have done better in this small range.

Parimal said...

it will be a miracle-- to see 5740 level today or even within expiry

shriram said...

Morning JN family,

EOD level 5695 will be watched with interest by bears ...

bulls need to keep pushing , if they wish to stay in command & take out 5780 pronto

Have a gr8 trading day , cheers!

Shradha Saburi said...

Exactly Parimalji
setups do not favor to see 5740 today considering all the other parameters but yet not confirmed, we have to be cautious, follow the prices.
let us see!
my personal opinion is that fast sell setup is on the way.

Parimal said...

Very Good Morning my Dear Shradha Saburi
hope you are doing well

Prithvi Yashashvi said...


Yesterday i starting to calculate wave in hourly/daily.

But its very tuff to calculate.
Its taking lots of efforts.
Really you are great ,bcz you doing this hard work for you and also others.

Only just i want to know that,

Is starting of EW calculation is good on daily basis

Or Hourly???

Please guide me.

nifty rider said...

@ilango sir
nifty is in trading zone since 5th oct. i havent seen such a long sideways movement in my carrier..though i m short since yday but still not sure how long i will remain short..market is supreme...stoploss saves u...and time frame guides u...

STOCK4SURE said...

WRITING in 5700pe is much more than 5700ce and after convergence of emas may give a breakout on upside
5740 to meri chhoti khwaish hai
actual khwaish hai 5770

cooldent said...


bhagwan aapka khwaish ko sach karde :)

Parimal said...

Prithvi Yashashvi
telling you frankly about EW: i am of the opinion (taking caveat of being not very correct)that one may read may big and complex books on EW. yet the best way to learn EW is from live market. it is just easy. if one does not see any wave, one should not feel 'guilty'. just wait one emerges. keep it simple-- 1-2-3-4-5, a-b-c.

KRG said...
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STOCK4SURE said...

5697 is 200ma in 5 min charts
can expect a decent bounce towards 5717

Ashish Agarwal said...

Ilango Ji,
the possibility of sub wave C down starting from 5723 top still exists.

STOCK4SURE said...

a small bullish WW developing in ns intraday 5 min charts
may trgt 5717-5720 range till 1pm

STOCK4SURE said...

5708 is immed res
confluence of emas

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