Monday, October 22, 2012

Nifty @ the break-out point of the "90 point range"(5635-5725)


bizagra said...

Ilango this RB market daily lead Indicator reaching overbought to read it??thx

J.R.Julius said...
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coolestone000 said...

VijaVikas said...

ilango sir
u have the great knowledge of this market but l c'nt believe bliendly on yor i lot znsar trade which r u showing in next day pre market sar table becoz i d'nt think that anyone can do alltrades supervly without any error
l know u will say that u d'nt want to give the live calls
but i just want pl include it in live market for one or half month to clear our doubts till than its will be suspicious
October 19, 2012 10:02 PM

ILANGO.....why keeping MUM if truth is with you?

shriram said...

Lets Walk, Talk , & Breathe some pure TA, with help of simple humble EMA / RSI maths :-)

So Q is How to combine RSI with EMA, EW & TLs to form a heady cocktail of A ROCK SOLID SYSTEM??

Q: basic ... What is RSI ?

Ans : RSi(N bars) = 100x(1-{Avgloss(N bars)/[Avgloss(N bars) + AvgGain(N bars)]}

With some conscious experiments with "N" we can sometimes get amazing "insights"

As said prev, RSI is most , most useful in identifying correctives of EW.. if one can see the fall from 5449-5216 , it lasted 9-10 trading sessions... so stepwise

1. Choose N=9 on Day TA for the RSI & see how RSI has fallen DOWN to prev lows , but was UNABLE TO DRAG DOWN PRICE to 5033 !! This is the first big hint that the Dominant Cycle for this whole move is Approx some multiple of 9

2. It also gives a VERY IMP INFO , i.e 5449-5216 may be a CORRECTIVE to 5033-5449 (sub-dividing wave in play possible)

This allows us to unleash our 2nd weapon which is EW (to be unleashed NOW, once the wave has been identified as Sub-divinding)
3. So, set up simple channels comnecting Tops & draw a Lower TL ||el to it thru 5216
4. Check if the 5hi-Lo-Cl & 10Dcl EMA system supports the EW lables
5. Start Labling with some imagination, some guts, & a lot of good wishes from the Wave Gods :-D

.. so we go thus

C.1 4770 5349 -579
C.2 5349 5033 316 -54.6%
C.3.1 5033 5449 -416
C.3.2 5449 5216 233 -56.0%
C.3.3 5216 5815 -599 144.0%
C.3.4 5815 5634 181 -30.2% ** is this over ??
C.3.5 5634 5891 -257 42.9%

6. Take a look @ behaviour of RSI9 from 5815-down again ... does it look like a corrective, By God it does , but the "N" for this C.3.4 from 5815 is already >9 , so RSI9 will only "Approx'ly REPRESENT THIS CORRECTIVE

7. Once the wave unfolds & we come to know its "N", then we can re-assign RSI"N" for this projected C.3.4

8. Always remember the Dangers of EW , LABLES... Never get attached to an Elliott Wave lable , not even if ur life depended on it ! ;-D

Simple Qs to ask self : -
(a) Is C.3.4 is over @ 5634 ? Dont Know.
(b) Is this C.3.4 ?? Hi-Lo EMAs seem to suggest so, YES possibly
(c) If yes, what is the form of this corrective, possible that it ended @ 5634 or if not, then possible DZZ as long we trade < 5780 (see upper TL of the corrective channel, also tallies with 80% x (5815-5634)
(d) If DZZ , then Y will unfold DOWN tgttting : 5585-5550 (WkLoEMA & lower channel)

Any thing below 5550 is WEAK , a NEW DOWNTREND !

And now , time to deploy the GOLDEN WEAPON, the best of them all , the simple humble 5EMA on Multi-TFs ...

Thus, wot do we land up with ?? :-)

Bulls as long as 5630-5650 is protected & super bull > 5780
Bears EOD close < 5691 & better EOW close < 5655 to turn down Wk again

hardwork is done, now lets see if the TA Gods , bless us this week :-)

Sethu said...

Kudos to this kind of analysis. But I have devised a simple system based on EMA by which I am making money consistently .( Net gain) returns are more than 50%. If you are interested , just send me a mail, I will send my excel sheet numbers and charts.

Dinesh Rishi said...

Good Morning Master and copy to All

Piyush Sharda said...

shri ram
how do u get 5891 for 3.5?

manojag said...

New Post has been done

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