Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nifty breaks out of the channel with a golden ratio trade.


shekhar said...

as golden ratio trade will the target be golden ratio of 5746

deepak pinto said...

Nifty has respected time sir.
Bulls x axis of time has triumphed over bears price y axis as bears did not capitalize and push prices down below the golden ratio at 5640.
Bulls have won round 1.
Nifty has respected time sir.
We may see 5815 soon.


Janak said...

dear ilango - the trade of the day was ur BN JNSAR 11403. thnx.
how to trade this now? suppose mkt comes back to that value tomorrow? go long again?

Ilango said...

shriram said...
Good evening master & JN family,

bulls have taken the 1st step, now need to close EOW > 5704 to consolidate the trend.

Bears will rejoice below 5686

Hope to b back wid u tomo afty , cheers :-)
October 18, 2012 6:09 PM

Ilango said...

Dinesh Rishi said...

If conditional formatting is added in Nifty 50 stocks JNSAR Col

Green if closing is above JNSAR and red if below
will make the sheet more easy for visual analysis.
October 18, 2012 6:20 PM

Ilango said...

Jalagamvenkat said...
Ilango sir,

Please add me to your group.

October 18, 2012 6:24 PM

Ilango said...

@ Dinesh Rishi ,

In the new excel file, I find the formating difficult. I'll send you the file. Make the changes, please.

Ilango said...

Following was the "Pre-Market View".
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Minor strength above 5665 towards 5685-95 or 5705.
Weakness would start below 5645-50 & gets confirmed below 5633.
Nifty hasn't revealed much yesterday and still stuck within the "CT".
Time correction could get completed by either Monday or Tuesday and hence any decisive corrective terminal fall should commence within a day.
Such indecisiveness could lead to larger reversal which would require, firstly, by the week TA.

And following were the further cues:
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Ilango said...
@ Tushar,

Let me put it this way:-

"5651" is 61.8% of 5634 to 5679 rise.

80% @ "5643" break would confirm the downmove.
October 18, 2012 10:22 AM
= = = = = = = = = = = = =
Ilango said...
'Golden ratio trade @ 5651" is in action for Intradayers with a break above 5673 (80%)to add as confirmation.
October 18, 2012 11:23 AM
= = = = = = = = = = = = =
Ilango said...
5634 to 5679=45 points;


More strength above 5696.

October 18, 2012 11:38 AM
= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Only "opinionated traders" would have found the going tough.

The "Objective trader" would have been prepared because he/ she would have simply "followed" their own studies.

Name the study, I'll state the objective way of "following".

Follow....Follow(You'll surely get richer slowly)....and
stop having "opinions"(you'll only get poorer)

= = = = = = = = = = = = =
Make that choice today.
= = = = = = = = = = = = =

(Even if the market go down tomorrow, we'll be following it with our plan)

anmpatel said...

what a explanation, sir on following.
i just mail you at 3pm today about fear, but then i take dip breaths, as soon as more oxygen reached to my brain it take control over heart, and i took decision to carry longs as price closed above DHEMA. thanks for that you did not baby feed.
thank you.

Ilango said...

@ anmpatel

Ilango said...
Now the (v)th of the rise from 5634(of yesterday) seem to be unfolding and could face resistance around 5714-25 zone, where another correction could set in.

If none happens, we'll review.
October 18, 2012 2:15 PM.

anmpatel said...

scary pic?
i just followed simple TT rules.
my SL would be DHEMA if opens above it. and if open below DLEMA them SL will be day pivot, and open below pivot them JNSAR finally. i remember your lines "any thing can occur" thanks.

Sunita Sharma said...

@ DR Sir and Elango Sir,

The trading system that you call your own is actually a "Rudimentary Moving Stop Loss System." There is no other word than Rudimentary to describe it. At every now and then 4 - 5 consecutive trades could whipsaw. Something you have withheld from your readers. deliberately. Many-a-times young and budding traders have lost their trading accounts on account of whipsaws, obviously, you wouldn't know it because you don't trade it!

India is awakening now, and all fraudsters would find it very dificult to thrive anymore. Ask yourself are you doing any good to mankind? Listen to the voice of your soul... (The least you could do is publish it on this blog, so that new people like me wouldn't lose money)

Read this, it's taken from the Forex Journal, whose excerpts are available at:

"The Moving Stop Loss (MSL) is basically an indicator based on the trailing stop technique. The MSL is derived from the previous bars’ closing prices. The stop-loss value applies an adjustable percentage above or below the closing price, depending on the position (long or short). In the event of a limited price correction (which does not reach the stop-loss point), the stop-loss trigger remains frozen at its highest (if long) or lowest (if short) value. A buy/sell signal is given once the price reaches the stop-loss level.

A Moving Stop Loss allows you to adjust stop-loss settings to follow the trend when prices are heading in the right direction. The appeal of the MSL indicator is its simplicity. The straightforward principle of a concurrently moving stop-loss is very appealing, especially to active short-term traders, although long-term position traders also use this indicator as well. However, fervent users know from experience that losses can mount quickly in a sideways trading market."

mynac said...

