Saturday, July 28, 2012

Well tried, Kavita Raut...we are proud of you.

In the race of life, what is necessary to surge ahead is
  • arduous efforts
  • formidable willpower and above all 
  • insuperable perseverance 
and it was the outstanding runner Kavita Raut who emerged to be an excellent example of these positive attributes.
Appearances can be deceiving - this proverb appropriately describes Kavita Raut, India's leading long distance runner. There are many athletes who had been running many miles to school every day, before their talent was recognized.
Reserved and petite, this 26-year-old Indian girl is one of them. Her hamlet near Nasik is low on many things including water. As a child, apparently, Kavita ran a couple of kilometers every day just to fetch water.
Born on 5th May 1985, Kavita Raut belongs to a tribal family in Sawarpada, at a remote village near Harsul, Nasik in Maharashtra. Forced by circumstances, Kavita, who would at times run even without proper shoes, won a bronze medal in the 10000 meters race at the Commonwealth Games, held in October, 2010 at New Delhi.
After a long period of 50 years, India secured an individual track medal, thanks to her, who proved to be the first woman athlete of India to win this medal. Kavita also won the silver and bronze medals in the 18th Asian Athletic Champion Competition held in China.
It has been a difficult journey for this long distance runner, who started serious athletics nine years ago. Even while fighting against extreme adversities in the absence of adequate equipments, Kavita started her running journey on the racing tracks of athletics and achieved a new feat.
Her mum Samitra Ramdas Raut says it was hard to let her daughter leave the village to train hundreds of miles away, and admits she’s more likely to catch a glimpse of Kavita on the TV than in real life.
“My daughter was born with talent, but the most important thing I taught her was to run and get things quickly while learning to do chores,” Samitra says proudly. “At home she used to wash dishes, wash clothes, go to the forest and fetch water, all kinds of things.”
Practicing barefoot on a dirt track, Kavita’s natural talent shone through and she was spotted by a coach. “When she won her first competition she was so excited. She wanted to win a medal for India.”
For Kavita, the long as well as winding road from Sawarpada to New Delhi, via Nasik, has been paved with challenges as well as heartaches. But there was a sweet reward at the end of Kavita's arduous efforts, as she won in Commonwealth Games and gave Indian sports a rare shot in the arm.
Her journey from Indian Inter-State to Commonwealth Track as well as Field Championships to Asian Games was phenomenal. Whenever she returns home after winning national events, the villagers will come out in large numbers. Her coach pastes papers at her village informing the people that she is going to run in Commonwealth Games. The support of people from her village has been her strengh.

Today, the highest performance of running in a 10 km race, in India, is recorded after Kavita's name. Revered as "Sawarpada Express, Kavita is now poised for a medal in the next Olympic Games.
Kavita, though failed to qualify for London Olympics, is a source of inspiration to this new generation of Indian athletes....and the country as a whole that you can make a mark in the world're getting there. We are proud of you.


venkatapathy l said...

Namaste Ilango Sir.

Yes, Kavita we are proud of you. But, I know it is not sufficient. We also want to support you. Hope opportunity arises, in some meaningful way to show our solidarity with you.


Jagan said...

Namaste Ilango Sir And All.

May god bless her to win in futures events.

Hari_Hyderabad said...

Good morning Master & JN family !

Have a nice weekend !

We are proud of you KAVITA RAUT. Wish you all the best.

numchar said...

Kavita and many others like her who have have shined against all adversities always inspires others .
We would need more and more ideals like this in this fast moving time .

Irony is the plight of these peoples after they retire.. demotivates and confuses others to take that path.

What ever be the situation , it still proves ."Dreams are possible" .

rb9 said...

Sir,Thanks for the post!!honestly I never knew of Kavita despite being close to Nashik I and many like me are drowned in our own complexities of Life we hardly notice such a determined and dedicated deed which makes us all proud as a Fellow Citizen only when Awakened by the Master

Amol Sharma said...
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Nilesh Patil said...

Dear Gauresh Sir
Wish You Speedy Recovery Get well soon!

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