Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nifty, after the breakout, meets its first resistance in 5258-66-73.


J.R.Julius said...

Good Evening All,
NS - NR7
BN - NR4

Sujatha said...

Julius - So all the passengers are at "NH7" high road :D :)

SJkolkata said...

Dear All,
Can anyone please guide me how to link ODIN data to excel files.
In NOW theres a option on right click but unable to find it in ODIN.
Regards and Thanks,

mynac said...

Good Eve everybody…
From Nifty movement and 5200 PE addition it looks, Bulls have started their last effort to stay above JNSAR…particularly above Whema.5266…at least for last 5 days…

Nevertheless, it shall not be that much easy, when Hrly & weekly tech table is not that much supportive…, but Bulls would or likely to take advantage of staying above JNSAR & would try very much hard.

Today’s 9.15 AM initial high volume cash selling trade @ 5253.50 has much importance, as, Bulls couldn’t surpass it ,in confident manner through out the day, though they try to counter attack @ 2.45 PM when they crossed 5238 with even higher volume.

2.37 Cr.NF O.I. is significant here when there are just 5 days left for expiry and it will not be that much easy for Bulls to force Bears to cover their shorts …..if they will fail to cross and sustain above 5266 confidently…. Till expiry….

Any failure in meeting above said target would lead Nifty, not only below…5200 but even “5100” also, very easily, is understanding @ this moment.

Let us see…. Good Night…

Sujatha said...

Big Jai Ho mynac :) :) i hv 3 downside targets if breakes 5188 matching with your no.

Madhav said...

I suppose that option in is available in ODIN version

SJkolkata said...

I have ODIN only as you said.
Can you help on this ?

Madhav said...

Open any market watch and press ctrl+E It should open

shriram said...

kamal karti ho suja!

abhi to 5DEMA palta hein, ke tum fir se usse nicchu u-turn marne ko keh rahi ho :-)

tomos EOD hawala level is 5228 ... also tallies with 34EMA,30mins!

Bulls have to protect 5228 @ ANY COST FRIDAY CLOSING BASIS !!

Namaskar Mynac, sagla theek , majet? :-)

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