Dera Satheesh,
Due to power cut could not respond in pl.forgive me...
At present,5700 PE addition looks very good from Buyers point of view... but Nifty close hardly 19 points above 5700 but addition is closer to 18 lac.looks slightly inappropriate..i.e it indicates two possibilities... 1)Bulls are extreme confident about their ability to close Nifty above 5700 @ expiry... OR Nifty could face resistance around 5714-25 zone, where another correction could set in.Probably tomorrow's first trading half would have answer for the let us see..

Hardly 4 trading day's left for expiry but lackluster NF roll over for next series indicates cautious let us hope for the best..

shriram said...

Dear Sunita Sharma,

Friendly suggestion, take it or leave it:

If u feel, JN is not able to give u insight, simple soln is to --> STOP READING THE POSTS HERE.

Do ur own thing, do ur own hard work first, but do not blame others for personal failure. And dont worry about "others being misguided".

Once u master a system, u can surely "guide" all of us "misguided ppl" on the path.

Just do it, time is precious , use it for personal gain & self development !

Ilango said...

@ Sunita Sharma,(God knows which avatar are you???)

Firstly "everything that has been taught here" is created by Ralph.N.Elliott for Elliott wave and various technical study authors.

We never claimed that "moving average" Or "any other technical study" is mine.

But what is mine is:

How I apply these studies.

That is my sweat & blood.

Often a reader who is "unprepared & not-ready", steps into the market, catches a word here and another sentence there in his "excitement and often his desperation" to make a trade and gets it all wrong. And his/ her desperation only increases with each losing trade.

I have often stated here, the best way to make money is to trade using "supports and resistances". I stand by it.

You could post as many theories as you wish here. It is a waste of time and energy.

People often forget the "spirit/ principle" behind a system or study but get "stuck" with just procedures and rules. Such a theoretical approach leaves one with more frustration.

Often "losers" find it difficult to "own up" to their own responsibilities and they need a scapegoat.

The day you start "owning up", all the riches will come your way.

You have used very "harsh word"...."fraudster".

Just state here, if you can,
how any fraud has been committed????

Shradha Saburi said...

Good evening Sir, and all
I am the staunch supporter of JNSAR. and I have already posted many posts on the JNSAR in the past on this blog. two three days before somebody has posted that when J10 sar crosses the JNSAR before triggering the JNSAR it whipsawed, I became happy to read that. Same post I had mentioned 4 months before. I do normally one side trading in this period. , I shorted more than longs so I am happy to say that my loss has been saved.
JNSAR is the just the critical average but Sir has kept its secret for the discipline.
People are getting money while trading the JNSAR but loose it when it whipsaws.
Most important is that they get collateral damage of loosing confidence for the next trade.
JNSAR has given me a lot apart from the money but it should be studied individually to trade on it.
Everybody can not make money On JNSAR but i find many expert people here so they may be.
Sir has to find the answer for this.
Thanks all

DZIRE said...

Namaste Ilango Sir...

@ Shriramji

Welcome sir & happy positive 5DEMA EOD close..:-)

@ Sunita

What was that lengthy post all about ??

No point putting blame on another person for losses incurred without getting through the basics of the system.

In market whipsaws are bound to happen since markets don't move according to our positions but we take our positions based on market moves. But still if you think that there should be no whipsaw in a trading system then happy dreaming & happy google searching for Holy Grail system.

Always remember Stock Market is not a place where money is made but only money is transferred from one hand to another.

Till date i have not seen Ilango Sir forcing some one to trade according to his system so why on earth is he being targeted ?

And please everyone is free to decide on whether to follow any one or not. So decide accordingly.


Shradha Saburi said...

Dollar index has strong support at the 89, so the next 25 points above today's close will be decisive for tomorrow.
Let us see how Asian market reacts tomorrow for this Dollar index.
future 5 EMA close has not crossed 6 EMA close on the day basis and JNSAR has triggered.
wish you all happy trading day tomorrow.

Ilango said...

@ Shradha Saburi,

What a lovely question???

Everybody can not make money On JNSAR ?

Very True.

You answer this question, then you'll know the answer to your own question.

Everyone knows what is right & what is wrong. Then why some lead a successful life and some suffer in a lot of misery?

Shradha Saburi said...

Respected Sir,
I have never asked you question in the past and will never once I had asked,
I got the answer when you told me to be 'Ekalvya',
do not waste time in asking question, Find the solution on yourself and I am proud to say it was right answer and now I find very much nearby the JNSAR but this is just request to find any answer on this whipsaws, I am very much trying hard to get new indicator that is JNichimoku( just nifty +ichimoku)which will take very much care of this whipsaws.
till then good bye
many many regards!
your most obedient student

Lakshmi said...

@ Sunitha

I just want to know how long you have been following this blog. There are hundreds of readers like me who earn consistently following Ilango Sir's system. If you are not able to understand that is not Ilango Sir's mistake. Whipsaws can occur in any system. To my knowledge I cannot think of anybody else who can guide us like this in a live market. Please think twice before using such a harsh word like "fraudster" against any person.

Deepak said...

