Monday, July 2, 2012

Nifty Pre-Market View.

Happy Birthday to dear Srini Harkara (One of our oldest readers).
The upmove from 4770 to 5124/5144 had pull backs of 53 & 65 points along the way.
5315-5340 zone would be first resistance zone.
5220-5251-Wk & Day Pivots are expected to act as supports.
Parminder has spotted a rising wedge pattern from the lows of 4770 of this current uptrend and Nifty is hovering around the upper resisting trendline of that rising wedge. We'll consider it as the TA start to merge with that and the prices continue to keep themselves within its boundaries.
One of the highly rewarding trading strategies is "Pattern spotting", the most recent one being the "ascending triangle".


J.R.Julius said...
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J.R.Julius said...

Camarilla Key Levels
Nifty Futures
H4 5349[BUY]
H3 5323[SELL]
L3 5271[BUY]
L4 5245[SELL]

Personal Decision Advised.

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Nifty and India VIX Charts: CLICK HERE

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Prithvi said...



Good Morning Sir & Blog-mates,

Till nifty is holding above 5213-5217 levels it is strongly bullish. Crossing resistances 5311-5370 would make Nifty’s path clear towards 5445-5520.Re-Buy opportunity near supports 5213-5243.

Supports & Resistances for today:-

5285-5311 – Resistance area.

5213-5143 – Support area. ( Re-Buy Opportunity)

Current Trend: - UP.

Possible Movements:-

1.5285< = > 5243< = > 5311< = >5340< = >5370.

2.5285< = > 5243< = >5213< = > 5311< = >5340< = >5370.

3. 5285< = > 5243< = > 5213< = > 5190< = >5168< = >5138.

Two best rules for successful trading:-

1. Initiate position in the direction of trend near support & resistances.

2. Max stop loss - 30 points.

Happy disciplined trading to all.

Have a nice day!

sandeep said...

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sandeep said...

sorry gm dr sir


lets try this bear call spread
sell Ce5300 @ 93 and hedge it with buy CE 5500 @24.5. Net premium received 68.5 less brokerage.
this is in anticipation that nifty will not go above 5300 in this expiry.

Dinesh Rishi said...

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