Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nifty Pre-Market View.

"5093-96"-50 & 200 Sma is the crucial support.
"5155-75"-DLEma/MEma/50% & 61.8% retrace is the resistance.
Nifty found support @ 5093-96 for some days before it moved higher to 5349 and
the same is likely to offer support failing which, the next support is likely to be 5040-65 zone.
Similarly, Nifty faced resistances @ 5144-60-95 zone during the earlier consolidation.
Larger weakness may be considered only on a firm break down of 5040.


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San said...
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NIFTY Diamond and Rising wedge update: CLICK HERE

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anmpatel said...

good morning. can we count like below in daily chart. is it valid 1,2,3,4,5?
4770-5128 =356
5128-5048 =80
5048-5288 =240
5288-5257 =31
5257-5349 =92

big 1 over 2 started from 5349.
if yes then what will be invalidating points? thanks

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Prabakar said...

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Prabakar said...

NS Open & Low almost same @ 5128.80 - 5128.65
NF Open & Low are same @ 5112

Dinesh Rishi said...

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Lets start day with "Hanuman Chalisa"


J.R.Julius said...
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J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Key Levels
Nifty Futures
H4 5155[BUY]
H3 5138[SELL]
L3 5103[BUY]
L4 5086[SELL]

raman said...

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Prabakar said...

As of now, 1.59(4.65%), 1.18(1.66%), 2.16(2.16%) lacs of OI addition in 5100, 5200, 5300 Calls respectively.
4.85(7.72%), 1.39(4.19%) lacs of OI addition in 5100 & 5200 Puts respectively.
9 lacs addition of NF OI with price increase.
NS HVN @ 5134.55 with a high of 5139.4

Just Huge Consistent Profits said...

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Happy Trading Tuesday to everybody.

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puravi said...

Good Morning Ilango Sir & Friends!!!
Warm greetings!!!

Holding 5090-95..this could be the 4th up. if so then rules says 4th does not enter the territory of 1, hence retracement could be upto 5168.
I think I am missing a point here..please correct my understanding Sir.

Or if C is over we need to go over 5205 for C of C to be confirmed??? Please guide
Thank you

agk said...

Please give us the conclusion too whether it is bullish or bearish.
HVN means high volume node... so it is bullish above that.
Thank you in advance.

J.R.Julius said...

Good Morning Mr.Sandeep. Have a Nice Day.

Ilango said...

@ anmpatel,

I am not viewing the 4770-5349 move as a 5-wave structure. Contracting price moves would be challenging to follow with EW labels. One needs to wait to get more clarity. In the meanwhile, use other studies to plan & execute trades.

@ puravi,

I haven't gone into sub-details presently as it would distract me from the main trend.

If a +ve div develops in Hour TA while Day TA reaches oversold region in a day or two(also how prices react @ 5090 zone), we'll review it for possible counter trend trade.

saravanan k said...

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Prabakar said...


It will be too early to decide whether it is bullish or bearish as OI is lagging data.

Since both Call & Put OI addition is seen, as of now, it is cat on wall or more grinding at this stage. Main trend as down for this series based on EOD OI.

shiva said...

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agk said...

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J.R.Julius said...

5 Mins chart Last Candle Shows Possible

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