Dear Ilango and fellow followers

You will find such disheartening messages since this blog is about learning

No paid service or call provided here

Am following this blog for 2 yrs and am fool enough to still loose money since I go on changing my methods

Even the turtle guy who parted his secret saw only 5% students succeed and balance fail

It all boils down to discipline and I have a long way to go

Till then Bless these guys who are sending the barbs and wish them 'GET WELL SOON MAMU / MAMi' cheers Deepak

Ramesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ramesh said...

I am new to this JNSAR. I am trading for the past two years with minift. Lot of analysis done, refered many system, and I lost 1L. I know that mistake is mine not followed disciplined manner any system mine/others. Last week only I came to know about JNSAR and your system.

Can anyone help me how to start and from where the details of this trading system?

Govind Bhagwat said...

“Criticism is something you can easily avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” ~Aristotle

Atharva said...

Dear all blog mates

The path of Awakening

Our willingness to grow impact us, but does this impact the collective consciousness??

There is a principle called the principle of the ladder. Just imagine a ladder on which people are climbing. If one is unwillingly to move up, it blocks others. If one helps the other to climb , one is not only helping oneself but also others. If everyone is disciplined the process becomes smooth. If not, it is because of sleeping consciousness that one does not see the sanity of harmony and other.

If one is not ready to be awake, then one blocks another. If one is willing to grow, it impacts the collective consciousness and in turn it also impacts people around.

So it becomes necessary to make the right connection and disconnection.

How important is the role of a Master in the path of awakening?

An enlighten Master's being is awakened to higher levels of consciousness. his 'presence' has a rippling effect on others.
He can see your blocks very clearly and help you open your inner doors. He would be of great help.

We have four doors to be opened. They are the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, the unconscious mind and the divine mind.

The conscious mind involves thinking, deciding, discussing, which forms a small part of our beings. This has to be purified. Then the subconscious mind has to be opened. One has to have affinity to one's Master with a deep feeling of love and oneness. Even in disagreement with conscious mind, a deep feeling of love opens the others door.

The unconscious mind has to be opened through surrender. Surrendering to a Master can be a great opening. Surrendering involves considering the Master's Teaching as one's breath. Let your agenda be dropped and allow your Master's agenda to guide you.

In other words, surrender your ego. Then the third door opens.

Finally, the last door has to be opened by the power of grace. When all the three doors are opened, grace will then flood into your being and through the third eye, and awakening happens

A Master helps one to open these inner doors.

I bend down to my knees and warship my beloved Master Ilango

Good night

anmpatel said...

@shraddha saburi
marvelous finding about JNSAR and J10SAR. i always see the cross of both, but you made it clear.

Bhavesh said...

I will say Sunita Sharma would have read the following comments & must have got her answer.

parminder said...

shradha saburi ji,
kindly update ur mail id

rb9 said...

@Sunita Sharma,
I beleve you yourself have made fraud by trading on emotional decisions instead of rational ones and covering those fraud of yours by blaming Sir,whithout following or atleast going through his archives posts
Shame on you to call and labell as Fraudsters and as you said India is awakening but you still dont seem to get out your dammned bed

shriram said...

Hi Dzire,

yes, now lets c if bulls follow up tomo, crucial :-)

SJkolkata said...

Dear all,
Its a old saying that the moment you see dogs barking(critics so called), you start believing that u are on the right road and getting successful.
Ignore kar, ignore.( From 3-idiots)

cahauhan mufo said...

thankyu ilango sirji
I am following your blog from long taime.
to day is most succsse full day for me
and during market houres's comments i want to copy and keep for futcher reffrenc,

but todays after market hours interaction of other blogmets,is more trustworthy
Ilango said...
@ Sunita Sharma,(God knows which avatar are you???)


for your post, now i will be follow this blog more religiousily
ilangosir u are a tru guru

Sandy said...

Sunita Sharma. Please understand that one has to spend time to understand the market & Ilango's Golden words and take advantage of it. Please keep in mind that over 90% of the day traders fail to make profit. Regards.

charan prasad said...

My respects to master and all fellow traders, to be frank i am following just nifty for more than 2 years then i was ammature trader and used to feel how every one is making money and iam loosing by following JNSAR. i don't follow jnsar even niw i take it as additional tool to analyse markets, now i have my own plan.

though master has provided us some flatform many of us fail because we dont have plan to cut our loses and accept that loses are part of trading even jesse livermore great bear of wall street had loosing trades, we should concentrate on making good trades winning or loosing ones keep a record of your trade and don't repeat the mistakes you will be a good trader.Most of the traders loose money because they count money while trading, will you ever go to a doctor who counts money before giving any priscription it same in rtreading also.

finally sunita as u mentioned that there are many whipshaws in jnsar, as you provided the link of some strategy didn't ever read that strategy for trending markets don't work in sideways market i feel that jnsar is trending strategy and may whipshaw in side ways market and may be you have never square off a part of your position when in profit bcause of greed.

master please provide some content for preparing trading plan on our blog so that ammature traders like sunita may benefit afterall she also belongs trading faternity. sunita many has come and gone before you who has blamed the system.And master doesn't sell the system to make but wants to share his knowledge with fellow trades.

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