Monday, October 29, 2012

Nifty pulled back to the break-down point @ Open & fell but managed to close again above S.Trend ema @ 5646.


Gokul said...
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Dinesh Rishi said...


TT2.4.0.3's ST is a wonderful Indicator

it is best for Positional Traders and investors
who cannot sit in front of terminal.

For short term traders its not good due to whips

I think you must have done some homework, Plz share it.

I just retuned back and had a quick look at indicator and goggled it.

This is my part

Manish said...

Thanks DR Ji and Sanjay Bhai

anmpatel said...
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suresh said...

sir ji,
what factors to be considered after wave 4,
to know whether wave 5 will be a failure or not
pl explain.

rb9 said...

tgt for wave 4 @ 5544-5540..... only then one more impulsive up tomorow will be crucial day but all bounces will be sold into with stop of 5722-5740

A J said...

@DR ji
It seems to be based on closing stops. I have never used stops based on closing bar (Bar should always remain open as my glass is always empty :D). One should not get fooled by red and green lines/arrows. If one considers stops based on closing you get a significant slippage, in my opinion. One needs to do backtesting and paper trading before putting money on such indicators.

I tend to over simply and over generalize things (That's why FATME :D, although nothing is easy). So I feel it will behave the same way for the investor as well as for a short term trader. If some one does a backtesting of 100 trades for the short term and for the long term the picture will be clear. I saw the daily charts of NTPC (sideways trading stock) with super trend and it was not looking good. Will see how it works with other charts and discuss with you in coming days. For investing I prefer value investing. Take care :)

Kumar Technicals said...

Dear ILango Sir & Everyone!

Thank you so much from bottom of my heart for all your good wishes & prayers. My father is still in ICU, hoping for the best.



eevra said...

@Kumat T : Praying your father for recovery. Make it a point to be very near as long & as frequently as you can. You will get the very best from GOD, what others can't. ALL the very best..

suresh said...

Kumar ji,
i pray for fast recovery of your father.
all the best

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